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About Me

  1. Tested in Redream Credit to R1PF1R3 for optimization and original upload Been a minute since I made an upload. I feel like I am missing something but can't remember what....so...here's the link: [Hidden Content]
  2. GatorCountry

    mega Golden Axe Legend

    Tested in Redream I do not use Rip's many zips package. I apologize if you wanted the versions and cover art. They were great but I do not have access to them anymore. Just game files here, like all my uploads. I usually toss y'all some kind of cover in the thread but at the moment I just want to get the files re-uploaded. I'll GIMP together some nonsense by-n-by but if you're hungry for it just ask and I'll give it more priority. [Hidden Content]
  3. GatorCountry

    mega Panic in Hentai City 2

    Tested in Redream I'll make youse a cover eventually. Trying to kind Carnage atm, because it is tits and this one just has tits. HC is a funny game but not really a good one. [Hidden Content]
  4. GatorCountry

    mega TMNT Hyperstone Heist

    Old info explaining the situation. Just go on to the next post and grab your download Credit to Dubcity for this one. Nothing to do with Ripfire actually.
  5. GatorCountry

    mega POW Remake

    Tested in Redream [Hidden Content]
  6. GatorCountry

    mega Streets of Rage - Legacy

    Tested in Redream [Hidden Content]
  7. GatorCountry

    mega Shiva & Lisa Trilogy

    DreamBOR 7 Tested in Redream Dummy files included Optimized by Ripfire Updated to the newest version [Hidden Content] Standalones: 1: [Hidden Content] 2: [Hidden Content] 3: [Hidden Content]
  8. GatorCountry

    mega Sonic DC Battle

    Tested in Redream DreamBOR 7 PVR included [Hidden Content] If you read this thread earlier, I had said I'd would update this to DreamBOR 7 and then separate the two with my seal of quality on my own version. After a quick test I decided to drop the old version all together. I just don't see the point in offering the same exact game on an earlier engine. Immediately it loaded quicker and sounds better. DreamBOR 7 is go good in fact I'm going to come back after a while with a vastly improved version because these old assets are downgraded for an old BOR engine and DreamBOR can handle more. So I'll update the sound and graphics and if I am able I will add more to the levels. Ripfire was much more acclimated to this than I am so it will take me a long time for that update. In Redream it will come up as Crime Busters. I am unable to crack or compile my own bins so to get the DreamBOR files I stole them from Crime Busters. To fix this in Redream is pretty easy. Copy my cover art into your Redream cache folder, make sure it is a png. Make a savestate. Go to your saves folder. Find your savestate and copy the name. It will be some letters and numbers gibberish like 09AG983EE.0.png if you make multi saves the number after the dot will change but not the gibberish. So if you have two saves .0.png is your first, .1.png is your second and so on like that. Copy just the gibberish before the dot number dot png. Rename the cover art that gibberish dot png. Using my made up example it would be 09AG983EE.png no .0 You'll see the cover art instead of the binary text for Crime Busters. If you use GDemu don't worry about it as I have the 0GDTEX.pvr included. Cheers
  9. GatorCountry

    mega TMNT Recolored & Extended

    Tested in Redream DreamBOR 7 Optimized by Ripfire [Hidden Content]
  10. GatorCountry

    mega Super Mario Brawl

    PVR Included Tested in Redream DreamBOR 7 fast loading Ripfire optimized SEEP created [Hidden Content] The latest version of this game I could get access to with an active working link was a 2019 version. I dropped the plain files into DreamBOR 7 and got much faster load times but it runs at the same framerate as the old version. I will further optimize it when I get time, or, if I get access to Rip's 2022 version I will update the link and art to reflect that. Which ever comes first. It is very playable and I'm not sure if Rip made this to run at 60 fps because when I downgraded it to 8bit it gave me no improvement. Usually when you downgrade a 16bit BOR to 8bit it runs better, it just looks terrible and requires a new paint palette. This one looked terrible and continued to run at low fps. It is very playable so I put her back to 16bit and shared it. Don't take low fps to mean unplayable. It just plays slow like all the pre-2020s BORs always had. Loads fast though so it is improved over its 2019 version just not as improved as it could maybe be. Here is Rip's current link to his current build: If any of you get to a zip please send it to me so I can update this thread.
  11. GatorCountry

    mega Mega Man War of the Past

    PVR cover art Recompiled in DreamBOR 7 Tested [Hidden Content]
  12. GatorCountry

    mega Doom Ultra Violence

    PVR DreamBOR 7 Tested [Hidden Content]
  13. GatorCountry

    mega Final Fantasy VII Hyper Rage

    PVR Included DreamBOR 7 French Tested in ReDream This one is pretty rough but I still think it's cool because it's FF7. I'll do my best to go through the assets and try to make it look better, balance the audio better, and replace some of the enemies that are not FF series enemies with FF series enemies. In the meantime enjoy the original version repacked on DreamBOR 7. It does at least load pretty quickly. [Hidden Content]
  14. GatorCountry

