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About Me

  1. stevo2kay

    Toxic (Unreleased) (c64)

    Toxic is a neat little programmer from the late 90’s which was a Polish game by Kmeg/Albion. It’s very much in the style of Bobix, and originally a preview existed only which showed fairly early stages with little playability – just a controllable main character who can wonder around a level map and collect a few items. It seems like a nice little platformer, but we are unsure at present to why it never got finished off and turned into a full game. The most likely story is that Timsoft decided to leave the C64 market as it began to die out. Ideally we need to find out more from the authors. Fantastically though in 2010, Jazzcat, Piotr Tracz and Ian Coog have managed to salvage and bring you the full remains of the game to close the case on this and present you with a rather nice platformer. The game has you going through many various colourful screens of platforms and ladders, collecting various objects and scoring points whilst avoiding an array of enemies. The game comes with some pretty decent music too by Moog ( /MUSICIANS/M/Moog/Flying_ Cavemans.sid and /MUSICIANS/M/Moog/Toxic.sid). [Hidden Content]
  2. stevo2kay

    Jim Slim (c64)

    A long time ago a demon named Warlord Gothar ruled over the Darklands. In the middle of this realm of the evil there was a peaceful kingdom, which was protected by a mystic skull, and where friendly creatures named Blizzies lived. But now Gothar has stolen this skull and not only that, but also the love of Jim Slim's life, the charming Candy, has been abducted and captured. So he sets off to free the skull and Candy from the clutch of Gothar and so save the kingdom from sinking into darkness. On his travel, Jim (who resembles a friendly ball, can roll and jump and collect items) will pass through dangerous woods and caves and defend himself against the backers of Gothar. You need to solve 15 different levels with each 3 levels (so 45 levels altogether) before Jim Slim has finished his task. To successfully solve a level Jim "only" has to get from the starting field "GO" to the end field "OK". [Hidden Content]
  3. stevo2kay

    Duckstroma (Amiga)

    Meet Aura, she's a delivery duck and about to have a life changing day on the job. A client has requested 8 disks be delivered to them, but this won't be an easy task. Using Aura's skills navigate the hostile environment by bouncing on weak foes, even lay an egg to reach higher spots. Requires 1mb [Hidden Content]
  4. stevo2kay

    Pluff (Unreleased) (c64)

    A colourful single screen platform adventure game comes in the form of a oddly named game ‘Pluff’… Named after the blobby main character who has to go around various rooms collecting various objects, in classic JSW style action. The game feels like a mixture of Bod Squad and Demon Blues, what with its decoration and look and feel. Pluff comes as a nicely animated blob with a hi-res overlay, though oddly has a yellow outline, which doesn’t look quite right – but seems to be intentional. Other sprites are also of the same nature of detail and merge nicely into the game. Graphics are very colourful, and detail is reasonable throughout the game’s quite large map (Considering its a preview), although its very block based in design. It’s still functional enough! Playability wise, it seems to lack the substance of other games of its kind and a little simplistic, but a fun game none the less! [Hidden Content]
  5. stevo2kay

    Uwol Quest for Money (Amiga)

    Uwol: Quest for Money is a 2D fixed-screen platform game about the character Uwol. It is set in the manor Storm Palace owned by an eccentric millionaire where the rooms are arranged like a pyramid. Each room represents a single-screen platform level with coins and enemies. By moving through any of the four sides of the screen the character appears on the other side. When all coins are collected two exits appears and Uwol can choose a new level in the pyramid with some freedom for the path to follow based on the chosen exit. To win the game a total of 255 coins has to be collected. If the bottom of the pyramid is reached without the required amount the game restarts and a different path can be chosen, avoiding the empty rooms, to collect additional coins. Levels have three types of enemies: Franky, Vampy and Wolfy. Enemies cannot be attacked, they can only be avoided. There is only a small amount of time to clear a room. When time runs out Fanty is summoned who can freely move around the screen and chases Uwol until the character is dead or all coins are collected and the exit is reached after all. Uwol starts with three lives but a single hit is not deadly right away. When hit once, Uwol loses his clothes and a second hit will kill them. By picking up a T-shirt the protection is regained. [Hidden Content]
  6. stevo2kay

    Minky (Amiga)

