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Found 10 results

  1. So I've completed Resident Evil 4 couple times more and looked up some sick mercenaries gameplay and thought I would share it here. Also be prepered as it can give you nightmares if you played RE4. [CHAINSAW REVVING INTENSIFIES] So here goes the clip Also While I'm at it I looked up some quotes enemies are saying and I must say that those can be creepy as heck. And that would be all. Pretty cool game. It has two story modes where you play first as Leon and then unlock Ada's story, 3 difficulty modes and couple extra modes like mercenaries and seperate Ada mission with new game+ on both story modes and extra weapons. Highly recommend to check it out if you're interested. It's a masterpiece if you ask me.
  2. So I found an amazing summary and history of Yakuza on YouTube. They got everything right which suprised me. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UitUl6o1ALU So if anyone is interested in a summary on the series feel free to give it a go. It doesnt really spoil much it's a basic summary.
  3. Ravenstorm

    A.I. Channel

    Well, this was interesting, unique, and cute, I think!
  4. The Admiral


    It deserves its own post for the majestic animation by Minus 8 and the song which led me into nirvana and I discovered the genre of music which calms me down and lets me meditate finally. The video is spooky and cute. You have been warned.
  5. Mirai probably has one of the most absolutely cutest and memorable melodic recitation of the hiragana table that I've seen in the 100s of hiragana vids that I've watched. When she sways side to side while reciting, it's so hypnotic! I learned pronunciation very good from this video.
  6. The things people do for Youtube fame.
  7. Hoy, I've been a fan of using youtube on consoles since you can sync with your smartphone and have a nice "YoutubeTv" experience, but i found youtube on wii u to be more of a problem than a help, it keeps freezing all the time, sometimes it freezes or just stops playback and says its a network error wut? I never had anything similar on WII or PS4, is there an specific network config to make it less problematic? I know i could try the web-browser but it kinda defeats the purpose of having an youtube app.
  8. As in the tittle, share your finds, share some nice OSTs playlists from games. I'll share first! The glorious Original Sound Tracks from the game called Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams!
  9. Looks like ATLUS realized their streaming policy made a lot of people upset and offered an apology. They toned the limitations down some as well. Personally, the biggest aggravation I had was with Demon (Persona lol) Fusion, because I wanted to screenshot a good combo I discovered and use it later when I was higher level. Did you guys think the policy was overdoing it? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "When Persona 5 launched, we put out a set of video/streaming guidelines that we hoped would limit online spoilers for fans who have yet to play the game. To our surprise, we then saw numerous reactive news articles go up, opinion videos post, and received many emails asking us to please change our Persona 5 streaming/video policy. We recognize that our fans are the reason why the game is the major worldwide success it is, and we continue to want them to be able to enjoy the game without fear of being spoiled. However, we also heard your issues with the guidelines and have decided to revise them. Because we want to give players the most access to the game while respecting the original goal, we’re now asking players to refrain from streaming or posting video past We also want to apologize to those of you who saw the previous guidelines blog post as threatening. We want to be transparent about what we do, and the reason we released the guidelines was to give streamers the right information up front. It was never our intention to threaten people with copyright strikes, but we clearly chose the wrong tone for how to communicate this. Lastly, we want to thank our fans around the world for supporting Persona 5 and ATLUS. The game is a global success because of your passion for the series, and we’re happy that so many of you are enjoying it" http://atlus.com/update-persona-5-streaming/ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. Well maybe this is better for game? I don't know, I just want to see more Youtube threads and was curious how this can turn out! Anyways, let's try post a Youtube video in reply to the previous one, to create an endless chain of Youtube videos! Feel free to be funny or whatever you want, just make sure it's related. Oh, and be nice please. We could always make a "Youtube video battle" thread next. Example: I post a video about a lovebird, and the next person posted an Angry Birds video (you can't use my example now, that's cheating!) I'll post the video now. :3
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