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  1. The five thematically completely different worlds are bulging with a variety of different challenges and crowned with dramatic boss fights. There is much to discover: extra weapons, power-ups, score-multipliers – that’s how you are guaranteed enough fun to last for ages and ages. Overall, RESHOOT R is all about survival in order to achieve the highest score. Highscores are stored locally, though as an alternative you can compare your score with other space fighters which is possible via a global highscore table. The animations reach a level seldom seen on the Amiga. Hundreds of colours, smooth 50 Hz parallax scrolling, silky smooth animations paired with explosive sounds and music that drives the game forward making RESHOOT R the most exciting Shoot’em-Up on the Amiga today. RESHOOT R makes extensive use of the AGA chipset and uses the high powered features of an Amiga 1200, 4000 or CD32 to take them right up to their limits. Further system extensions and add-ons are, as a result, unnecessary. One download version and two other game Probably the best Amiga shooter to date...shows what an AGA amiga is capable of. Game is a self booting HDF so use on emulators is nice and easy, can be run on real hardware with some jigging about. If you like these games support the devs...buy it. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. This particular little bundle's a sideways scrolling affair, taking you through six levels of the usual shoot em-up adversaries - flying baddies, ground baddies, and end of level baddies - where you simply try to survive for as long as possible. Everything about the game is average. There are a couple of nice graphic effects, but for the most part it looks decidedly home made. Powder has no new ideas and only manages to lift itself slightly from mediocrity by allowing the player to change weapons. Shoot-em ups may be the mainstay of simple, addictive gaming but they really need to be fun and enjoyable. Powder is worth a try if you are fan of the genre. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. An unofficial update to the stunning, intense and often maligned shoot-em-up. A WHDLoad version, CD32 version and non-WHDLoad setup is included for your convenience. The WHDLoad version is recommended due to additional stability, bug fixes, trainers and the ability to quit back to Workbench. The CD32 version may be bootable on a CDTV, if you've upgraded both your RAM and Kickstart. Features All five levels are unlocked from the start. The fifth and final level can be played in 'rookie' mode. 'Waggle' to select weapon is disabled (use space or button 2). Note this is disabled whether or not the option is selected on WHDLoad version. Compatible with the WHDLoad Slave. Level 5 no longer crashes when quitting or skipping [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. An update - primarily to Apidya's menu system, that adds the following features: AUTOFIRE: From the 1.1 update! Note that the charge function still operates, so this does make the game a fair bit easier. If you prefer to play without auto fire, the previous 1.0 version is included - just replace "data" with "data-original" LIVES: The maximum starting number of lives has been increased to seven. GAME HINTS: Replaces the 'joypad/joystick' feature (which had no tangible in-game effect), simply shows you a list of hints about secrets in the game. WORLD SELECT: Mostly replaces the music player, you can start from any world in the game or the end credits. You can still listen to the first song of each world with this menu. There's also a minor fix related to simultaneous play on levels 3, 4 and 5, though I'm not certain that this is a bug with the original version. In any case it didn't seem to be present on the Wanted Team crack version. WHDLoad install is by John Girvin. I tried - but ultimately failed - to port the changes to a cracked ADF copy. If someone can help with that, I'd be much obliged! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Tinyus is exactly the game I wanted on the Amiga back when I had played the C64 version but (as you most probably know) there weren’t all that many games of that genre on the Amiga at the time and those that were there sucked balls. From the moment I loaded up the game till I switched It off hours later left me with a feeling that this version would have blown me out of the water back in the 80s, it is as near perfect as it could be and while it runs a bit slow on the Amiga 500 it is still not a problem gameplay-wise and as yes, the arcade also got slowdowns which mean most won’t even notice it. That said, the framerate on the Amiga 1200 is like a dream and most certainly the best version I have seen of Nemesis ever. The boss fights are pixel-perfect and I just can’t get over how good this port is, it is running in 50 frames per second, it has sound fx and music at the same time and the number of colors and objects on the screen raises a few questions why we had so many shitty sidescroller shooters in the 80s on the Amiga, it might be a bit unfair to many Amiga 500 games but in my opinion, the first good sidescroller was Silkworm and after that, we got a few other really good ones like Agony, Project X and finally Disposable Hero. