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About Me

  1. GatorCountry

    mega Dragoon X Omega II

    Tested in Redream PVR included Less grinding patch included One of the best hacks from the way, way back. Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] NES Final Fantasy + Patches + Pre-Patched DXOII + Manual: [Hidden Content]
  2. GatorCountry

    mega Dragoon X Omega

    Tested in Redream PVR included Amnethen Gold Edition Old hack, and really not a big fan of DW or its hacks but the sequel is good so I included the OG too. Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] NES Dragon Warrior + Patches + Pre-Patched DXO + Manual: [Hidden Content]
  3. GatorCountry

    mega Apidya

    PVR MR AB Tested in Redream I'm very pleased to finally bring this game to Dreamcast. Most versions I came across simply would not work, but this one does and does flawlessly. Well, actually the intros a bit wabbly but it's just the cracktro/intro. The actual game plays great. I heavily doctored the cover art but I did miss some of the wear in the bottom right on the physical cover this is a picture of. My bad. Another one of those games I'd rate as one of the best ever produced for the Amiga. Looks, sounds, and plays wonderfully. Do not be fooled by my screenshots. It's really hard to take a screenshot when heaps of enemies are coming at you in a shooter. It's not that those screens were empty so much as I killed everything before I hit the capture button. It's very fun and can be a challenge for even seasoned shooter fans. Takes inspiration from R-Type and Gradius. Obviously the bug aesthetic brings a certain level of originality to it as well. [Hidden Content]
  4. Tested in DEmul PVR Included Arcade SGA included Genesis GLC included Dummy files included Games: Notes: CDI Without Dummy Files: [Hidden Content] ISO: [Hidden Content] CDI With Dummy Files: [Hidden Content]
  5. GatorCountry

    mega Streets of Rage - Legacy

    Tested in Redream [Hidden Content]
  6. VectorSona

    mega Böbl Pack

    Böbl pack (NES Platformer game) CDI: made with Theme to match DVD/CD Case Redream Album cover Game Map Game Manual (PDF file) DVD/CD Case / CD print (USA/EU) Image Assets: (for your Custom Case build) "Game theme" Emulator menus Emulator option: B + R: quick save menu items - quick state save (clear when exit game) - quick state load Y + R: VMU state save menu items - VMU state save - VMU state load Game Genie codes: None Cheat menu: START + R Pack Link: [Hidden Content] DVD/CD Case / CD print (only): [Hidden Content] Link (CDI only) : [Hidden Content] Böbl: Böbl is a short game for NES available as a ROM file. It was made in 1 month for the NESdev compo 2019. Böbl won the 1st place. Story: Böbl is a platformer based on water physics and exploration. You can activate bells as checkpoints and collect ducks hidden all over the map. Your trip starts in a lost temple. You will move in different rooms, fall in the underground, use pipes, dive deep in the water and go up into the clouds to reach the ending. Controls: Hold A to dive, then release and let buoyancy handle the rest. Let’s find all the lost duckies! Release Date: Nov 18, 2020 (Böbl version 1.1) Developer & Publisher: Morphcat Games UG About: MORPHCAT GAMES We are a two-man team bouncing around Berlin, dedicated to bringing new video games to old consoles. Code and audio: Julius Riecke Graphics and level design: Nicolas Bétoux
  7. GatorCountry

    mega Castlevania Collection

    Created by ShindouGO Nice menu system Background music Tested Loads of features Great work by Shin. Be warned, not everything is going to work in an emu. The cdi will play everything on a real Dreamcast and I didn't notice anything glitch-wise that would be Shin's fault so much as a sort coming of the packed in programs. For example, say you load the PS1 game, not really Shin's fault bleem is a bit spotty. The menu system looks, sounds, and functions really well. [Hidden Content]
  8. Tested in DEmul PVR Included English Patched This is an unlicensed RPG from Taiwan whose English patch was created ages ago. A few years back Piko Interactive picked it up and released it on Steam. It's pretty good, drags a bit and it's a bit grindy but not a bad game and for an unlicensed it's one of the best. Genesis didn't have many menu based RPGs so it's one of the best there too. Not Phantasy Star quality, but a fine game. I know a lot of people love Pier Solar, to be honest I felt about them same for this one. If you really liked Pier then you'd probably disagree, but if you felt Pier dragged a bit then Brave is about equal. Genesis to Genesis of course, this lacks the audio and FMVs of the PS DC release. 3 out of 5 Gator Chomps Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] Genesis: [Hidden Content] Cannon works and I may upload it soon Beggar Prince, Star Odyssey, Legend of Wukong, and Vixen can not be ported to Dreamcast otherwise my next Smash Pack would have unofficial RPGs.
  9. SNES4ALL - FULLSETROMS All USA - EUR - JAP - EXTRAS on CDI - ISO Esta vez les vengo a traer un compilado de todos los juegos para SNES, todos los usa europeos japoneses y demas, en 4 compilados tanto para gdemu en cdi y como para isoloader: This time i came with a compilation of all snes games, all usa, eur, jap, and more, in 4 compilations for gdemu (cdi) and dreamshell isoloader (iso)
  10. GatorCountry

