iOS Swift frontend/ Frontend Web developers wanted

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Hi everyone,

iOS Frontend Dev

We're currently actively working on an iOS app for NGR and would love it if any of you on the forums have experience with Swift development and can contribute. 

We already have secured a UI/UX developer but would still welcome any inputs. The code will be open source and will be published on a public git repo.

Our backend is powered by ips and firebase.


In terms of compensation, you will be upgraded to an NGR VIP/Developer and I would also be willing to discuss other monetary contribution if it is absolutely required. 

Frontend Web Dev


We have been using off the shelf themes for ips for a while now and want to take the next step towards making NGR better.

This can either be done by developing a full frontend and linking it to IPS and firebase backend (which, understandably takes a considerable amount of time) or we can just focus on editing and customising existing IPS default theme for the time being.



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I might be able to to some web stuff... but I'll read the read the fill the doc tomorrow when i'm a little more awake :P

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Ok so i have done some phpBB stuff in the past and i know some php and xml but im no pro :( and iv never used IPS befoul soo i spent the last few days trying to set up my own test server to poke around and to work on soo i don't kill anything on NGR side

first of that ACP wow O.O anyways it's going to take me a bunch of time to learn all this from the ground up and even when I do I still may not be the right person for the job as I more audit code and do photoshop stuff more then wright code from scratch but I still really want to help (and if at all possible fix a few bugs like the chat emoji thing) so if you want to send over the theme xml files and what ever plugins they need to run and ill see if i can set this test server up a bit more and we will see where we go from there :KannaWave:

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