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. Classic horizontal space themed shooter for the Commodore-64. Features three different and upgradeable weapons, couch coop and 20 levels of simple shooting pleasure. Generous placement of power ups and bonus lives Score multiplier for hyperinflated high scores Tested on real stock C64 hardware from the days ... but works fine on all modern emulators too Single .prg file, no fancy fake retro multi megabyte cartridge Uncompressed code, ideal for modding, cheating or recreational reverse engineering C64 PAL mode only. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. The skies will be set aflame and the seas will overflow with wreckage in Vlambeer's stylish arcade shooter LUFTRAUSERZ! Select from over 125 combinations of weapons, bodies, and propulsion systems and take to the skies to battle enemy fighter planes, battleships, and rival aces for glory, honour, and high scores. Bravely volunteer for one of over 60 daring missions to unlock new Rauser combinations and become the most legendary Rauser pilot of all time! LUFTRAUSERZ is an official conversion of the 2014 indie classic LUFTRAUSERS for the C64 computer, developed by Commodore enthusiast Paul Koller and published on cartridge by Vlambeer and RGCD. Exclusive to C64 cartridge, LUFTRAUSERZ drop-kicks your Commodore 64 into the 21st century with its hyper-aggressive, arcade-style gameplay, fluid 50FPS 8-way scrolling and endless waves of enemy fighters to blast out of the sepia-coloured skies! Note that LUFTRAUSERZ is a PAL ONLY game. It will NOT run on NTSC Commodore 64 systems. LUFTRAUSERZ features: Four THOUSAND unique player sprite frames stored in ROM (a C64 world record?!) Endless waves of enemies and MEGA HUGE BLIMPS to destroy! Smooth as silk 8-way scrolling, 50FPS arcade action! Automatic score loading/saving to internal flash memory! (Physical cartridge version only) Unlockable cutscenes and full game statistics! Multiple heavyweight SID tracks by Stein Pedersen! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. Deep Star’s game engine features some enhancements and looks very polished overall. The parallax effects in particular are very nice. The game comes with a shop, just like Harrier Strike and Steel Eagle. But also the game comes with some thumping music by Mark Wilson. The music originally was thought to have been previously unheard, but it turns out the author of GTW cannot browse HVSC very well, and the tunes were already in HVSC since 1998 (ripped way back in 1997). Thanks to Ian Coog for confirming this!. The game had 3 levels (not 2 – thanks Dink!) in total produced with mid-level guardians to try and destroy. The game was being written for Players, but sadly at this time people were starting to get bored of space shooters and as a result it was decided not to release the game. It was again offered to Julian Jones for his Fun Factory label in 1992 (which you can see from the letter to Julian). Fun Factory never quite got to release any C64 games though and Deep Star was laid to rest. It’s a shame that no-one picked up the game to release, or even a magazine cover could feature the game – as it has meant rotting away on a disk for about 23 years. Until now that is – we are very proud to present the game for the first time thanks to Duncan going through his work disks. A huge thank you as well to Vinny Mainolfi who helped to turn off the originally defaulted cheat mode and getting the game to start from the title screen (which was hidden from the frozen preview due to the cheat). [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. Pilot briefing: take control of your GR9 harrier jet and navigate through the terrorist occupied territory. Your task is to clear the way for ground forces by destroying as many of their land and air defences as possible. The GR9 Harrier can be controlled with a joystick connected to port 2 and the run stop key will pause the assault at any point when the player is in control of the plane. Pressing the Q key from pause mode will abort the current mission. GR9 Strike Force was developed for the Retro Reunited event (12th to 13th September 2009) in Huddersfield, U.K. and stars the lucky winner of a door prize at the event, who was given a silly hat to wear before being photographed, converted and inserted into the game (and "loading" picture) live at the event by T.M.R! Developed by Cosine at the recent Retro Reunited event, GR9 Strike Force is a shoot-'em-up on the Commodore 64. Your mission is to go into enemy territory and take out their land and air defences, paving the way for your ground forces to move in. Plans are already in place for an update, so keep an eye on Cosine for further news. