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Blood+ Souyoku no Battle Rondo [Ntsc-J]


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The game is based on the anime series Blood +. The storyline is very high quality, if you of course have knowledge of Japanese and can appreciate it. The engine scenes are quite long (they cannot be dropped), they also contain interactive moments that will not let you be bored from battle to battle. Interactivity is built on the Quick Time Events (QTE) system, i.e. you have to push the right buttons and at the right time. For example, running away from the monsters in the forest, Cy will encounter obstacles in the form of fallen trees on the road, and she will jump over the barrier from a correctly pressed key or fall approaching an inevitable fight with monsters. There are many plot forks here, you have to make a choice and only the further course of the plot’s events will depend on it. The combat system has both simple slashes katana and combos, special / unique combos (no worse than Cloud limits). The value of re-passing - survival mode and hidden game character.



This is the hidden content, please


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