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Xbox BIOS Checker v5.0 - By CrackJack

Tested and working: Mod-chipped xbox 1.6, Xbox Debug Kit 1.0 Running XDK launcher 1.00.5849.1

This tool makes a MD5 checksum of the BIOS file on your xbox and compares it to a list on known BIOS types and mod chip types.
This is really handy when you get a random xbox and you want to check if it's TSOP flashed, modchiped or soft modded and if so what modded BIOS it has and if you need to upgrade it.
I also added the 5849 Debug BIOS to the list as it wasen't on there and thats what my debug kit is running right meow.
To use just copy the Xbox BIOS Checker v5.0\BiosChecker folder to your E:\Apps or F:\Apps on your xbox and then run the BiosChecker from your apps menu.
Also in this upload is BiosScan\BiosScan.exe which you can use to scan and checksum xbox BIOS.bin files of your own to add to the known BIOS types.


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Password for RAR File:



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Re-uploaded to mega.nz
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On 9/22/2019 at 8:37 AM, niggerfaggot said:

it's really stupid I need to make a spam post just to hit an EXTERNAL download link.


edit: got the goods and now I never have to come here again, thank god

edit2: fu­ck you for passwording a rar that's already behind a wanna-be paywall, you rotten ni­ggers

There is absolutely no point replying to this but I'm going to anyway

First off you made a fake account just to download one like link with a disappearing / fake email,  this is a insta-bannable offence. It's on the home page right at the top but for some reason most people are blind to this :kyoukosmug:

All links are hosted externally and it is stated right in the title witch host was used before you even click on the post.
Links are hosted externally on mega.nz, google drive and etc and not directly here on NGR with ftp as if we get a dmca for just 1 link then it kills the hole site.
If mega gets a dmca on a link then they kill just that link not our hole site. The post will still be here and the op will have to provide a new link.
If this is not done then the post will go to the graveyard. This is how it's been done on all forums like this for the past 10 years or so.

I'll get back to "got the goods" later

Yes at first I didn't get the passworded archives and rep system too, we all start out as noobs at some point.
The passworded archives to prevent 2 things.
A: Link stealing. As if you just steal our link and post it on a different website then you will also need the password that will lead you back to the original source of the link.
Also it's against the rules here to steal links from other sites and post them here.
Yes i know you could remove the password of the archives but for my archives that's a lot of work and at that point the files might as well be yours.
B: On lest trusted hosting platforms like OpenDrive if you upload a password and encrypted archive then the host can't look inside the archive and content id banned you for its contents.

The wanna-be paywall is a fear enough assumption, however nothing is free in this world, when you become a adult you may under stand this.
If you don't go and buy the game and dump it your self and then upload it then someone else has to. So a bit of recognition from the community for the time it takes to find these games, test them and then upload them for you to download for free is nice.
It also helps with fake uploads. So if a new user with 3 posts and 0 rep and then posts "hot new game that's not out for 2 weeks" then it's most likely fake and raises a red flag to be check by a admin or mod. If a user posts "hot new game that's not out for 2 weeks" and they have 1061 posts and 3081 rep then you know the post is probably legit.

And as for the download one game and the bales people and your vulgar language.
Fuck you too, and good riddance. We don't want your type around here if your going to act like that.

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