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. The Repugnant Swarm were vanquished at Stercore 64 – see Stercore XD for further reference and possibly a headache - but, after an extensive period of wound licking, want revenge for the humiliation they’ve suffered at Earth’s hand. They’ve also learnt from their previous mistakes because, rather than appearing at once, they are instead sending attack craft in one at a time via long distance translation jumps, terminating in the proximity of Earth Station 544D52. The Death Weapon has been sent along to defend that sector, armed to the teeth and operated by the best that Earth’s forces have to offer... you. Since the incoming craft aren’t entirely corporeal on arrival - they won't move and give off an uncanny light – you can’t collide with them, but your bullets can and that’s worth doing both to keep things under control during the battle (a busy sector of space makes avoiding collisions more difficult) and to earn some extra points for your trouble. Using the joystick on its own will send the Death Weapon in the appropriate direction and bullets streaming in the opposite one, so in order to fire forwards it’s necessary to hold the button down whilst moving. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. Our friendly country has been invaded! It's up to you to pilot our latest drone and strike back at our enemy using both bombs and AA missiles. Cats need aid, so on bonus stages drop aid packages for them for bonus points. The drone is protected by armour, so can withstand 6 hits before becoming vulnerable. On completion of a stage, your armour will be partially repaired, and all your ammo will be replenished. Watch out for anti-aircraft guns and SAM launchers. Destroy trucks to gain more ammo. If you run out of ammo, don't worry; a friendly parachute will drop a fresh supply. Look out for air drops; they will drop either extra ammo, or an armour repair. Bonus points are awarded if a friendly farmer in his tractor manages to tow away a destroyed vehicle. If the turret of a destroyed tank lands on another vehicle and destroys it, you gain an extra 100 points. Controls: Joystick in port 2, or Keyboard: S - Up. X - Down. < - Left. > - Right. SPACE - tap to drop a bomb (or aid package on bonus stages), or hold down to switch to air-2-air mode. Once locked onto an aircraft, release button to shoot an AA missile; alternatively, hold down the button to auto-launch the missile. P - pause game; this can be reconfigured on the Options screen. Key Features of Strikeback: 4 stages, each with a separate theme. Bonus stages, dropping aid for cats. Three difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, Hard. Settings and high-score save/load. PAL and NTSC compatible. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. It’s Christmas time in the Soultron star system, its people living in hope for a never ending peaceful existence of joy and good will. Yet some had looked out into the skies, wondering what lay beyond, and what dangers could descend upon their peaceful worlds. In secret they developed project Snow Force, an advanced space fighter designed to defend the Soultron system from anyone trying to ruin Christmas. And from the darkness of deep space comes a terrible bio-mechanical fleet swarming into the Soultron star system, monstrous creations descending upon the peaceful planets, stealing all their Christmas presents. They are known as the Grinchkins, a most miserable bunch of misers... We have chosen you to launch and pilot the new Snow Force space fighter against this terrifying threat and liberate our star system. Learn the Grinchkin’s plans and put a stop to them for good. The fate of our star system lies in our hands. You are our last and only hope... Oh, and don’t forget to rescue our presents too! Key Features of Snow Force: 18 adrenaline filled horizontal shoot’em up levels, each with Christmas themed enemies Seven in-game bonus items to collect Collect presents for bonus points Four individually upgradable weapon systems General ship upgrades Lots of boss fights Four difficulty settings Password and flexible save game system Supports C64GS joysticks with 2nd button used for cycling weapons Fully PAL & NTSC compatible [hide][Hidden Content]]
  13. The Soultron star system has been at peace for millenniums, the echoes of warfare long faded, its people living in hope for a never-ending peaceful existence. Yet some had looked out into the skies, wondering what lay beyond, and what dangers could descend upon their peaceful worlds. In secret they developed project Soul Force, an advanced space fighter designed to defend the Soultron system from an outside threat. And from the darkness of deep space comes a terrible bio-mechanical fleet swarming into the Soultron star system, monstrous creations descending upon the peaceful planets, tearing into the ground for reasons unknown. Communication attempts remain unanswered, the invaders obliterating any ship brave enough to approach... We have chosen you to launch and pilot the new Soul Force space fighter against this terrifying threat and liberate our star system. Learn our enemy’s plans and put a stop to them for good. The fate of our star system lies in our hands. You are our last and only hope... Features: 20 adrenaline filled horizontal shoot’em up levels, each with their own distinct graphical theme A dedicated bitmap screen and music for each level Seven in-game bonus items to collect Four individually upgradable weapon systems General ship upgrades Lots of boss fights Four difficulty settings Password and flexible save game system Progress automatically saved to cartridge Fully PAL & NTSC compatible [hide][Hidden Content]]
