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About Me

  1. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Panzer Front

    Translated to English. Converted to CDI Tested in Redream [Hidden Content] I made my shit cover before I saw the OG
  2. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Ghost Pilots

    Decent shump. CD quality audio, far better port that the BS I seen abouts Tested on ReDream. Port by me. [Hidden Content]
  3. GatorCountry

    mega Gunman

    Pretty cool Half-Life mod. Like a lot of Half-Life mods it's a bit of a pain in the butt to figure out the best way to set the controls for Dreamcast but other than that this is a great DC title Tested in Redream-Developer's Edition. That's why the screenshots look so stupid. RDD just does that. No PVR in the cdi but if you need one I think I can put one in without messing anything up. Cheers to ShindouGO and Darius for the download. [Hidden Content]
  4. GatorCountry

    mega Moon Crystal

    Tested PVR included English [Hidden Content] I'll update with the NES version. I destroyed it by accident so gotta redownload and repatch...or crack open the cdi I kinda forgot about that.
  5. Tested PVR included Mapper hacked Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] NES original mapper: [Hidden Content]
  6. This is the full episode. Slowly working my way up in file size to see how much space is need for conversions. I'm always working with like 3 gigs of space because I'm lazy about dumping to hard drives. You need about 3x as much space as the file size to port a video onto Dreamcast, so, I'm not doing any full movies quite yet. I'll make a disc per episode and finish the series by-n-by as I'm inclined but for a while this will probably be my last video disc I produce. It takes quite a lot of time and the larger the video the more space I need to clear out. Which takes time from game port. I think games are mostly what y'all want from me. That said, like anything else if you've a request I'll get on it. To me only old stuff should be ported. 90s animation looks like 90s animation on a DC, black and white era movies look good, anything in between is fine too, but newer films and such nonsense I probably won't port unless asked to because new hd stuff looks worse than old stuff when it's downgraded like it is old stuff. I'm not sure why 4k brought to 480 looks worse than 480, but it does. Probably lighting and whatnot. [Hidden Content]
  7. GatorCountry

    mega I Despise Alex Kidd

    because I could do it. Orson rips of Kidd, Sonic, Mario, and Cool Spot. Original YT video: Dreamcast CDI: [Hidden Content]
  8. been a while since I had a line across my cover. I still don't know what causes it and do not see it until I upload. Autoloading - Just pop it in your DC or fire it up in an emu, no menus to fuss with. A while back there was a channel call The Pinkman that featured a wealth of TMA roasting videos I quite liked. The comedy isn't for everyone but what comedy is? I grew up with an uncle who is a Shotokan master. While I respected his tricks and whatnot I always had to laugh at 90s era Black Belt magazine and such nonsense as ninjitsu. Video game ninja = cool, Ashida Kim = joke. When Pink was active I loved his videos, but I only saved a few. His worst frauds series. Pinkman will explain the history while roasting the absurdity of Bart Vale in this video. Bart's all blurry because he's punching at the camera, the text shots are better representations of the video quality. 3300kbs, DC's max without error. The technical max is 3600 but it errors so 33 is what I went with. Ashida, George, Dux, and Torre to come. If you grew with early MMA or Martial Arts in your life give it a watch, it's hilarious because it's all true. Some segments are a bit...artistic, but to me Pinkers is comedy gold. Finally, I was just trying to figure out how movies on dreamcast works ever since Kai uploaded his. I got it but all I had in DC quality was old Pinkers videos. I wasn't much for saving YT videos but I did these so since that's what I had it's what I made. Now that I've the process down I could put basically anything on a DC cdi. I'll probably look into making a comic book reader next and then try to marry the two with some sonic media or some such similar nonsense. Until then, be ready for some Chaplin and Lucy and such golden olds from forever ago. [Hidden Content]
  9. Tested in DEmul PVR Included GLC Included SOR 1, 2, and 3 + Hacks Game List: Some are better than others but none are terrible or broken Dreamcast CDI: [Hidden Content] Genesis Roms: [Hidden Content] Sega Smash Pack Volume 1 Sega Smash Pack Volume 2 Sega Smash Pack Volume 3: Sonic and Friends Sega Smash Pack Volume 4: Konami
  10. GatorCountry

