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Slightly Mad Studios chooses final design for its Mad Box console


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After teasing

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for their upcoming Mad Box console, Slightly Mad Studios' CEO Ian Bell revealed via Twitter the design that the company has opted for. If you were following the recent flow of design concepts shared, then you will recognize it as the fourth render, the futuristic-looking rectangular shaped one that supports three orientations: horizontal, vertical and wall mounted. It also features a front touch screen that supports slide, click and tap actions while displaying what is currently being played. Ian Bell further adds that the design "might be slightly amended over time...".



The company's founder later posted another tweet with a concept video teasing the console running games and other media:








Do you approve of the console's design? What would you like to see changed or improved in the final look?

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Reminds me of this...

so it looks like it's going to be a $1000 gaming laptop with no screen... which is fine compared to gaming laptop of like 5 years ago with those stupid m gpu (gtx 560M is just a low powered full gtx 560 yeah my butt). The info screen on the front is interesting and if they don't do anything crazy with and just do a nice LCD or LED then it wont add to much to the cost however the lack of any buttons or opting for all touch buttons will hurt usability as there is no obsessive way to turn it on which may not sound like a big thing but people wont us it if they cant even turn the damn thing on easily. also no ports of any kind are in these renders O.o? on the subject of no ports, no obsessive and clean way to add front usb for charging controllers to this design. it well be interesting if they can cram its psu into the shell or are we going back to the xbox 360 days with that huge power brick that nobody know it had a fan in it so when you just crammed it down the back of your tv it overheated.. or cough fire...

From a design / concept renders point of view it's fine but needs more work if you want to make it a useful product. Eg design the hardware that's going to into the box and then the design the box so we don't end up with another xbox 360. That being said from the other end of that scale and we end up with another duke controller :P
From a idea concept as a hole I would just want a $1000 gaming laptop or desktop pc. Most people either want a nice simple box that lets them play games and if the look nice then is a plus or a gaming computer, trying to make a middle ground is admirable but it's going to cos wayyy to much for a console, you need to get it under or close to that $500 price point and with the power they want I don't think its going to happen.

And the end of this if there trying to make a updated more powerful steam box thing then it should work well enough. if there trying to go head to head with microsft and sony it's going to sink them..

On the puss side the person that made this render has good taste in music, SOAD - chop suey! >__</

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