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Complete noob to restoring Vita (Enso 3.65)

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Hi guys. I've had my vita on 3.65 ENSO for a while and am planning to wipe it clean (I have a 64gb vita card). If i restore the vita and delete everything.. will I go back to 3.60? or will my vita be on official 3.65? Sorry for the newb question. Thanks

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Do you just want to delete everything on the memory card or do you want to do a full system restore and reset?
If you move all your .skprx files from ux0:tai to ur0:tai and them edit the config.txt file to point to the plugins are installed then you should be right to wipe the memory card as from memory everything else relating to the 3.65 enso hack is stored on the vita it's self.
If you still have it I would make a backup of your enso.vpk as there are different vers out there and there not compatible :(

If you want to do a full system factory reset thing then yes that will wipe the hack and you will have to use h-encore to re-hack the vita then install 3.65 enso and then you should be right

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