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About Me

  1. [Hidden Content] Be happy!!
  2. beast420

    google drive Rocketron

    Rocketron Fly through the sky! Rain down fire on the enemy forces from above! Use your rocket musket and 8 different types of weapons to boost through the sky, charge enemies, and leap over pit falls as you investigate a new mysterious enemy. Enjoy solid combat and simple non-linear exploration in this original shooter! Story: The year is 2049. A mysterious group known as “The Congregation of Gogoh” has incited global insurrection on the cyberhuman planet of Metnal 28 as part of a nefarious plot for world domination. A galactic peacekeeping group that operates under the name “ARGO EXPRESS” has sent a cybernetic warrior known as “B.L.A.M” armed with a new weapon, a “rocket musket”, to try and stop them… Features: – 20 stages over 6 areas. – Customize and upgrade your character with in-game power ups. – 8 types of weapons. – 3 different endings. download link: [Hidden Content]
  3. animekai

    [Request] The Textorcist

    I'm looking for the cdi or gdi or any dump of this new game called the Textorcist, maybe somene can post a link or something
  4. SNES4ALL - FULLSETROMS All USA - EUR - JAP - EXTRAS on CDI - ISO Esta vez les vengo a traer un compilado de todos los juegos para SNES, todos los usa europeos japoneses y demas, en 4 compilados tanto para gdemu en cdi y como para isoloader: This time i came with a compilation of all snes games, all usa, eur, jap, and more, in 4 compilations for gdemu (cdi) and dreamshell isoloader (iso)
  5. But First a little explanation about Mil-CDS Kita e. White Illumination Pure Song and Pictures (北へ。White Illumination PURE SONG and PICTURES) is a Mil-CD album. It is a character image songs of Kita e. White Illumination. Track list CD tracks 1. Kita e. (3:55) 2. Natsu no Omoide (4:08) 3. Koi no Dancing (4:40) 4. Mahou ni Kakeru Mahou (4:32) 5. Watashi Makemashitawa (2:52) 6. RG (4:56) 7. Sapporo Susukino Ame no 25ji (4:36) 8. Dynamite ga 5man ton (4:15) 9. Taikutu to Yuuutu (4:57) 10. Sweet Dream (5:12) 11. Daisuki (4:09) ► Running time: 48:12 Mil-CD contents Kita e. Stroke animation movie DOWNLOAD LINK [Hidden Content]
  6. Genre: Fighting Formats: BIN/GDI/CUE & CHD Compressed Sizes: 912.2 MB/696.5 MB Zipped in .7z file extract it with 7zip or Winrar CHD Compatible with Flycast, Redream & Reicast Description Download
  7. Description: Link: [Hidden Content] Key:
  8. Description: Link: [Hidden Content] Key:
  9. But First a little explanation about Mil-CDS Heartbreak Diary is a Mil-CD single by Japanese pop group dps. The song "Heartbreak Diary" was used to promote the Mil-CD format in Japan. Track list: CD Track 1. Heartbreak Diary (3:57) 2. Lucky Summer Days (4:58) 3. Heartbreak Diary (Instrumental) (3:58) 4. Lucky Summer Days (Instrumental) (4:55) ► Running time: 17:48 Mil-CD Contents Heartbreak Diary Promotion Video DOWNLOAD LINK [Hidden Content]
  10. Description: Link: [Hidden Content] Key:
  11. Link: [Hidden Content] Key:
  12. BK is ready to do anything to recover his favorite toys! The young Bitmap Kid has pants with bottomless pockets, allowing him to store all his favorite toys. But these pockets overlook a universe called PocketLand and the inhabitants had the bad idea to steal the precious objects of BK. Venture into many levels where you have to crush your enemies with a multitude of weapons right out of your pockets and find the exit of the course by collecting the most points possible. You will be able to count on power-ups to overcome this fantastic adventure.
  13. animekai