  14. Story: Strange mutant creatures have appeared across the surface of planet Earth! Earth needs a hero to stop them... one like you! So strap into your fighter and blast off to end this infestation for good! Features: 7 challenging stages, each with their own graphic style. 3 difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, Hard. Lots of parallax scrolling. 10 player weapon upgrades. 7 end of stage bosses. PAL and NTSC compatible. Simultaneous music and sound effects. This shooter looks like it pushes the old 64 pretty hard. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. In 1990 Software Business with development by The Whiz Kidz, released the side-scrolling shoot em up Ziriax for the Amiga, which was very similar to games such as R-Type or even Gradius. This game featured an action packed experience with five stages of shoot em up gameplay with each level containing an end of level boss. It's just a shame that during its many years of release not only was there not a fully working ADF of the game but according to some it has a few in game issues of its own... Thankfully however the Amiga community has stepped forward and as of this moment Ross has released the Ziriax 100% (Ultimate Edition); a 100% ADF working version of the 1990 game by "The Whiz Kidz", trained and enhanced, which he says is actually the only full working version existing. The game makes use of the second joystick button for weapon selection, memory above 512kb to cache data to cut down loading, a complete trainer option screen [+6] with a selectable new "max power-up", start level, invincibility and finally a proper end of the game can be reached.... So yes a very good Amiga addition indeed and well worth a download! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  16. The C64 game Hermetic (shoot'em up, h-scrolling) published by Markt & Technik in 1993. This Game never got a commercial release back in the day, which is a shame as its a really Pretty c64 shmup with a great SID musical score, bosses are big, action is fast, give it a go. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  17. An unknown militarized terrorist unit, known as the X-Force, has occupied the peaceful city of Suburbia. As the top pilot in the world's anti-terrorist squad the job of defeating the terrorists falls to you! Flying your state of the art attack helicopter you are sent into what seems to be a straight forward seek-and-destroy mission - but as the story unfolds it will become apparent that the X-Force's goal is more sinister than anyone could have imagined... Grab your joystick, save the world, and see if you can get that all-time high score! ** AVIATOR ARCADE II FEATURES ** • High paced 50/60 FPS shoot 'em up action! • 10 levels to blast your way through • Superb background and sprite graphics! • Bosses at the end of each level! • Weapon and armour power-ups! • Three difficulty levels, auto-fire and more options! • High score list and options saved to disk! • Full PAL/NTSC compatibility! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  18. In the year 2305, the Zarnaxians suddenly entered Earth territory and within an hour the colony on Mars was captured. Zarnaxians ships next targeted the Earth itself when major cities were destroyed. In a final blow, the Moon was crashed onto the Earth using the graviton rays of the largest Zarnaxians ships. With Earth's defence forces annihilated, there is little hope for the remaining human survivors. Unless someone brave enough could stand up and liberate the Earth and the Mars colony... Ultra Violent Words is a top down shoot'em up that offers 4 levels of action, 256 colour AGA graphics, 3 layer parallax scrolling and two player simultaneous gameplay. Minimum: A1200 + 2MB Fast RAM Recommended: A1200 + 4MB Fast RAM [hide][Hidden Content]]
  19. Originally released in 1986, Knightmare is one of the many classic games produced by Konami for the MSX. It’s the first in a trilogy of games with each edition opting for a different style of gameplay throughout the series. You play as Popolon and your Mission is to rescue Aphrodite from the clutches of the evil Prince of Darkness. You have to fight your way through 8 levels of enemies and bosses along the way to rescue the Goddess of Love and Beauty. The action takes place in the form of a top-down vertical scrolling shoot’em up style including various power-ups along the way. The Amiga port contains the follow features.. Original game fully disassembled to ensure accurate gameplay All graphics remastered by Toni Galvez Brand new title and loading screens High quality Amiga Enhanced Sound Effects All levels and bosses have unique Amiga Enhanced soundtracks All new Hi-score table with automatic saving to disk 50hz / 60hz gameplay option Built-in auto-fire Additional secret bonus power-up added ( can you find it? ) Compatible with all Amigas running 512k chip and 512k other ram [hide][Hidden Content]]
