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About Me

  1. A top down shooter. You play as Falkor and shoot all sorts of creatures. Tested on ReDream [Hidden Content]
  2. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Battle Kid 2

    Like with BK1 I had to make this. Unlike BK1 I did not find a super sweet cover so I had to make that as well. I just traded out roms with the first version and it worked. No messing about in menus that don't matter, straight from boot screen to game. [Hidden Content]
  3. GatorCountry

    mega Astro Ninja Man

    Format is CDI Tested in Redream I might pull this soon. I didn't notice and graphical glitching the first go when I grabbed those screens but now I do. They're quick and don't really mess with anything, but it's there and that'd make this port my worst port. I'll give it a while because it's very playable but I'm going to revisit this one and see if I can't get a better version made. [Hidden Content]
  4. GatorCountry

    mega Yeah Yeah Beebiss II

    Format is CDI Tested in Redream This is not the official port. I grabbed the official port from @beast420 : I was simply was not impressed with their port. In the most basic terms I can think to say this, I have cut out the extra load screen, and mine loads faster. Just so you guys know, when you see my seal that means I made the port or had something to do with the creation of the file you're downloading. Originally I was using it to cover branding I had cut in half so at the moment there are a handful of games with the seal I had nothing to do with, but they're few and I'm going to replace those arts by-n-by. [Hidden Content]
  5. It Might be NES (imbNES) is a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator for the Sony PlayStation. It allows NES games to be played on a Sony PlayStation console. [Hidden Content]
  6. Looking for the Zombie Nation NES hack called "Covfefe Fake News" that parodies the President. I cannot find the rom for it anywhere, nor can I find the rom hack patch. It was up 5 years ago on a Russian site but the rom has since been deleted and I can't find it anyhwere else now, so I've turned here. If anyone has this game rom and can upload it, I would be extremely grateful. Thanks in advance.
  7. A bunch of whores have stolen Mel Gibson's oversized 55 gallon barrel of beer. Dodge boxes of girl crap, beat up oversized transexuals, and open a six pack of whoop ass on these big boobied bitches so that Mel can once again enjoy his precious beer in peace. [Hidden Content]
  8. Format is CDI Tested in Redream [Hidden Content]
  9. Format is CDI Tested in Redream [Hidden Content]
  10. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Super Mario Bros. 3

    Best Mario game in the NES series. Before this one Mario was just tuning up. [Hidden Content] I'm currently working on a solution for the FDS versions and exclusives. It's not so much any kind of tech issue so much as there's so many different ways I can do it I'm not sure which will end with the best port. I've been messing around, but, really it's my brother who knows this stuff and I need to ask him.
  11. This is a port of the Atari original to NES and then from NES to Dreamcast. Tested on ReDream Players control two nude women; the goal is to catch semen in their mouths, which is falling from a masturbating man on a rooftop, without missing. Its gameplay has been compared to the Atari game Kaboom. Help these poor girls get properly bukkake-ed. [Hidden Content] Before my HDD got corrupted I had asked if there was any interest in these sort of silly BS titles. I think they're funny. If you want to see more like this let me know and I'll do more.
  12. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Joust

    This is a classic so doesn't really need a description but I'll give a short one. You play as the Golden Knight, you fly an ostrich and joust against red, white, and blue knights along with a pterosaur. Most of the enemies you just need to be higher then but the pterosaur you have to do just right, it takes a lot of practice. Like a bunch of games from this era, there's no scrolling levels Tested on ReDream [Hidden Content]
  13. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Mario Bros.

    The original Mario Bros. [Hidden Content]
  14. The Japanese Mario Bros. 2. To be honest, it's cool to have a second Mario like the original, but, I like the doki doki reskin Mario 2 more. This game is like a DLC for the original from back before DLC existed. I'm not hating, I'm just saying this one gets way too much love these days and SMB2/Doki doesn't get enough. [Hidden Content]
  15. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Dr.Mario

    [Hidden Content]
  16. The infamous reskin. [Hidden Content]
  17. GatorCountry

    mega Metroid - Rogue Dawn

    Tested in Redream PVR included [Hidden Content]
  18. GatorCountry

    mega EarthBound Beginnings

    yeah I see it too...now. unfortunately it's in the PVR too. I might reset the DC tag and reupload this. If enough people care and don't know how to make their own pvr. [Hidden Content]
  19. GatorCountry

    mega Final Fantasy III

    I may need to check my GIMP settings. I must have snap to grid on because I see the lines soon as I post but I don't see them when I save the PNGs PVR included, tested in Redream and if you missed the tag it is a cdi. [Hidden Content]
  20. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Jet Set Willy

    I don't know much about Jet Set Willy. I quite like Kim Justice's very long documentary style coverage of games and they certainly mention Willy all the time. I thought it was some massively important and popular Euro platformer. This is an NES convert again converted to DC. I'll work on a speccy version in the future. [Hidden Content]
  21. GatorCountry

    mega Deflower

    Tested in Redream [Hidden Content]
  22. GatorCountry

    mega Mystery World Dizzy

    Format is CDI Tested in Redream [Hidden Content]
  23. GatorCountry

    mega Trophy

    Format is CDI Tested in Redream [Hidden Content]
  24. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Holy Diver

    Updated with PVR [Hidden Content] Trying to CDDA the Dio song into this but I must be doing something wrong. Will update when I get it sorted.
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