    mega Castlevania

    Tested in Redream PVR Included No LED Not many people knew about of ever played the Amiga version of the original Castlevania. It's really hard but this crack comes with a trainer so it's only as hard as you make it. Controls on Amiga are a bit different. You can jump with up or X and your normal attack is A, but to use your secondary attack you need to hold A instead of tapping it. You can see in the screenshots it looks really good for an original Castlevania that's over 20 years old, a bit silly, but pretty. It sounds good too, both music and effects are nice. Control is good for an Amiga game but I wouldn't play it without at least infinite lives on because they're too sluggish to keep up with the enemies. If you're a Castlevania fan it's worth a play if for nothing else just to see and hear an original that's nearly totally different from the NES version. [Hidden Content] Forgot my seal...I made this That'lls do fine I guess, the MR is there.
  11. Tested PVR Included Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] Master System: [Hidden Content]
  12. GatorCountry

    mega X-Men

    Tested PVR included GLC included Infinite Lives Infinite Mutant Powers Infinite Helpers Jean picking you up doesn't cost health Mojo World Reset fixed I was going to make the 8th Smash Pack superhero games but quite a lot of them don't work in Gens4All so I'm releasing the ones that do as singles rather than creating a Smash Pack with like 5 or 6 games in it. I've made this one quite a lot easier than it used to be. Should be child friendly now. Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] Genesis: [Hidden Content]
  13. GatorCountry

    mega D2

    Disc 1: [Hidden Content] Disc 2: [Hidden Content] Disc 3: [Hidden Content] Disc 4: [Hidden Content]
  14. Depictions of elderly and child violence: Tested PVR included I don't think it was meant to be offensive but since you kick kids I gave it the tag and spoiler option. It's a pretty good game though. If you don't know Chumlee here's a video I didn't watch but assume covers the guy well enough: [Hidden Content]
  15. GatorCountry

    mega Wolfling

    Tested PVR Included Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] NES: [Hidden Content]
  16. Tested PVR Included Adorable I did mean to get screen shots of me collecting the stars not just after I collected them, but I failed. Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] NES: [Hidden Content]
  17. Tested in DEmul PVR Included English Patched This is an unlicensed RPG from Taiwan whose English patch was created ages ago. A few years back Piko Interactive picked it up and released it on Steam. It's pretty good, drags a bit and it's a bit grindy but not a bad game and for an unlicensed it's one of the best. Genesis didn't have many menu based RPGs so it's one of the best there too. Not Phantasy Star quality, but a fine game. I know a lot of people love Pier Solar, to be honest I felt about them same for this one. If you really liked Pier then you'd probably disagree, but if you felt Pier dragged a bit then Brave is about equal. Genesis to Genesis of course, this lacks the audio and FMVs of the PS DC release. 3 out of 5 Gator Chomps Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] Genesis: [Hidden Content] Cannon works and I may upload it soon Beggar Prince, Star Odyssey, Legend of Wukong, and Vixen can not be ported to Dreamcast otherwise my next Smash Pack would have unofficial RPGs.
  18. GatorCountry

    mega Doodle World

    Tested PVR Included iNES Mapper Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] NES with hacked mapper: [Hidden Content]
  19. GatorCountry

