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  1. Hoy, i apologize for having to boot up a topic about my problem but i'm unable to find any other answer to my issue and since i'm relatively new to the scene (got a 3.60 motherboard last week), maybe someone can point me some light. I got this Monster Monpiece UNCENSORED[EU][NoNpDRM][PCSB00473] it doesn't even boot, tried an USA version applied the patch but no good. On the Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed side its the same thing, but i tested the game without anything installed and it loaded okay, but the nude MOD doesn't work it gives me a black screen when loading the title screen. So i pretty much just installed the basic stuff: Adrenaline, nondrm plugin. Everything is working on an SD2Vita card with a 32gigs mounted as Ux0 and the plugins are on Ur0. At some point i did tried to use maidumptools but nothing worked.
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