    mega Project Justice

    YZB Hack included [Hidden Content]
  11. GatorCountry

    mega Street Fighter II X

    Prepatched in English. [Hidden Content]
  12. GatorCountry

    mega Metal Slug X

    PVR MR AB Tested Demul/Redream-Dev Does not work in Flycast core or standalone. Does not work in Redream-Stable. Does work in Demul with no issues. Works in Redream-Dev but is a power hog. Just been kind of tinkering here and there with older NeoGeo ports running on the decade+ old AES4All. For this one I cut all the fat and made the boot process automated. It isn't perfect but it does seem better than the older versions out there so I'm releasing it. [Hidden Content]
  13. GatorCountry

    mega Sega Smash Pack Volume 2

    Tested in DEmul. Redream and Flycast can not load this properly. GDEmu/MODE friendly. 0GDTEX.PVR included. [Hidden Content] Simple Games List: More in-depth explanation for each hack: For more information on the compilation itself: For the official Sega Smash Pack Volume 1 retail release, the WedgeStudios Smash Pack replacement, or the Gator Country version of Sega Smash Pack Volume 1 go here: The point of these Smash Packs is to create better running compilations than Sega had, to continue the releases beyond the original compilations, and to include improvements to make the games a more casual experience. This Volume completes the OG Sega compilations both on and off Dreamcast. Volume 3 will be the first Sega Smash Pack to feature Sega games that were never compiled by Sega. Enjoy and have fun. Sega Smash Pack Volume 1 Sega Smash Pack Volume 3 Sega Smash Pack Volume 4 Sega Smash Pack Volume 5 Sega Smash Pack Volume 6 Sega Smash Pack Volume 7 Sega Smash Pack Volume 8 Sega Smash Pack Volume 9
  14. Nude Screenshots: PVR MR AB 42 images For my first edit I changed nudies to ladies who appeared on Sega hardware. Sega does have enough characters themselves to fill the game but rule 34 doesn't, actually, so I stretched it from Sega created characters to any lady who ever appeared on any Sega hardware. Rather than slowly revealing more of the same girl after a stage for 4 stages this version rewards you with a nude at the end of every stage. Bringing the nudes of from 16 to 42. You won't find anything featuring characters whose bios tell us they're young regardless of how physically mature they're depicted. Likewise you will not see any images of physically immature characters regardless of how old their bios say they are. No bondage or anything that looks in anyway forced. No depictions of sex. You will see drawings, 3D renders, and cosplay photos of sexy characters posing sexily. [Hidden Content]
  15. Created by Ro Magnus Larson. 236 games Tested in Demul Magnus did not create a GLC bin. The games are organized in folders but the navigation is on you. Likewise there is no PVR included. I made no changes at all. This is a re-up of Ro's work, nothing more. I did not test every game. It's not my work so any bugs and such are not something I plan on addressing. Report that sort of stuff to Ro Magnus Larson on Dreamcast-Talk. Game List: CDI: [Hidden Content] ISO: [Hidden Content]
  16. Tested PVR MR GLC RH HB BL Special thanks to @obthree for showing me BMB's work and @Gamerone for showing me who BMB is BMB is a Russian developer known for some interesting hacks, homebrews, and bootlegs. Quality ranges but the obscurity and novelty of the work makes it all interesting enough to qualify for a smash, in my opinion. The place I downloaded these from did a lot of guessing and was mostly wrong. Darkwing, for example, is not a port of the NES game. It is a recreation running on BMB's platforming engine. Its physics, AI, stages, enemies is all a little different and more akin to early 8-bit computer platforming games than NES era and/or beyond. So, if you're here for the Genesis roms rather than the Dreamcast cdi don't put stock into the naming. None of these are legit games simply translated by BMB. Some are romhacks but the vast majority are original games infringing on popular intellectual properties. Lastly, I do not mean this as any form of political commentary on the war. This is a work showcase and nothing else. Gamelist: Game 1: "Adventures of the Gummi Bears" Game 2: "Angry Birds in Russia" Game 3: "Angry Birds Star Wars" Game 4: "Avatar" Game 5: "Ben 10" Game 6: "Call of Duty Ghosts" Game 7: "Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers" Game 8: "Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers 2" Game 9: "Darkwing Duck" Game 10: "Felix the Cat" Game 11: "Grand Theft Auto 5" Game 12: "Iron Man" Game 13: "Kung Fu Panda" Game 14: "Lego Batman" Game 15: "Lego Pirates of the Caribbean" Game 16: "Mario 3" Game 17: "Mario 4" Game 18: "Plants vs Zombies" Game 19: "Shrek" Game 20: "Shrek 2" Game 21: "SpongeBob" Game 22: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Legend Returns" Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] Genesis: [Hidden Content] Sega Smash Pack Volume 1 Sega Smash Pack Volume 2 Sega Smash Pack Volume 3 Sega Smash Pack Volume 4 Sega Smash Pack Volume 5 Sega Smash Pack Volume 6 Sega Smash Pack Volume 7 Sega Smash Pack Volume 8 Sega Smash Pack Volume 9 Sega Smash Pack Volume 10 Sega Smash Pack Volume 11 Sega Smash Pack Volume 12
  17. GatorCountry

