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Devil May Cry 5 Will Be Considered For Switch If Dragon's Dogma Sells Enough


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Last month, Devil May Cry 5 director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Matt Walker said how they would "love" to see the popular hack and slash series on the Nintendo Switch.

Now, in a recent interview with German magazine M!, Itsuno said the latest game in the Devil May Cry series would be considered for the Switch if Capcom's April release Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen "sells well" on the platform. Below is the translation:


If Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen sells well on Switch, then we might consider porting DMC 5.


As for why Devil May Cry 5 wasn't announced for Nintendo's hybrid system in the first place, it's because development began before the team had access to Switch development kits.


We started the development of DMC 5, while we didn't have the dev-kits [for] the Switch. Because of that we concentrated on the PS4, Xbox One and PC version.


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I think it could @RyouBakura the switch has sold over 32 million systems in less then 2 years and has broken several records on sales as well as having sold over 132 million games on the system. The market is totally here for it. It's not the most powerful console. and a lot of games that are on xbox and ps4 do have a lot of downgrades but it is the first portable console that can actually play full pc/home console games. With everyone talking about 4k gaming and HDR it seems that people don't really mind playing games at a lower resolution/quality. Heck. Ark survival Evolved on the switch literally looks like someone smeared Vaseline and diarrhea all over the screen  but I still find It super fun despite that. Same with doom and Wolfenstein. I think with the upcoming ports of the resident evil games will also play into it. Also Devil May Cry 4 has already been ported to the NVIDIA shield so at the very least they could bring DMC 1-4 over.


Sorry for rambling. I just think it's pretty amazing that we are finally at a point where it's possible that we can get full pc/console games on a portable device. We already kinda had a taste of full console with the PS VITA (Borderlands 2, Ratchet and clank, Sly Cooper, Metal Gear solid HD collection ,etc,) . But sony botched that up :deskflip:

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Yeah 2019 seems to be the year of everyone and there dog making a switch port for 2 reasons form what I can tell.
A: It is the new hotness right now so if you get your game on there then your install base could be quite high.
B: Developing for it is quite easy as it's more or less a high end android phone with buttons or a low spec shield tv so if you know how to dev for that then making stuff for the switch is stupid easy, that and both Unity and UE4 have builder/exporters for the switch so if your making a game in unity all you have to do is add the dev license for the switch download the plugin, maybe tweak a few vram settings and maybe some textures and polygons and poof you have a switch game. So yeah anything is possible at this point for what may come to the switch so fun time to own a switch... Not a fun time to own a switch that can't be hacked yet -__-'

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