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Found 2 results

  1. Here’s an English port of Musou Stars (Warriors All-Stars) using the PC assets. Now on Beta pre-release state, Fully playable, still got minor bugs on Tips text and probably also on dialog during story and battle. Not really my kind of game, but some users are requesting this and I’ve gotten used to how Tecmo Koei Games can be modded and decided just to quickly port it since I’ve already had the tools and experience from my previous projects with this game format. Maybe I’ll just release this and let you guys do the testing, getting kinda lazy to play games lately lols. 😛 Though I did play the game for about 3hours or so and tested a decent time of every character prologue introduction battle until you reach the main map or whatever you call it. What’s done: ○ The initial release of English patch ○ Port All English text/images from the PC version. What’s not translated: ○ Game title on vita’s save pop-up window ○ Game Credits ○ Maybe some text or images that I overlook (please do report this) Bugs: ○ Word warping issue on dialog windows (Battle and story). ○ Some text may seem to be compressed/Squished. ○ Weird bug that crashes the game when displaying some Quest text that has a % symbol. [FIXED - check link for hot fix] Requirements: ○ Hacked Vita (Enso/h-encore 3.60/3.65/3.68) ○ Repatch plugin (installed on the Vita and verified working) ○ NoNpDrm plugin (installed on the Vita and verified working) ○ reF00D plugin if on 3.60 firmware (installed on the Vita and verified working) ○ Vitashell ○ FTP program (Winscp recommended) ○ This English patch Link: [Hidden Content] How to install: 1. Install the Base game, Game update (v1.03) 2. Run/check the un-modded game if it’s running properly (optional) 3. Copy the “app” and “rePatch” folder to ux0, be sure to have NoNpDrm and rePatch plugin (v3.0) properly installed and working. 4. Run the game. Additional Notes: ○ Do not change the "English Subtitles" on the Option screen. Originally that was supposed to display English subtitles on "FMV movies only" and not in-game text. Since the game is now modded and Default all Japanese text is now replaced with English, there no need to change that, doing so is equivalent to turning off the Movie subtitles. ○ Checkout TheRadziu NoNpDRM-modding guide for more info about dumping decrypted vita files. ○ Tested on a Slim and Fat 3.68 h-encore and 3.65 Vita TV. ○ Special thanks to Knofbath for reporting a game breaking bug. ○ If there are major text bug’s and you want it fixed, just message me by googling froid_san or happydance and send a screenshot of it or the text before or after the text bug. Video:
  2. For this codes to work you need the cheat plugin Vitacheat/Finalcheat. you can get it here now because the main one got taken down. https://gbatemp.net/threads/vitacheat-finalcheat-database.485343/ The cheat plugin also works on NoNPDRM dump games. NOTE: -The codes maybe different between PSTV and PSVita I think? -The settings I use in Mai is option 6 the last one. -The version of the game is 1.06 -It's an English Patch -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PSVITA CODES: # PCSG00830 _V0 HAKU 9999999 $0200 852A2724 0098967F _V0 ITEM SLOT MOD $0200 852A8CDA 000003E7 _V0 SKILL 1 MAX INFINITE $0100 87B88A05 00000063 $0200 87B889FE 0000BF80 _V0 SKILL 2 MAX INFINITE $0100 87B88A19 00000063 $0200 87B88A12 0000BF80 _V0 SKILL 3 MAX INFINITE $0100 87B88A2D 00000063 $0200 87B88A26 0000BF80 _V0 SKILL 4 MAX INFINITE $0100 87B88A41 00000063 $0200 87B88A3A 0000BF80 _V0 SKILL 1 MOD 0-38 HEX $0200 87B889F4 00000000 _V0 SKILL 2 MOD 0-38 HEX $0200 87B88A08 00000000 _V0 SKILL 3 MOD 0-38 HEX $0200 87B88A1C 00000000 _V0 SKILL 4 MOD 0-38 HEX $0200 87B88A30 00000000 _V0 WEAPON GAUGE $0200 87B871C4 447A0000 _V0 UNITY GAUGE $0200 87B871CC 447A0000 _V0 HEALTH GAUGE $0200 87B871A8 44BB8000 $0200 87B871AC 44BB8000 $0200 87B871B4 44BB8000 _V0 STAMINA GAUGE $0200 87B871B8 44BB8000 $0200 87B871BC 44BB8000 PSTV CODES: # PCSG00830 _V0 HAKU 9999999 $0200 853A2724 0098967F _V0 ITEM SLOT MOD $0200 853A8CDA 00000000 _V0 SKILL 1 MAX INFINITE $0100 87C88A05 00000063 $0200 87C889FE 0000BF80 _V0 SKILL 2 MAX INFINITE $0100 87C88A19 00000063 $0200 87C88A12 0000BF80 _V0 SKILL 3 MAX INFINITE $0100 87C88A2D 00000063 $0200 87C88A26 0000BF80 _V0 SKILL 4 MAX INFINITE $0100 87C88A41 00000063 $0200 87C88A3A 0000BF80 _V0 SKILL 1 MOD 0-38 HEX $0200 87C889F4 00000000 _V0 SKILL 2 MOD 0-38 HEX $0200 87C88A08 00000000 _V0 SKILL 3 MOD 0-38 HEX $0200 87C88A1C 00000000 _V0 SKILL 4 MOD 0-38 HEX $0200 87C88A30 00000000 _V0 WEAPON GAUGE $0200 87C871C4 447A0000 _V0 UNITY GAUGE $0200 87C871CC 447A0000 _V0 HEALTH GAUGE $0200 87C871A8 44BB8000 $0200 87C871AC 44BB8000 $0200 87C871B4 44BB8000 _V0 STAMINA GAUGE $0200 87C871B8 44BB8000 $0200 87C871BC 44BB8000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Codes Explanation/Tutorial For ITEM SLOT MOD you can just browse the memory of it and change the item value and quantity of it. As you can see in the picture I highlighted the Item value and the quantity of the items. RED is the Item Quantity BLUE is the Item Value The item value 75 00 is the Oni Skin material if you change that to 51 00 it will become the Multipurpose rock. Just keep experimenting/changing the value for the materials you need. EX. 51 00 - multipurpose rock 52 00 - multipurpose stone 50 00 - Large Machine stone 4E 00 - Sacred Branch And as for the quantity I bet you know what you doing.... E7 03 = 999 is the max. --------------------------------------- For the SKILL # MOD you can change the value of the skill of the mitama you equip (0-38 HEX) into any skill you want including the evasion skill and attack skill. EX. we're gonna use the SKILL 1 MOD which is the LEFT skill (skill 2 is UP, skill 3 is RIGHT, and skill 4 is DOWN) _V0 SKILL 1 MOD 0-38 HEX $0200 87C889F4 00000000 -------> 0 is the value for Recovery the 1st skill which is the default for skill 4. Whilst Summon Follower 34 (HEX) is the default for any CON mitama. let's change the value to 1 _V0 SKILL 1 MOD 0-38 HEX $0200 87C889F4 00000001 and it will become this. It became the Blank skill. and like i said keep experimenting or changing the values for the ones you like. And Here is a video of the Codes in Action ENJOY
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