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Found 3 results

  1. Ever wanted to skip the grind of maxing out a new settlement's stats and the materials as well as time required? Do it in less than a minute. Build a small generator, press ~ to access the console, click on the generator with the mouse cursor then type in the following pressing Enter after each command: setav 32e 999 setav 331 999 setav 332 999 setav 333 999 setav 334 999 It will now provide 999 water, 999 food, 999 energy, 999 defense and 999 beds. Whatever is added after that is counted toward settlement stats, build them to dwarf Diamond City in scale and magnitude. In order to make full use of all those resources and beds I recommend this mod for 999 settlers to recruit: [Hidden Content] I also recommend Place in Red Reborn to enable achievements with mods and use mods in vanilla: [Hidden Content]
  2. This is a build I've been designing for two days, initially it was a noncombative merchant settlement builder build during the early levels that can survive all the environmental factors just as deadly as bullets in survival mode and that picked up combat perks after level 30 to survive the combat factors of your damage being highly nerfed and opponent damage being highly buffed. I went back to the drawing board and made the build even better at surviving both environmental and combat factors of survival mode as a marauding merchant that is all business in and out of battle, in settlements and in the wilderness. Synopsis: ever wanted to be a merchant marauding the Commonwealth wasteland and take out baddies you encounter along the way from afar using a long range rifle that's silenced with a suppressor while sneaking and none of them can see you doing all kinds of damage multiplier perks stacking in headshots partially ignoring their armor? Then sell the loot you don't use to become wealthy so that you can buy all the supplies you need to continue your maurading adventures? Being fully capable of building epic settlements, romancing NPCs, setting up supply lines but not having to if simply hunting down antagonists and being super rich from the spoils because it requires no micromanagement and you prefer to wander alone or with Dogmeat? Building a settlement just for the stores to buy food and drinks from and a clinic to cure rad damage, diseases and ailments as a convenience if/when you get around to it? Build Name: Merchant Marauder S - 3 P - 7 E - 2 C - 3(4 with You're SPECIAL magazine in the baby's room at Sanctuary, 6 at level 20, 10 at level 50) I - 3(6 at level 28) A - 7 L - 3 Level progression roadmap: 1. Rifleman 2. Scrounger(moar ammo) 3. Sneak 4. Sneak II 5. Ninja 6. Scrounger II 7. Bloody Mess 8. Lone Wanderer 9. Rifleman II 10. Bloody Mess II 11. Mister Sandman(because it stacks with Ninja, sneak attack damage and Bloody Mess and Lone Wanderer III with silenced weapons that have a supressor) 12. Sneak III 13. Gun Nut(for the Mister Sandman suppressors and other gun mods) 14. Gun Nut II 15. Charisma +1 16. Ninja II 17. Mister Sandman II 18. Rifleman III 19. Lone Wanderer II 20. Charisma +1 21. Local Leader 22. Local Leader II(to build settlements with stores and workbenches) 23. Sneak IV 24. Medic(to build clinics that cure rad damage, infections and ailments) 25. Gun Nut III(to build advanced settlement defenses) 26. Intelligence +1 27. Intelligence +1 28. Intelligence +1 29. Science! (to build settlement water purifiers, high tech gun mods) 30. Mister Sandman III 31. Rifleman IV 32. Bloody Mess III 33. Ninja III 34. Science! II 35. Science! III(to build advanced settlement defenses) 36. Cap Collector 37. Cap Collector II(much better prices buying and selling) 38. Sneak V 39. Fortune Finder(as a merchant the more caps the merrier) 40. Lone Wanderer III 41. Fortune Finder II 42. Fortune Finder III 43. Fortune Finder IV 45. Charisma +1 46. Charisma +1 47. Rifleman V 48. Bloody Mess IV 49. Charisma +1 50. Charisma +1(max settlers, best prices at vendors) Note: build works in normal mode, build extra water purifiers because surplus purified water will be stored in your Workshop that you can drink in Survival Mode. Eat crops your settlers grow, build a restaurant to buy food at. Build a clinic to heal rad damage, diseases and ailments. It'll cover all your biological needs in survival mode, the build has the combat survival needs covered. Do not use heavy armor because it's least effective during sneaking, only medium and light armor which are chameleon, muffled, shadowed or cunning. The key to taking out entire groups of enemies is killing them while sneaking and unseen with a silenced rifle from far away