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commodore 64 Bad apple!! PV


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    • By GatorCountry


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      This is a shameless copy/paste post but the original is my brother so it really doesn't matter. Y'all don't have this port and it was super easy for me to posy so here ya go.
    • By GatorCountry

      Link to mega folder

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      I didn't see the old thread, I think it may be the Xenocrisis thread and so I figured, you know, ef that. Because this is my second most requested re-up I'm pretty sure folks want to know it's out to be downloaded.
      If you really like the game you should buy it.
    • By MobCat
      Quake 3 Arena
      Source port + original PC EXEs
      This is a homebrew source port I have had floating around for years of Quake 3 for the original xbox. All things considered it ran quite well back in the day when xbox lan parts where a thing, and the best part abort this port is it still has the same PC EXEs files so can lan play xbox vs pc it was the best >__<
      Tested and working: In a lot of xboxs but for the post a mod chipped xbox 1.6. I didn't get to test the net code properly for this post as i don't have a lot xboxs set up right now but i do know it should work but if you have any issues please let me know 
      From memory if you wanted to have a lan between xbox and pc there was some server weirdness of something like you had to set up a dedcated server on pc first or something like that.
      You may need to enter a cd key for multiplayer between other xboxs and pcs, i did have a good cd key gen and as soon as a IRL friend gets back to me on that I will post that
      Cover Scan??:
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