    mil-cd [MIL-CD] Hang the DJ

    But First a little explanation about Mil-CDS Hang the DJ is a Mil-CD single. It features two songs from the 1998 documentary film Hang the DJ. Track list CD Track 1. Full Circle 2. Believe & You'll Understand Mil-CD Contents (unknown) DOWNLOAD LINK [Hidden Content]
  14. But First a little explanation about Mil-CDS Himitsu Original Sound Track (「秘密」オリジナルサウンドトラック) is a Mil-CD album. It is the soundtrack of the 1998 Japanese film Himitsu. Track list CD Track 1. Kiken na Yoake (03:35) 2. Mezame (03:06) 3. Himitu: Hamon (Dialog) (01:59) 4. Maboroshi (02:46) 5. Kokoro no Tobira (02:47) 6. Ragtime Mona (03:08) 7. Tenshi no Tameiki (Orchestra) (04:44) 8. Himitu: Douyou (Dialog) (02:30) 9. Jeunesse Encore (02:55) 10. Suretigau Koi (02:17) 11. Shiawase no Yokan (02:18) 12. Tenshi no Tameiki (Ensemble) (02:21) 13. Himitu: Ketui (Dialog) (03:00) 14. Le Secret (Mil-CD) (03:30) ► Running time: 40:56 Mil-CD Contents (unknown) DOWNLOAD LINK [Hidden Content]
  15. But First a little explanation about Mil-CDS Checkicco no Miru CD (チェキっ娘の見るCD) is a Mil-CD single by Japanese idle group Checkicco Track list CD Track 1. Dakishimete 2. Hajimari 3. Saisho no Kimoti 4. Daisukina Koi Mil-CD Contents Checkicco Cult Quiz DOWNLOAD LINK [Hidden Content]
  16. But First a little explanation about Mil-CDS D2 Original Sound Track (D2オリジナルサウンドトラック) is a Mil-CD album soundtrack of the Sega Dreamcast game D-2. Track list Disc 1 1. distraction #1 (3:06) 2. distraction #2 (3:22) 3. distraction #3 (6:03) 4. distraction #4 (5:40) 5. distraction #5 (5:20) 6. distraction #6 (3:31) 7. distraction #7 (5:07) 8. distraction #8 (3:43) 9. distraction #9 (4:28) 10. distraction #1 (3:15) 11. distraction #2 (1:59) 12. distraction #3 (4:15) 13. distraction #4 (2:58) 14. distraction #5 (1:07) 15. distraction #6 (1:40) 16. distraction #7 (1:05) 17. distraction #8 (1:56) 18. distraction #9 (3:53) 19. distraction #10 (2:19) 20. distraction #11 (3:13) 21. distraction #12 (3:14) 22. distraction #13 (2:20) 23. distraction #14 (1:25) 24. distraction #15 (3:35) ► Running time: 78:34 Disc 2 1. decode #1 (7:15) 2. decode #2 (Mil-CD) (3:48) ► Running time: 11:03 Production credits Producer: Kenji Eno A&R: Motohiro Tsuji, Katsutoshi Eguchi Executive Producer: Masayoshi Okawa Recording Sessions Engineer: Motohiro Tsuji Manipulate: Kazuhiro Yamahara, Kenji Eno Protools Operate: Kazuhiro Yamahara Programming: Kenji Eno Public Relation: Shinji Yorihuji, Motoko Takeda Musicians Vocalisation: Kenji Eno, Azusa Dodo Mos Orchestra in MOSCOW ROSSIA Art Direction: Kenji Eno Design: Yoshimasa Kobayashi All song are written&Arranged by: Kenji Eno and Syosaburou Tateishi, Yasuhiro Nishiyama DOWNLOAD LINK [Hidden Content]
  17. animekai

    mil-cd [MIL-CD] Nine Chairs

    But First a little explanation about Mil-CDS Nine Chairs (ナイン・チェアーズ~09 Chairs~) is a Mil-CD album by Japanese rock band Snappers. Track list CD Track 1. Close 2. Bright 3. Chair 4. Akai Hana 5. Happy Monday 6. Domino 7. Ultra Disco: She is a Star 8. Sorairo Palette 9. SEXY 10. Slow Number 11. Season Mil-CD Contents Live movie DOWNLOAD LINK [Hidden Content]
  18. But First a little explanation about Mil-CDS Space Channel 5 Ulala The Movie (スペースチャンネル5 ULALA THE MOVIE) is a Mil-CD demo disc of Space Channel 5. It was distributed by lottery by Famitsu. Track list 1. Mexican Flyer (original) (2:42) 2. Mexican Flyer (remix) (5:48) ► Running time: 8:30 DOWNLOAD LINK [Hidden Content]
  19. Description: Link: [Hidden Content] Key:
  20. Hoping someone can link me a CDI file for Alice's Mom's Rescue for the Dreamcast. Haven't had any luck finding the file online anywhere. Thanks in advance!
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