without taking any damage yourself. If they manage to detect you, retreat until they lose you sneaking again. Use skirmishing and guerilla tactics, rinsing and repeating until whatever army you're facing is defeated. If you have mines lay them while you sneak in places enemies are likely to walk in pursuing you and then back away sneaking to shoot them from a long distance, not having to retreat if they croak in the explosions. Also, shotguns are rifles that can be suppressed too. Highly effective while sneaking around indoors and in close quarters such as rooms. Rifle and shotgun ammo is readily available for sale at most vendors and commonly found with Scrounger perk. Stock up on mines(buy from vendors, disarm and pick up any you see in VATS). Use the best rifle and shotgun you can loot, find or buy. Use the Gun Nut perk to add a suppressor silencer mod to all your rifles. It is imperative to not visit Drumlin Diner with this build before your Charisma is 6 or above by wearing clothing with +2 CHA and optionally glasses with +1 CHA. Help Wolfgang resolve his conflict with Trudy peacefully by offering to help, do not be sarcastic and do not extort him for caps. He sells large quantities of purified water which makes survival mode much easier. You'll also have an extra vendor to sell your wares to at Drumlin Diner and it's bad for business to kill Wolfgang. In addition, men can wear a dress for +2 CHA if they can't find a suit and you don't mind crossdressing to unlock Wolfgang as a friendly and valueable vendor in survival mode. You'll find clothing in a suitcase in one of the houses at Sanctuary and you can maraud your way to Diamond City to buy clothing before paying Wolfgang a visit at Drumlin Diner with 9 Charisma in fashionable attire. Since your character gets a defense bonus as Lone Wanderer and kills from afar silenced and unseen without taking damage you don't have to rely on armor and can get away with wearing fashionable, business, casual, formal hat attire as a full-time merchant and negotiator in dialog with NPCs who is nice to make friends to do business with. And outfits such as a Surveyor Suit which give you +1 PER for better aim and +1 END for better health, with +1 PER glasses if you're in full-time wastleland maurader collecting loot from baddies you encounter to sell as wares mode. Importantly, wear proper medium armor when you're on a mission to defeat a difficult boss. I'd mostly just wear a suit, fashionable glasses and a formal hat as a full-time merchant and negotiator that's super charismatic and gets insanely good prices from vendors. Part of the Merchant Marauder's main advantage is becoming very wealthy and making friends with NPCs to do business with which provides you plenty of caps for all the water, food and medical supplies you need to survive without the need to set up a fully functional settlement with vendors until you decide to with the fortune in caps you've acquired to buy the materials needed to build a settlement that has every type of store, utility, workbench and advanced settlement defense unlocked to build in Workshop mode. You really don't have to and can survive by being a marauding merchant travelling from vendor to vendor you befriend and encounter in your travels taking note of their location and selling them your wares in exchange for the food, water and medicine you need to stock up on in survival mode. This build can be a travelling merchant marauder if settlement building is not your style and a master settlement builder if you decide to settle down.
  3. This turns your character into a ultraintelligent brainiac mutant. You'll have a natural resistance to Ballistic. Energy, Fire, Poison and Rad damage(100 for each resistance with max Toughness, Refractor and Rad Resistant perks). Start at level 1 and zip through the levels. Take advantage of there not being a level cap. As part of the mutation you jump at just the perfect height to leap as high as possible without taking fall damage, you are considered a mutant to supermutants and they will not attack you, hang out with them in their camps as guards because supermutants attack anyone who is not a mutant. Copy and paste the following into Notepad: player.setav intelligence 10000 player.modav damageresist 60 player.modav energyresist 60 player.modav fireresist 100 player.modav poisonresist 100 player. forceav radresistexposure 60 setgs fJumpHeightMin 135 player.addtofaction 00058305 1 Save as brainiac.txt, then place the TXT file in the Fallout 4 install folder. In the game press the ~ key and type in bat brainiac then press ENTER.
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