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Found 14 results

  1. download here https://anonfiles.com/Zdv0d5r6y7/Teenage_Mutant_Ninja_Turtles_Shredders_Revenge_rar
  2. Hello, I was hoping someone could help me locate a ROM for an Intellivision homebrew called Intellivania (sometimes titled Castlevania for Intellivision). The game is offered for sale by its creator but only in cartridge format, and I don't own an Intellivision console, thus I seek the ROM for play on emulators. There is a demo (circa 2019) in circulation that is not the full game and seems to vary quite a bit from the final release, so that's not the ROM I'm looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  3. So 14 years ago I passed by a man selling random CDs on the street. One of them had the PS1 logo on the side and had the photo of Sonic on it for some reason. Being the little fanboy I once was, I immediately bought this game for a whole buck 50, anticipating to play a Sonic game on my modded PS1. Long story short, I was disappointed that it wasn't what I hoped for. How dare Sega not make a game on its number 1 rival system?!?! Blasphemy!!!! Turns out it was a CD filled with Master System games. Which probably resulted me wasting time on it more than how much I would if it actually turned out to hold 1 Sonic game. (Rest assured, for It does include the crappy Master System version of Sonic) Found this CD a few days ago while cleaning up my parents' home. One thing I should warn you about is that the sound emulation is a bit off. Best played with external good music. For example: Size (compressed): 14 MB Size (uncompressed): 31 MB Link: Password:
  4. Darkeholy

    humour Crazy brazilian

    https://youtube.com/channel/UCzS5huae-HyWOIKuTBK6ArQ Here is a link for my personal chanel where i try to make vídeos in PTBR and english at same time and fail in it
  5. The legendary cartoon game is complete and with a end without 30 years of wait, i put the Zvitor website because all his work in OpenBor is legendary, visit is site, download and donate http://zvitor.com/
  6. RyouBakura

    mega.nz Celeste

    Genre: 2D Platformer Size (compressed): 672 MB Size (uncompressed): 1 GB Link: [Hidden Content] Password:
  7. Looking for the Zombie Nation NES hack called "Covfefe Fake News" that parodies the President. I cannot find the rom for it anywhere, nor can I find the rom hack patch. It was up 5 years ago on a Russian site but the rom has since been deleted and I can't find it anyhwere else now, so I've turned here. If anyone has this game rom and can upload it, I would be extremely grateful. Thanks in advance.
  8. doodlebobmcmuffin

    ATARI 2600 REQUEST: Stay Frosty 1 & Stay Frosty 2

    Demo files for these games were once up on some forum sites but have since been removed, so I'm hoping someone here has the game roms or knows where to find it. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me find a .BIN/.CUE format rom for a PC Engine CD game called "Faussete Amour." I can easily find the .ISO/.CUE on several of the top listed sites for the game, but the emulator I'm using on my PSP will only play .BIN/.CUE files. I also tried converting the .ISO to a .BIN with no success. I guess the .BIN/.CUE would have needed to come from the CD itself when it was ripped. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it a lot. Thanks to all in advance!
  10. RyouBakura

    mega Super Indie Karts V0.75

    Genre: Racing Size (compressed): 212 MB Size (uncompressed): 1 GB Link: [Hidden Content] Password:
  11. As the title suggests, are there any recommendations of video game emulators (NES, SNES, GBA, etc.) that are good on the PS3, I've been using SNES9x on the PS3 and it's an awesome emulator, I wonder if there is other emulators that are great on the PS3.
  12. Ravenstorm

    Return of the C64

  13. This most likely in the correct section... Any Touhou freaks out here? These games are for the PC-98, so you will need the emulator, found here: This RAR file includes: >Touhou 1 - Highly Responsive to prayers > Touhou 2 - The Story of Eastern Wonderland >Touhou 3 - Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream >Touhou 4 - Lotus Land Story >Touhou 5 - Mystic Square Genre: Manic Shooter / Bullet Hell Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7r0e90SonOKdmN1QzhudnVhX2M For those unfamiliar with Touhou, here's some of the glorious gameplay from the 7th installment in the series (which I have,if any of you wants it): Video is not mine.
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