    Yes indeed welcome to a new Amiga game from Matze1887, an Arcade Platformer that doesn't just feature high quality Amiga gameplay, but 28 well designed levels, a loveable character, different enemy types, and as one person said in Saberman's video previously "The multidirectional scrolling and size of some of the levels is impressive". So yes if you want to play a decent looking game for your Amiga, it might be worth downloading the final version of Minky which is available below. Runs on stock Amiga 500 (512k Chip/512k Slow) or better. Featuring 28 Levels (multidirectional scrolling), each one can be accessed by a password. v1.1 - Small update 10-10-2022: - Fixed a levelmap glitch in Level 4 - Fixed endpicture not showing due to a wrong filename v1.2 - Update 17-10-2022: Some more fixes (Thanks to Stingray) - Sound not playing with some ACA Turbocards fixed - Some more codeglitches removed v1.3 - Update 07-11-2022: - Strange crashes removed when throwing a ball and jumping at same time [Hidden Content]
  7. Revisit the Amiga classic and it's timeless gameplay, but this time with brand new, amazing graphics and sound effects! Giana Sisters Special Edition is an unofficial hack of the original Amiga version that replaces the entire visual aspect of the game! The new gfx are either completely new designs or remastered originals, while Giana and some enemies are directly inspired from the 2009 DS version. [Hidden Content]
  8. stevo2kay

    Sams Journey (c64)

    Sam's Journey is a brand-new original scrolling platform game developed for the Commodore 64 home computer. It's about a cute little hero called Sam who finds himself on an unexpected journey in a strange world. Guide Sam through many different locations such as deep forests, hot deserts or frozen mountains! Find hidden gems and discover secret passages, but beware of the creatures!. Sam can run, jump, climb and swim. He can pick up items, carry them around and throw them at enemies. And with the power of special costumes, Sam completely changes his appearance and gains additional skills! · Classic 8-Bit Platform Action · · Colorful Graphics · · Fast Free-Directional Scrolling · · Many Basic Moves Plus Climbing And Swimming · · 6 Special Costumes With Additional Skills · · 3 Overworld Maps · · 27 Huge Levels With Multiple Sections · · 2000 Screens To Be Explored · · 14 Different Graphical Settings · · 19 Beautiful Tunes · · Sound Effects · · Hidden Items To Be Found · · Secret Passages To Be Discovered · · Checkpoint System · · Savegame Option · [Hidden Content]
  9. stevo2kay

    Sam's Journey Season Special (c64)

    Knights of Bytes, the creators behind the incredible looking C64 platformer 'Sam's Journey', which many thought was an April fools when it was announced by us first in 2015, has once again appeared in our news feeds but this time as an all new Christmas level! A new level which not only celebrates the 4th birthday on the Commodore 64, but it was also released as a special gift for expert players who enjoy a taxing challenge using every move that Sam has in stock. When Knights of Bytes released Sam's Journey for the Commodore 64 back in 2017 it was a huge hit! Indie Retro News awarded Sam's Journey game of the year 2017 as this game really surpassed all our expectations, delivering us a huge epic adventure that really pushed the limitations of the C64. In fact it was such a great game, that as of today in celebration of its release and it being Christmas you can play this special gift released for free! [Hidden Content]
  10. stevo2kay

    Starquake (Amiga)

    It has been over 30 years since the classic game STARQUAKE was released on the ZX Spectrum and at long last Commodore Amiga owners have their very own version of the game! The Amiga conversion of Starquake is officially endorsed by Steve Crow and is based on the Atari ST version of the game. The Amiga version features extra enhancements including a new intro sequence featuring new presentation screens and enhanced music on the front-end. [Hidden Content]
  11. If you're looking for fresh Sega Mega Drive and Genesis news then look no further. As thanks to a heads up from Per Ola via Facebook, we've been told that the previously released ZX Spectrum version of 'GLUF', has now appeared on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis thanks to the hard work of RetroSouls; a great team of retro heads who also released fabulous games such as YAZZIE and Old Tower on other systems such as the MSX. Developed by Denis Grachev with a stunning chippy soundtrack by Oleg Nitkitin, GLUF is the next best thing in Sega Mega Drive and Genesis fun! It's an arcade puzzle game in which you need to colour all the different platforms without touching any of the enemies found throughout, while also keeping an eye on your energy levels. The graphics are superb, the animation is spot on, and the gameplay just as it is via the ZX Spectrum version is addictive, yes you've got to play it! [Hidden Content]
  12. stevo2kay

    Insidia (Amiga)