  20. An old-fashioned horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up in the R-Type vein. Compared to the First-Person Shooters, it might seem quaint, but it's interesting to see this style done using later Amiga hardware capabilities and features. There are 3 different ships on offer, as part of a high level of customisability, including an Arcade mode with bonus fruit, variable colour explosions, and variable background detail for those who find that the most colourful version obscures some of the enemies. There are two different routes through each level, but either way results in hordes of enemies to take on - horizontally scrolling shooters tend to be tricky, due to the amount of things happening on screen at once. Like so many FPSs but so few scrolling shooters, you can design your own levels as well. Minimum is AGA/030 CPU/8MB Ram. [hide][Hidden Content]] This is the full game but without the CD soundtrack...its uber hard too
  21. Tried this some time ago, but couldn't get an answer last time. I'm looking to see if anyone has dumped this particular version of Cotton for the Sharp X68000, it was run as a limited release and a promotion leading up to Cotton Reboot, which came out in 2021. I've seen their Ys I & II Rerelease dumped online, but not this one. Although that has EVERYTHING scanned. I'm mainly just looking for the Rom, though everything else scanned would be awesome. If anyone out there knows anyone who has this game that could possibly get it dumped, or has a Rom of it please let me know. Thank you. Sharp X68000 Aftermarket Rom Dumps are woefully undocumented, and that really needs to change. I've also posted this topic before on Reddit as well. If you look up Cotton, Sharp X68000, and 2019 on Google I'm literally one of the first search results on this. O_O
  22. 1993 Shenandoah is Krister Karlsson’s legacy to the gaming world; a project that began in 1992 but one that is launching on Nintendo Switch today, just a little bit later than anticipated at the time. As the title suggests, 1993 was the year that 1993 Shenandoah was supposed to be released, but teenage drama split the youthful team apart and the game never saw the light of day until some 20 years later. Fast forward to 2015, and Krister gathered a motley crew of less youthful people to convert the original game to a more modern game engine – but still only using the original graphics, sound, and effects from the Amiga production. Despite its roots as a game developed for the Amiga, 1993 Shenandoah can be played by 4 players simultaneously – something we could only have dreamed of back in the days when games were sold on a floppy disc, social media wasn’t invented and people used phones for actually speaking to each other. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  23. Edge Grinder is a game were you grind along edges. Well, technically it’s a horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up, with lots of alien enemies to shoot at while roaming through a corridor in space. To get that sweet high score, however, the ship has to fly as close as possible along the floor or ceiling – being there keeps the score display counting up constantly. That’s almost more rewarding than shooting the enemies (and often offers a good way to dodge them if necessary), since you got only one weapon with no upgrade capabilities at your disposal, and most aliens take a fair amount of abuse before detonating. As everyone knows, in space they do so without making a sound – although with the Commodore 64 that is much more out of technological convenience than any consideration of the physical realities. The game has no sound effects at all, but a cool SID chiptune. Together with the slightly metallic looking graphics Commodore’s 8-bit box was famous for, Edge Grinder takes you right back to the late 1980s. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  24. The second part of the Strike Team Special Missions trilogy has arrived. Carl Mason has created a new mission, in which one or two of the heroes must make their way through Thailand, finding the bad boss who has captured many prisoners in a high security prison. This game features really nice graphics, and also a new front end with music and a nice tape loader system. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  25. SkillGrid is an endless score-attack vertical shoot 'em up for AGA Amigas developed by Retream, featuring frenetic, tactical gameplay and comprising of a variety of different sub-games, boss battles and in-depth scoring mechanics. Based on an original concept, SkillGrid faces the player against infinite waves of enemies to kill, bonuses and upgrades to collect (cyan cells) and maluses to avoid (yellow cells). Designed for AGA Amigas only, the game features three-layer parallax variable-speed scrolling (2 of which generated procedurally), 8-bit alpha channel transparencies and real-time palette changes, highscore saving, beautifully designed sprites with pixel-perfect collision detection, high quality prog-rock music in the form of lossless-packed 8 bit stereo 28.9 kHz samples and even in-game speech warnings (from the developer himself)! [hide][Hidden Content]]
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