    mega Codename Sailor V

    PVR Inside DreamBOR 7 Tested in ReDream This one's pretty excellent. You can combo, throw your boomerang, run, dodge, use special crescent attack, running attacks, normal arial attacks, running arial attacks, and quarter circle + attack attacks. Looks and sound greats. My only gripe would be some questionable level designs but that's pretty minor. Don't play if you're super sensitive to flashing lights. It's not terribly major but there is some flashing. [Hidden Content]
  15. GatorCountry

    mega Eightman

    Tested in Redream PVR included DreamBOR 7 Pretty excellent take on Neo Geo's Eightman. Sounds great, runs great, only issue is on real Dreamcasts the loading time is still quite a while despite being on DreamBOR 7. Not much I can do there but I'll give tinkering with the assets a go and if anything comes of it I'll update. [Hidden Content] I did port the Neo Geo original some time ago. You can download it here: Was fairly early in my quest to make all things Dreamcast. I'll have another go and see if I can't improve it.
  16. GatorCountry

    mega Crime Buster

    was trying to capture Ralf's wicked good overhand and explosion but I guess I was a second too late. Tested ReDream, DEmul, Flycast, Hardware PVR included Dubcity Collection DreamBOR 7 I just noticed while tinkering and failing with some other titles I never uploaded the one that I work from. All of my BORs that I dropped into DreamBOR 7 uses Dubcity's Crime Buster's plain files for the DreamBOR engine. Dub does fantastic work. This is easily the best Beats of Rage game I have uploaded in a while. A bit less interesting than Gunstar but it looks and sounds like it was made for Dreamcast. Loads of characters, loads of moves. I should really start making videos for these better titles. When I get some space on my HDD I will make videos so y'all can see all the moves and features and such before you download. absurdly good, if you download just one of the BORs I've uploaded make sure it's a Dub or Ian Michael opt. They're amazing and put in loads of time to optimize games so that they look, sound, and run their best. [Hidden Content]
  17. GatorCountry

    mega World Heroes Supreme Justice

    Optimized by our old pal Ripfire. I did nothing but upload it to mega, test it in Redream, and took screenshots of special abilities. [Hidden Content]
  18. GatorCountry

    mega Gunstar Heroes Z

    Ripped from Ro Magnus Larsson's Dreamshell ISO version - Let me know if you want the ISO Art by Ro Magnus Larsson - I only added the DC tag and my seal Optimized by Ro Magnus Larsson - I only took his game resources and applied the to a newer engine PVR cover art inside - added by me but still Magnus's art. Reloaded on DreamBOR 7 for faster load times - Ian Michael is a straight champion for his engine work. 4 players Tested in Redream and real Dreamcast via burned disc Super fun [Hidden Content] Edited I was mistaken about a newer DreamBOR. The load times being longer on real hardware than emulators is true though. Speed wise emulators are fastest, then HDD, then SD, then CD is the slowest. For those concerned with load times I am still burning disks. I don't have GDEmu, Dreamshell, or Mode or anything of that sort. I use 700MB disks and burn them with ImgBurn. Load times for this is only about 10-20 seconds though.
  19. GatorCountry

    mega Skull Kingz

    ShindouGO repack DreamBOR 7 Very difficult. About: CDI: [Hidden Content] No ISO for this version as I did not make it. When I add my own version I'll be sure to create an ISO for it as well.
  20. Tested in Redream PVR included Repacked in DreamBOR 7 Russian Gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon 'cause that cartoon has the boom anime babes that make me think the wrong thing. As you can see, you get to beat the tar out of Pooh like as if your name is Xi Jinping. [Hidden Content]
  21. En Espanol Tested in Redream PVR cover art DreamBOR 7 faster load times [Hidden Content]
  22. GatorCountry

    mega Bruce Lee - Revenge of the Dragon

    PVR cover art DreamBOR 7 Ro Magnus Larrson IMR Technologies CDI: [Hidden Content] Larrson's Original: ISO: [Hidden Content] ISO has no PVR and is on an older version of DreamBOR that uses the .pak system over the unpacked data folder. I can not speak to what it looks like or plays like on your system as I have no HDD modded DC. Basically I mount the ISO and take the bor.pak out, extract the resources and put them in a folder then add the DreamBOR 7 binaries and a 0GDTEX.pvr - a 256x256 version of the cover art, then Bootdreams it back together.
  23. GatorCountry

    mega Maximum Carnage Returns

    Tested in Redream [Hidden Content]
  24. GatorCountry

    mega Castlevania - Pulse of Animosity

    Tested in Redream [Hidden Content]
  25. GatorCountry

    mega DreamBOR6.8 OG BOR

    Dub is one of my favorite DreamBOR devs. I could be wrong, but I think this is the best version of original Beats of Rage on Dreamcast, this is DreamBOR6.8. I didn't find BOR on 7.1 but 6.8 is pretty dang smooth anyway. [Hidden Content]
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