    Introduction Insidia is a story about a traveller who makes an emergency landing to a dark and strange planet in order to fix his ship. The main goal of Insidia is to find 9 repair kits and fix your ship. Requirements 1MB Chip, 1.5 MB Fast RAM (8 colors version) 2MB Chip, 2 MB Fast RAM (16 colors version) OCS/ECS/AGA [Hidden Content]
  13. stevo2kay

    Misfortune (c64)

    No prizes about where this game got it's inspiration. It's almost a Mayhem in Monsterland tribute. That sounds harsh, but it's not meant that way. It's a great little game. First of all it's fast. Not lightning-fast like Mayhem, but much faster than your average C64 platformer. It's also polished, with colorful and varied graphics, and neat music to accompany the action. It's got a little bit of Flimbo's Quest in it too (in the way you move back and forth in order to find the keys and deposit them in the treasure chest), as well as Great Gianna Sisters (in the way you headbutt platforms to get bonuses). If you've got to criticize anything, that would be the ropey collision detection (difficult to shoot enemies) and blunt controls (in a game that requires a lot of dexterity). Still, the game rises above such concerns and offers an addictive challenge for platform maniacs. It's also worth noting that this was done in the wilderness of the post-commercial C64 years, i.e. with no major company backing or anything. [Hidden Content]
  14. stevo2kay

    Fred's Pentalogy (c64)

    Fred is part of a long-running series of games featuring the amorphous, boggle-eyed blob, created by Hans and Karl Sommer. It’s a simple yet well-constructed platformer that blends together elements of Giana Sisters and Wonder Boy, resulting in something more formulaic than the strategy/puzzle-based Cosmox, but is far more enjoyable as a result. The “Fred” series was distributed by way of a series of German magazines, such as C64’er (Markt & Technik). It might not have the same level of recognition – certainly for those outside of Germany – as the commercial titles given away on mag cover tapes, but the quality is impressive nonetheless. The objective is simple: collect all gems on each of the game’s levels, then make it to the exit sign before your energy runs out. Grabbing fruit will restore your vitality, but you should also be mindful of the many monsters that roam around the various platforms, and their touch will consign poor Fred to an early grave. Fortunately, Fred can fire back on these meanies, provided he locates the appropriate power-up; these can be revealed by headbutting any of the brown blocks Mario-style, and it’s even possible to find the occasional extra life. At fifteen minutes long, one might describe this as simple, throwaway fun, but the production values are of a professional standard, and while perhaps not having the pedigree of releases from publishers like Ocean, Fred’s Back and similar games remain an important part in C64 gaming history. Fred's back, Freds back 2/II, Fred is back 3/III, Fred's in troubles 4/IV, Cosmox [Hidden Content]
  15. stevo2kay

    Fred's Journey (Amiga)

    Fred - a legendary C64 persona (Fred's Back), fondly remembers his past journeys. Deciding to relive his adventures he heads out again! FRED'S JOURNEY GAMEPLAY VIDEOFRED'S JOURNEY FEATURES Runs on any OCS/ECS Amiga, with 1MB RAM from Kickstart 1.2 onwards Written in 100% 68000 assembler 50fps, soft parallax scrolling, more than 50 colours Handdrawn pixels 20 levels from Fred's Back 1 & 2 in Amiga style Oldschool style pixeled sprites and tiles 7 chiptunes Jingles and sound effects Hidden trainer Top 7 highscore [Hidden Content]
  16. stevo2kay

    Boxx Remake (amiga)

    Boxx is a small platform game that was originally made in 2014 for the Commodore Amiga. But it was made with Backbone so it had poor performance. Now, in 2022, the game is ported to the much better Scorpion Engine and runs a lot smoother. This remake has updated graphics, sfx and brand new code based on the Boxx 4 project (currently in development). Things might be added/changed later. Programming/level design: Lemming880 Graphics: Koyot1222 Minimum system: (OCS) A500/1MB Recommended: (AGA) A1200 [Hidden Content]
  17. Wood, the Portuguese developer who ported the Speccie game ‘Uwol: Quest for Money’ to the C64 is almost done with his conversion of the rather obscure title, Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle. In this game you control Nanako, the game consists of 25 levels, you have to climb one level to another level in the castle and offcourse, there are some baddies. Let me spare you the details of the background story, but Nanako … looks like a very original platform game. [Hidden Content]
  18. stevo2kay

