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Replace any word from a game or movie with "Balls"


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Even though this is old and no one knows who actually started it, doesn't change the fact that it's still funny!

All you do is replace one word in a sentence from any game, movie, TV show, youtube clip etc.. with the word Balls. The more ridiculous the sentence the funnier it becomes.

In Oblivion Replace Muscles with "Balls"
"Look at the muscles on you"
"Look at the balls on you"

In Skyrim, replace knee with balls
I once was an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the knee
I once was an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the balls

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The Hills Have Eyes

The Balls Have Eyes


A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Balls Street


Entrails of a Virgin

Balls of a Virgin


The Fly

The Balls


Little Shop of Horrors

Little Balls of Horrors


Angel Heart

Angel Balls


Demon of Paradise

Balls of Paradise


The Lost Boys

The Lost Balls


Redneck Zombies

Redneck Balls

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Thank you so much I needed this laugh LOL!

HAAH sometimes I do this while browsing the Steam store with random words.

Dark Balls III

Hitballs 2

Monster Balls World

Dead Balls

Balls Flipper

Balls of Man

We. The Balls.

Golf with your Balls

Grand Theft Balls

Tales of Balls

Planet Balls

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Balls




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Balls Catchem


Disney's The Little Balls

Balls Lightyear

Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Balls

Next Gen Balls

ElBallsDestroyer @ElTacoDestroyer I couldn't resist the perfect setup there. xD


The power of balls (friendship) conquers all.

Would you like balls (fries) with that?

Nothing is certain, but death and balls (taxes).


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(I'm gonna just add NEWS in the title because why not. I'll make a new topic for CVIRUS humor if I have to.)

The Balls Virus 19 (Bavid-19) is spreading everywhere,so to slow the spread, please wear balls on your face. Symptoms include dry balls, high temperature in your balls, and very sore balls everywhere. If you experience any of these symptoms, please have your doctor check your balls for the balls virus. Be sure to self quarantine your balls to prevent other people getting infected from your balls if you are tested positive for balls.

Some people may not have any balls at all, but still may spread the balls virus. Be sure to wash your balls when you touch surfaces that might have been contaminated with balls. Thank you and stay ballsy!

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