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Found 20 results

  1. Tested in Redream PVR included [Hidden Content]
  2. Tested in DEmul PVR Included Arcade SGA included Genesis GLC included Dummy files included Games: Notes: CDI Without Dummy Files: [Hidden Content] ISO: [Hidden Content] CDI With Dummy Files: [Hidden Content]
  3. Tested in ReDream PVR included DX Color hack included If you've never played Mario Land, play my first upload first, it's linked on the bottom, then play this one. They're both pretty great Mario titles. They're not made by the regular Mario team and so hardly ever re-released but this is where some classic characters came from; Daisy and Warrio. This one is more in-line with your standard Mario game but has plenty of the side-team's charm. The color hack is really well done as you can see in my screenshots. This DX hack also includes Luigi and he even comes with Luigi style physics, super cool. Sorry about the poorly cut shark. Looked better in gimp I'll fix it by-n-by. The PVR is 256 so a bit small to notice I cut by color but I'll take a look and if it needs fixing I'll fix it. The original art had that E for everyone tag over the shark and the DC labeling cut it in half so it looked pretty stupid. I cut a the shark from some fan art and since lasso's a pain I thought I could get away with deleting greens and browns out of the art to single out the shark. Didn't go so well. [Hidden Content] Super Mario Land DX
  4. GatorCountry

    mega Pokemon Prism

    Tested in Redream PVR Included Fast load times One of the best if not the best Pokemon for Gameboy Color now on Dreamcast. This hack is crazy good with so many features I'd probably forget a few if I tried listing them. New, faster, load times for my Gameboy ports. No longer need to sit through the silly color changing avatars, this is nearly as fast as my NES and SMS ports. Faster than Genesis, a little faster than NeoGeo CD and much faster than any BOR. [Hidden Content] Unfortunately I destroyed the GB rom but if I get a request for the rom by itself without the CDI I'll crack open the CDI and upload the rom, no big deal.
  5. GatorCountry

    mega Tyrannosaurus Tex

    Tested PVR inside Piko version Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] Gameboy Color: [Hidden Content]
  6. GatorCountry

    mega Black Castle

    Tested PVR Included Fast loading Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] Gameboy: [Hidden Content]
  7. GatorCountry

    mega Batman

    Tested in Flycast PVR included Fast loading [Hidden Content]
  8. GatorCountry

    mega Pokemon Buggy Version

    Tested PVR box art included Fast loading Colorized Starters changed to Scyther, Weedle, and Caterpie Free master balls in Viridian market Rare Candy for sale in Pewter market Based on Pokemon Red Version Because I wanted to. There's not much explanation I can give you. Yes, starting with any bug is going to make Pewter really difficult and grindy, but after that you've free masters and for sale rare candy so I can't say I made it more difficult just a lot different. Pain in the butt first badge but everything after that should be really easy...not that Pokemon is hard just if you have never caught them all this is unlimited master balls in the very first market so....super easy to catch whatever you want, and, since it's so easy to catch them it's easy to level up too but just in case you need even more help buy some candies. I could make more of these simple hacks if anyone wants some changes. My favorites are Gyarados and Scyther but whatever you want is pretty easy to make. Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] Gameboy: [Hidden Content]
  9. Tested in Redream PVR Included Fast Loading Colorized and Bugfixed [Hidden Content]
  10. Box art PVR Included Tested in Redream GnuBoy Autoboot It is what it looks like, a top down RPG about fishing. It's a cool blend of game styles. Sort of like a retro version of the Final Fantasy XV fishing side quests. If you're into that you'll enjoy this. If not, yer lame anyway This version of LOTRK is a remake of the original NES with a little extra added. Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] Gameboy Color: [Hidden Content] I'm working on the NES original and the GBC sequel but as it's a fishing game testing them takes a little time. Also, since I'm supplying base roms now it's a bit of a pain to upload a bunch at once. When I'm ready I will edit this portion to link to the others in the series.
  11. Tested in Redream PVR Included Fast loading [Hidden Content]
  12. Tested in Redream PVR Included Unfortunately the color hack breaks compatibility with the Dreamcast so you have to play in sepia. Great game still [Hidden Content]
  13. GatorCountry

    mega Wario Land II

    Tested PVR added Polished and Uncensored [Hidden Content]
  14. GatorCountry

    mega Wario Land III

    Tested in Redream PVR included [Hidden Content]
  15. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Super Mario Land DX

    Mario on Gameboy hacked for color. [Hidden Content] Super Mario Land 2 - 6 Golden Coins DX
  16. GatorCountry

    mega The Holy Bible

    PVR & Tested Doesn't really work, or, it works only kind of. You can't read the bible and the search is nonsense, but you can play the shepherd game. Seems to work just as well on Dreamcast as it does any emulator. I decided the novelty of it was worth uploading anyway. I'll see if I can't tinker with the mapper, that's usually what holds up Wisdom Tree games, and if I'm able to get something working better I will update the thread. All this is currently good for is playing one of the bible games. It will not be added to the Dreamcast Megathread unless I can get it working a little better. [Hidden Content]
  17. Tested in Redream PVR included More of the same as LOTRK-GBC Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] Gameboy Color: [Hidden Content]
  18. Tested PVR'd It's Final Fantasy Adventure but with Link and Zelda in it. Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] Gameboy: [Hidden Content]
  19. GatorCountry

    mega Blaster Master Boy

    PVR included Tested in Redream [Hidden Content]
  20. Tested in Redream PVR included LotMS hack of FFA [Hidden Content]
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