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@fixagel mmm yeah i the fade is a tade to sharp / cut of in the light themes but it's less noticeable in the dark themes

[The VitaPiracy Light Theme (default)] and [NGR v2.0]

[Dark Theme]

[Gradient Dark]

I'm not a huge fan of the Dark Theme over all and so far Gradient Dark is my favorite but what I really want is a dark version of the IPS theme (the default one)... maybe some day ill be able / allowed to make one...

Sorry for hijacking your post @magnolm to talk abort themes you don't even have accuses to 😅 but yeah the alpha map on the logo is a cool idea and i like how it changes depending on what theme you use.. be more awesome if the fade wasn't cropped but yeah still awesome :AquaThumb:


If you do want these themes magnolm you can support us on patreon :<3:


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