    mega Golden Axe Legend

    Tested in Redream I do not use Rip's many zips package. I apologize if you wanted the versions and cover art. They were great but I do not have access to them anymore. Just game files here, like all my uploads. I usually toss y'all some kind of cover in the thread but at the moment I just want to get the files re-uploaded. I'll GIMP together some nonsense by-n-by but if you're hungry for it just ask and I'll give it more priority. [Hidden Content]
  18. GatorCountry

    mega Golden Axe +

    GLC PVR MR PR Tested in Demul Click the screenshots to enlarge. This is a colab with Linkuei and YoSoyNacho that didn't make it to the Linkuei smashpack because it was released just after I finished the smashpack. Great hack though so I made it a standalone. Use any magic with any character (Thunder, Explosion, Fire) New Options( Continues, Difficulty, Magic modes, life bar refill bug ) New Graphics( Font , HUD, Go arrow) New Character Select Screen (Improved Graphics, Better Magic selection, Added fire sprites from arcade ver) Both Players can pick the same character Alternative Colors for player characters ( Press Start while selecting your char ) New GA2 Magic Mode ( You can select it on Options) Added 17 PCM samples from Arcade version ( Voices, Sound effects) New option for testing PCM samples in sound test menu Restored unused sfx for skeleton enemy Added Fog for stage 1 ( similar to arcade ver) Added Red dragon to stage 3 Added Purple Skeletons for stage 8 Boss fight Death Adder Character profile from arcade version. (Demo screen) Uncensored Enemy Names (Credits screen) Palettes from Golden Axe Arcade Colors Romhacking.net - Hacks - Golden Axe Plus Dreamcast CDI: [Hidden Content] Genesis Patched ROM: [Hidden Content]
  19. GatorCountry

    mega Creepy Brawlers

    PVR MR AB UNL Tested Redream/FCEUmm There's a bit of a slight delay compared to punch-out and the power punches are a bit different but it's still a very good Punch-Out clone and fitting for Halloween. Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] NES: [Hidden Content]
  20. GatorCountry

    mega Shiva & Lisa Trilogy

    DreamBOR 7 Tested in Redream Dummy files included Optimized by Ripfire Updated to the newest version [Hidden Content] Standalones: 1: [Hidden Content] 2: [Hidden Content] 3: [Hidden Content]
  21. Nude Screens: PVR added MR added Tested in Redream This is Chui's recreation of the adult arcade game with my MR Logo added and the cover art I created as PVR. The game is mixed language but intuitive. Most of it you're a diver, press A to dive and reveal a tile, press A again to surface and reveal another tile. Rolling tiles kill enemies. You can not dive or surface through a revealed tiles. Some tile sliding puzzles and a poorly working tile picker where you go from tile to tile trying to gather as many before time runs out. As far as one of these reveal the picture adult games is concerned this is one actually pretty fun and can be challenging. A bit of thought and planning is needed at times. I ran into a few glitches. I have yet to test in Demul, NullDC, or Flycast and certainly didn't add a dummy and burn it yet. Most of the game works perfectly though. Just minor gripes like on the tile selector mini game sometimes when I press A it goes left instead. Fairly easy game to modify both the pictures and the music so I'll probably do that from time to time. This one is almost 100% Chui's original, I've barely modified it and changed nothing about the main gameplay. In the future I plan to make it 100% English, change the tunes, and probably make a few safe for work versions so folks put off by nudity can enjoy the gameplay. If you have some favorite pics or audio you'd like in the game, NSFW or SFW, DM me and I'll work on it for you. [Hidden Content]
  22. Tested in Redream PVR Included Hilarious to anyone immature and tasteless. Just heaps of lowbrow offensive content in this one. You've got the nudity, offensive language, offensive symbols, and really corny jokes. So terrible I had to make a DC port complete with Not Duke Nukem sexy art cover/pvr. This completes my mission to get more dong on NGR. I'm going back to boobies for a while. Mostly, only so much digital pee pee a man can take ( phrasing). For everyone I did upload there's loads (on a roll ) I looked at, tested, and binned. Plus rule 34 gets pretty weird out there on the internets. Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] NES: [Hidden Content]
  23. Tested PVR AB MR RH The sequel to SMB3-TFW Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] NES: [Hidden Content]
  24. PVR MR AB Special thanks to Beast420 Dreamcast CDI for GDEmu, Emulators, Dreamshell, MODE, etc: [Hidden Content] Dreamcast CDI for burning to CDR: [Hidden Content] GDEmu version will burn but you're wasting hardware lifespan. Burn version will play on storage devices and emulators but you're wasting space. NES ROM:
  25. GatorCountry

    mega.nz Panzer Front

    Translated to English. Converted to CDI Tested in Redream [Hidden Content] I made my shit cover before I saw the OG
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