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About Me

  1. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Ghost Pilots

    Decent shump. CD quality audio, far better port that the BS I seen abouts Tested on ReDream. Port by me. [Hidden Content]
  2. GatorCountry

    mega Metal Slug 2 Turbo

    PVR Included Tested in Redream Alpha: [Hidden Content] Since my original upload I've made some improvements. CDDA audio is restored. turbo hack, and cdz hack still included. runs and sounds pretty good: [Hidden Content] I'll even take it a step more and give y'all a little tutorial for NGCD porting. There's really no good place for me to pop tuts up in so here's as good as any.
  3. GatorCountry

    mega Twinkle Star Sprites

    Tested in Redream This is the official retail Dreamcast port in GDI format: [Hidden Content] Tested in Redream This is my port of the Neo Geo CD version running on DreamNeo in CDI format: [Hidden Content] TSS is a dueling vertical shooter. As you slaughter enemies on your half of the screen they become comets that damage the other player. It's cutesy and its story is what you'd expect from a cute title. It's loads of fun and has a very original take on the shooter genre. Definitely worth playing. There are some changes from NGCD to DC. I had seen others claim there's only minor changes so I made the NGCD port to show they're pretty big changes actually. Performance wise I actually got more slowdown on the retail version than I did the DreamNeo version, but, there was also a crazy amount of stuff on the screen and I had a hard time recreating the situation on the NG version. They both run and sound really good. It's difficult to get any slowdown on purpose with either title. And it's worth noting I only got this slowdown with the speed set to NeoGeo. I was unable to get the same with the speed set to Dreamcast Which brings me nicely to what I consider some major changes. Obviously in the retail version you can change the speed of the game. You also have more options with language. By default both are set to English but in the retail version but this can be changes to Japanse or Spanish. We have loads of Spanish speakers here and I think they'd appreciate knowing that. In addition to speed in and language options the retail version also allows you to adjust the audio. By default it is set at the rom version but you can change it high quality rom version or CD version. The NGCD only allows for NGCD audio, CDDA. The retail version has a bug fix for a scoring bug. I'm not sure why, but the fix is optional. Vibration is the last change worth mention. There are some small changes outside of what I've listed but they're very minor. So, basically, if you just launch the Dreamcast version and start playing it you might think it's actually worse than the NeoGeo CD version and only on par with the MVS version. It's not, it's much better. I am not sure why SNK chose to default the Dreamcast settings to the rom but if you put it to Dreamcast speed with CD audio, turn on the bug fix and rumble you've got a very on par with any other Dreamcast title game. Enjoy.
  4. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Metal Slug

    I know Metal Slug has been ported to Dreamcast for years. But those ports are ass. lol More seriously, it was easier to make a CDDA port than find one. All the Metal Slug ports I found were normal AES/MVS versions. I'm wanting that CD audio son. [Hidden Content]
  5. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Robo Army

    Side scrolling beat'em up. Stop the robot invasion with cyborgs....yeah it's basically Mega Man's story with Streets of Rage gameplay. DreaNeo port by Ian Michael. Tested on ReDream [Hidden Content]
  6. In the screen of Unibios 1.3 press the buttons X + A + B, configure as in Video. Na tela da Unibios 1.3 acione os botoes X+A+B, configure como no Video. Download (GDEMU) : [Hidden Content]
  7. This is the unfinished english patch ported to DC. I made the port but given the patch is, well, bad, I'm not hassling with all the art nonsense I usually throw into my ups. This is my small attempt to raise some awareness to the situation. In NG circles this game has been considered cursed. Folks start the translation project and never finish it. I tried to get different projects but I could not find any outside of this one easily. There is a french version and a spanish version. If youse would like me to port those you need to find them for me. I have no issue porting non-english titles. Likewise, I do not have a problem porting the japanese original I just didn't think there was any japanese speakers here. If you'd like the original ported to DC let me know and I'll fix it up for you. Cheers, give the demo a go. It's decent enough to get a feel for what the game is like. Maybe one day if folks keep asking for it we'll get a kickstarter or some such. [Hidden Content] Additional - Given this is just a demo with no chance I can finish it myself this thread will not be added to the megathread.
  8. GatorCountry

    mega Burning Fight

    Tested in ReDream Cover as PVR DreamNEO CDDA audio I present to you Burning Fight. SNK's Final Fight clone. I was really surprised with how well this runs once I got ahold of the ISO/MP3 rip of the game and converted it to DreamNEO. I've seen AES converts to Dreamcast around but they're bit crap. This version loses nothing and adds CD quality audio. I just up'd Shadow Gangs so go get that and enjoy it, but when you're done come grab Burning Fight. It's a super underrated brawler from prime era for brawlers. Thanks to @CORE316 for pointing me to the ISO/MP3's archive. That's going to help loads with converting more NGCD to DC bud. I really appreciate it. [Hidden Content]
  9. PVR Included Tested in Redream CDDA audio Not 100% perfect but very playable. The screen on the right side captures the visual glitching. There's no problem with audio or gameplay, just some black and white graphics. [Hidden Content]
  10. GatorCountry

