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  1. What is NoPayStation and everything about it is already explained at main NPS thread <<< HERE >>>. This tutorial will cover: -Bringing back downloading from PlayStation store AND/OR Activating your 3.60 VITA, -Creating zRIF (converting nonpdrm/nopsmdrm licenses to NoPayStation format), -Obtaining PKG links from your PlayStation account. Bringing back downloading from PlayStation Store and/or Activating your console on 3.60: 1. Download both ReNpDRM plugins: << ReNpDRM.skprx >> << restore.suprx >> 2. Transfer both plugins to your vita ( ur0:/tai or ux0:/tai, depending where you store your plugins and config.txt ) 3. Edit config.txt in tai directory, add renpdrm.skprx under *KERNEL and restore.suprx under *ALL. Like this: *KERNEL *KERNEL ux0:tai/renpdrm.skprx ur0:tai/renpdrm.skprx *ALL *ALL ux0:tai/restore.suprx or ur0:tai/restore.suprx 4. Now reboot your console (in order to load new config.txt and plugins) 5. THIS STEP IS OPTIONAL. SKIP IF YOUR CONSOLE IS ALREADY ACTIVATED WITH YOUR ACCOUNT. a) Open Settings app -> PlayStation Network -> System Activation -> Game . You should see "Activating complete". b) Open renpdrm log. It should say if act.dat was created and everything spoofed. This log file can be found at: ur0:data/renpdrm_log.txt 6. Now you should be able to download from PSS again. IMPORTANT NOTE: NoNpDRM MIGHT cause some issues with ReNpDRM. If that happens, each time you want to download something from PSS, you need to disable NoNpDRM and reboot your console first. You can disable NoNpDRM plugin by adding # in front of its line in config.txt like this: #ux0:tai/nonpdrm.skprx Remember to re-enable the NoNpDRM plugin after you're done downloading your stuff! Creating zRIF keys: IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to generate proper zRIF you need to use NoNpDRM/NoPSMdrm generated licenses ! ORIGINAL WORK.BIN / *.RIF FILES WONT WORK! Easy method / for single files: Go to this website: https://rawgit.com/mmozeiko/pkg2zip/online/zrif.html Simply upload work.bin or 6488b73b912a753a492e2714e9b38bc7.rif and press convert. Harder method / for batch zRIF making: 1. Download make_key from here: http://bit.ly/pkg_dec_windows_latest 2. Go to the directory where your nonpdrm/nopsmdrm licenses (or nonpdrm games with work.bin files) are located. 3. Transfer make_key.exe there. Now hold shift and press right mouse button while being inside the directory, select "Open command prompt here" 4. Now you have two options: - if you want to generate key for only one file type - `make_key file.rif/.bin > keys.txt` - for example `make_key work.bin > keys.txt` or `make_key somefile . rif > keys.txt` - if you want to generate zRIF keys for all found . rif files in directory and its subdirectories paste this command there: for /f "tokens=*" %B in ('dir /S /B *.rif') do make_key "%B" >> keys.txt - same goes for all work.bin files found in directory and subdirectories: for /f "tokens=*" %B in ('dir /S /B work.bin') do make_key "%B" >> keys.txt 5. Open key.txt file. It'll contain zRIF key/keys and their productID and file location. Obtaining PKG links: For this step you don't need a 3.60 vita, all actions are done on PC. All you need to have is purchased/added to account games. 1. Download and install PSDLE browser extension. It can be found here: https://repod.github.io/psdle/ 2. Go to the Playstation Store page ( https://store.playstation.com/ ) and log in (if you are not yet logged) 3. With PSDLE installed you'll get the Icon on the bottom left corner. Click it. 4. After you clicked it you'll see this (screenshots are in spoilers). Click "Start" 5. I'll list all you digital games/dlcs/themes. Everything you own on your Playstation Account. When it's done it'll look something like this: 6. Now click on platforms you dont want to be included in exported file. For only VITA titles it should look like this: 7. Click on EXPORT VIEW on the top. This will pop up: 8. Press IMPORT on the bottom of the window that just popped up and paste this: [["platform","Platform"],["name","Name"],["pkg","PKG direct link"],["id","Content ID"],["size","File Size"],["baseGame","Alternate Name"]] 9. Press OK and then CSV button to export the file to your PC. 10. Open saved file with notepad or excel. Now search for gameid of the game you want to share, make sure its proper link by either triggering download (just to check filesize) or by looking at the name/productid. Disclaimer: neither PKG link or zRIF contain any of your personal information. PKG links ARE THE SAME FOR EVERYBODY, and zRIF is nothing else than work.bin in text, easy to share form. For existing PKG links and zRIFs please check NoPayStation Database itself (linked below). Also do consider adding your own contributions to the "Public" page. I'll be merged with locked, organized page later. First page, README 2.0 contains information how to use NoPayStation. https://nopaystation.com/database
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