    mega Sega Smash Pack Volume 1

    Official Works in most emulators Games Included: [Hidden Content] WedgeStudios DEmul only Games Included: [Hidden Content] GatorCountry DEmul only Games Included: [Hidden Content] Links include a CDI, a TXT, and a PNG. Your game (CDI), a text file(TXT) with the list of games and in my version's case the hacks applied to those games along with instructions and notes about those hacks, and the cover art(PNG) you see on this thread. Download what you need. I want to make this very clear, there is no best here. It is what you prefer that's best. I know a lot of my ports are improvement ports. Not the case this time. I did not really improve anything I just made a different package-option. The original/official Sega Smashpack for Dreamcast had a bad genesis emulator in it, and it shows. Both mine and WedgeStudio's Smashpacks run Genesis games much better than the old Sega title but it comes at the cost of the 2 Dreamcast games. If you don't mind Sonic and such running a bit slower and like Sega Swirl or Virtua Cop then the original-official Sega Smashpack is for you. The difference between my own Smashpack and the WedgeStudios Smashpack is fairly minor. I included upgrade hacks, some more major than others but none are total conversion hacks, and I did not include non-Dreamcast Smashpack releases. Wedge has games from the DC Smashpack, the PC Smashpack, the GBA Smashpack and maybe more. I only stuck to the DC Smashpack games. Mine are prettier and sound better but has less games. If you want more games in one, grab WedgeStudio's Smashpack. If you want games with hack improvements I am the only one in town, download the GatorCountry Smashpack forda gi'ya lil dat chomp-chomp I promise choosing Wedge or Sega will not hurt my feelings at all, download what sounds best to you. I did not make this to compete, per-se, with Sega or Wedge. I made this because Sega definitely has no plans of making a Volume 2, for DC, and Wedge has already moved on. He does not appear to be interested in continuing with more volumes. So, I will. This is not a collection of my favorite hacks, games, or versions. It is derivative of the OG Sega release and likewise has some games in the mix I wouldn't include on my own as a "great" Going forward I'll do similar Smashpacks with similar games to the Sega originals on PC and GBA. I'll mix it up with other devs/pubs like Capcom Smashpack, Midway Smashpack, etc as I produce the Sega Smashpacks. Likewise with genres, franchises, and hacks. All manner of Smashpack on the way but for now this one is simply a better running replacement for the original Sega Smashpack while deviating from the DC version less than WedgeStudio's version and including upgrades so the roms feel a little more special than a simple compilation. I was going for something like what Nintendo did with SMB for All-Stars. Not just NES games on your SNES, improved NES games on your SNES. Same here except obviously to a lesser extent because I haven't the time nor ability to do such massive improvements. Finally, get requests in if you want to see anything specific. If you don't speak english, that is okay, send me links and I'll figure it out.
  20. GatorCountry

    mega Sega Smash Pack Volume 2

    Tested in DEmul. Redream and Flycast can not load this properly. GDEmu/MODE friendly. 0GDTEX.PVR included. [Hidden Content] Simple Games List: More in-depth explanation for each hack: For more information on the compilation itself: For the official Sega Smash Pack Volume 1 retail release, the WedgeStudios Smash Pack replacement, or the Gator Country version of Sega Smash Pack Volume 1 go here: The point of these Smash Packs is to create better running compilations than Sega had, to continue the releases beyond the original compilations, and to include improvements to make the games a more casual experience. This Volume completes the OG Sega compilations both on and off Dreamcast. Volume 3 will be the first Sega Smash Pack to feature Sega games that were never compiled by Sega. Enjoy and have fun.
  21. Tested in DEmul PVR included GLC gamelist included All Sonic Hacks Amy Rose Big the Cat Bunnie Rabbot Charmy Bee Cream and Cheese Gex the Gecko Jet the Hawk Knuckles the Echidna Megaman X Metal Sonic Mighty and Ray Miles Prower Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic and Manic Vector the Crocodile [Hidden Content] Sega Smash Pack Volume 1 Sega Smash Pack Volume 2 A bunch of pre-patched sonic roms
  22. Tested in DEmul PVR Included GLC Included I misspelled adventures on the game list compiler, um, twice . Didn't notice until I was taking the screenshots. May have misspelled more games and didn't notice. If it bothers you let me know and I'll fix it, tomorrow. I'm quite tired at the moment. Games: Animaniacs Castlevania - Bloodlines Contra - Hard Corps Double Dribble - The Playoff Edition International Superstar Soccer Deluxe Rocket Knight Adventures Sparkster Sunset Riders Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Hyperstone Heist Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters Tiny Toon Adventures - ACME All-Stars Tiny Toon Adventures - Buster's Hidden Treasure Zombies Ate My Neighbors The 3 games not here are not here because they do not work well on Dreamcast. I tried non-gens4all solutions and those are just not good so the 13 here are pretty set in stone. Almost every game Konami every made for Genesis. [Hidden Content] Sega Smash Pack Volume 1 Sega Smash Pack Volume 2 Sega Smash Pack Volume 3: Sonic and Friends
  23. GatorCountry

    mega Metal Slug 2 Turbo

    PVR Included Tested in Redream Alpha: [Hidden Content] Since my original upload I've made some improvements. CDDA audio is restored. turbo hack, and cdz hack still included. runs and sounds pretty good: [Hidden Content] I'll even take it a step more and give y'all a little tutorial for NGCD porting. There's really no good place for me to pop tuts up in so here's as good as any.
  24. GatorCountry

    mega Tyrannosaurus Tex

    Tested PVR inside Piko version Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] Gameboy Color: [Hidden Content]
  25. GatorCountry

    mega Black Castle

    Tested PVR Included Fast loading Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] Gameboy: [Hidden Content]
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