    mega Alpha Mission II

    Running on DreamNeo Format is CDI Tested in Redream I made a splash screen that only seems to work in the Dev version of Redream. If you're running the stable build it's just black. There's an audio glitch when the game starts. It only lasts a second but it is high pitched. [Hidden Content]
  11. GatorCountry

    mega King of the Monsters 2

    Tested in ReDream DreamNeo PVR included CDDA No glitches, runs perfectly. [Hidden Content]
  12. Tested Redream/Flycast/DEmul PVR inside DreamNeo CDDA Audio That white shot is just me catching a flash by accident, not a bug. Plays perfectly, nothing to complain about in this one. [Hidden Content]
  13. GatorCountry

    mega World Heroes Perfect

    Tested in Redream PVR Included CDDA Audio DreamNeo I played a few rounds with a few characters and noticed absolutely no issues. Looks great, sounds great, plays great. [Hidden Content]
  14. GatorCountry

    mega Soccer Brawl

    Tested in ReDream PVR Included DreamNeo CDDA Like Blitz but for soccer, and with cyborgs as players. It's fast paced so it was difficult for me to get screens of the laser shooting and punching. Not much like actual futbol given no one's rolling around on the floor pretending they got hit, but it is super fun. I recognized no glitches whatsoever. Looks and sounds perfect. [Hidden Content]
  15. GatorCountry

    mega King of the Monsters

    Tested PVR DreamNeo MVS to NGCD to DC conversion. I only noticed a tiny bit of audio lag at the difficulty settings screen. [Hidden Content]
  16. GatorCountry

    mega ZedBlade

    PVR Included DreamNEO Tested in ReDream MVS to NGCD to DC conversion Some minor glitches on this conversion. The audio takes a few seconds to start, I'm not sure why but I will look for a fix and if I find one I'll update the thread. [Hidden Content]
  17. Nudie cover art: PVR Included - This is the stock NGCD PVR not the cover art I made set as PVR. I just forgot to replace the stock PVR. If you really want boobs-pvr request it and I'll make it. Tested in Redream CDDA Audio This is a strip mahjong game in Japanese. I do not think knowing Japanese is needed to get through it but knowing how to play mahjong is. Unfortunately I know neither. I ported this specifically because there's not much boobies on NGR and I wanted to fix that. I've uploaded a few nude ladies games and hacks now so the next I'll be on the look out will hang dong. Given I was unable to get screens of boobas I just searched out a few and made the cover have some sexy on it. CDI: [Hidden Content] I'm just learning how to pack in ISO. If I get NGCD ports in ISO I'll add the ISO link.
  18. GatorCountry

    mega Mutation Nation

    Tested in ReDream and DEmul Cover art as PVR included for GDEmu, Dreamshell, Mode, etc. CDDA Audio - Means CD quality sound effects and music Running on Ian Michael's DreamNeo engine Not a BOR, looks and sounds better than BOR. This is a Neo Geo CD port. [Hidden Content] If you're using Redream you may get a black screen while booting. Just press start. For whatever reason Redream does not load my start png. DEmul does.
  19. GatorCountry

    mega Ironclad

    Fresh port with much better audio than older versions floating around out there. Format is CDI Tested in Redream [Hidden Content]
  20. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Pulstar

    One of my favorite shumps from NGCD tested- redream [Hidden Content]
  21. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Cyber Lip

    Blast your way through Terminator rejects and Maverick wannabes in this Metal Slug style game. Tested on ReDream. Minor glitches, sprite flickering - just keep shooting, you'll be fine. Sounds f**king fantastic. Port by GatorCountry - Fer ta gi'ya lil dat chomp-chomp [Hidden Content]
  22. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Blue's Journey

    This is a test port made by my brother. It's very playable there's just some small issues like a blank splash screen. [Hidden Content]
  23. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Magician Lord

    It's a bit like a Mega Man game except magic and fantasy instead of tech and scifi. Port by Ian Michael. Tested on ReDream [Hidden Content]
  24. DreamNeo CD port by Ian Micheal. It's pretty badass. Tested on ReDream [Hidden Content]
  25. GatorCountry

    mega Crossed Swords II

    An IMR Tech port. [Hidden Content]
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