    Black Strawberry cake (Amiga)

    Night Owl Design prepared a small Xmas-present for you. Yes, it's a new game! And yes, it's a jump&run again. Trap Runner Bonus - Black Strawberry Cake is a sequel to the first part, with some bonus maps over two worlds, two new boss fights and some new features (movable crates, trampolines).Have fun and enjoy the holidays! [Hidden Content]
  19. stevo2kay

    Zerosphere (Amiga)

    Our hero Squinty has been trapped by his arch ­nemesis Odak. On his way to freedom, Squinty will find himself in Odak’s laboratory complex, on the surface, and in clammy dungeons. He will not only have to collect all gems in every corner, but also avoid falling into the ocean, getting eaten by piranhas, disappearing into the void, getting stung by poisonous spiders, and burning himself with hot lava. However, there is one special catch: Odak has used his latest invention, the »Dimensional Transformer« on Squinty – now, everything around him appears distorted and looks vertically stretched. Only if Squinty squints real hard, he can see the world around him normally for a short period of time. Features of this Edition 40 polished levels New item types and extras: crushable blocks, fragile paths, elevator gear, fire, super squint, warp portals, gem animations and pause mode 9 highscore slots, ability to save highscores Switchable controls (fire to jump for joypad) Levels loaded from file (for future level packs) Requirements details for running this game Requires Kickstart 1.2 and 1 MB of RAM (512 KB Chip and 512 KB other RAM); PAL only! Tested on Amiga 500 with Kickstart 1.3 and Amiga 1200 with Kickstart 3.1 and 68030. Zerosphere is a New plattformer for Amiga Released [Hidden Content]
  20. stevo2kay

    Randoom (c64)

    Chase the elusive cubes that run through the 25 screens of the game but be careful, catch only the one that is the same color or you will lose a life. You will get extra points if you chain cube captures quickly. At 100 points you will get an extra life that will help you in your goal of imprisoning all the cubes. The game features a chirpy soundtrack, challenging gameplay, different themed levels, and the ever need to beat that high score! [Hidden Content]
  21. stevo2kay

    Ice Guys (c64)

    Ice Guys features a unique game concept, Bubble Bobble could be a named as a far relative. The objective is to throw snowballs at the little unfriendly beasts, so that these get stuck in an avalanche. You then can push this avalanche, it will roll down and hit further monsters - but be careful, as you probably don't want to hit your team mate or even become a victim of your own avalanche! In the beginning the enemies can be defeated quite easily, so you can make yourself familiar with the game. But soon it will become harder and fighting the monsters won't be that smooth! [Hidden Content]
  22. stevo2kay

    Tutankham Returns (c64)

    This game is a homage to Tutankham, an arcade game developed by Konami in 1982. This version is made up of 7 completely new stages. Version 1.0.4 -Now you can use the WASD or IJKL keys as directional keys. -Now the D-Pad of your gamepad can also be used. [Hidden Content]
  23. stevo2kay

    Ghost Bunny (c64)

    After finding yourself in limbo, it's clear you misspent your life being a naughty little bunny. To have a chance at heaven, the angels want you to work for it. You're a ghost bunny, collecting carrots to unlock gates that will let you... collect the items you need to go to heaven? What did this poor bunny do in its life to not just pass on peacefully? Anyway, this looks and sounds nice, and plays well. It somewhat reminds me of the game Nebraska Joe in concept, but this feels more forgiving than that game did. [Hidden Content]
  24. Rick Dangerous is a very challenging platformer that made you feel like an Indiana Jones character traversing dangerous locations such as caves and temples while avoiding the bad guys and deadly boulders and spiked traps, then you might like this latest news story. The game was originally developed by Core Design (Simon Phipps) and published by Firebird in 1989 and this version which is a backport of the Nintendo Wii edition (remake by Magic Team) lwith 32 color palette which is getting a graphical overhaul in development for the Amigamejam competition. The game was entirely developed with Scorpion Engine and will be delivered in an Amiga 1200 and CD32 version. [Hidden Content]
  25. The development of this game started back in 1992 but was halted after a few years due to difficulties in finding a publisher for the game. Approximately 25 years later an idea emerged with an intention of completely wrapping up the project and releasing a full version of the game with Bitmap Soft. Requirements Classic Amiga 1Mb Chip RAM required Kickstart 1.2+ required Joystick/Joypad required [Hidden Content]
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