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  1. Autoboot PVR Inside Rom Hack Tested in Redream/Demul/Flycast. Note, Redream stable does not like it at all but Developer works fine. Yes friends, SNES on Dreamcast. I know what you're thinking; surely this is bit-crap. Well, no, not perfect, but it is perfectly playable and enjoyable. I used Ian Michael's latest SNES4All release, and I'll be dipped if it didn't come out with only minor imperfections. The frameskip's just a bit high so I included the Super Arthur hack to balance it out. With Frameskip being a little too high the game's a bit fast and a little less responsive the Super Arthur hack is a nice pair. Super Arthur hack makes it so that when you get hit rather than going naked you revert to the previous armor. If you're in gold, you'll go back to green, green goes back to steel, and then steel to undies. If you miss a platform you're boned and if you get hit in undies you're boned. As you can see I tested through the first stage and everything seemed nice. I am very impressed by the lack of graphical glitches. I noticed none. Audio wise it's not horrible, well, at least not as horrible as SNES on DC often is but it's damn sure not perfect. It sounds a bit like an old radio. Not so fuzzy that you can't enjoy it but definitely a bit fuzzier and some of the pitch is off. The music sounds better than the effects but even the effects are not the worst. No terrible screeching or lagging audio that I could hear. I tested loads of heaps of games and this one impressed me the most. It could just be luck of the draw, I really wanted FFIV-Ultima to work because that hack is bomb boobies but it was horrible, looked horrible, sounded horrible. So I will continue to look for what works well and just wait for Ian to update his SNES files to make most of the ports. What I mean to say is you should only expect SNES ports every now and then. I won't be able to produce them nearly as often as I do NES, GBC, Genesis, Amiga, Master System, etc. Here's the Dreamcast CDI: [hide][Hidden Content]] And here is the SNES prepatched Rom: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Arcade OST US and Japanese Commercials 10 Genesis Games 6 DreamBOR Games 5 Nintendo Games 2 TurboGrafx-16 Games Created by ShindouGO and rocksscotty I didn't make it and I've not yet peaked at the plain files so I don't know if it does or doesn't have a PVR but that's not bother to add. At over 400MB there's not much point in adding a dummy file. Some aftermarket games, specifically Pixel Heart, are a little less than 400MBs so I reckon this is fine but there is a dummy file version and I can upload it if you'd like. [Hidden Content]
  3. YZB Unlocked Characters Hack Included [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Tested in Redream I'll make youse a cover eventually. Trying to kind Carnage atm, because it is tits and this one just has tits. HC is a funny game but not really a good one. [Hidden Content]
  5. Art is Euro but the game is actually NTSC-US
  6. PVR Included Tested in Redream CDDA audio Not 100% perfect but very playable. The screen on the right side captures the visual glitching. There's no problem with audio or gameplay, just some black and white graphics. [Hidden Content]
  7. PVR MR AB Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] FDS: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. Tested in Redream PVR Included Hilarious to anyone immature and tasteless. Just heaps of lowbrow offensive content in this one. You've got the nudity, offensive language, offensive symbols, and really corny jokes. So terrible I had to make a DC port complete with Not Duke Nukem sexy art cover/pvr. This completes my mission to get more dong on NGR. I'm going back to boobies for a while. Mostly, only so much digital pee pee a man can take ( phrasing). For everyone I did upload there's loads (on a roll ) I looked at, tested, and binned. Plus rule 34 gets pretty weird out there on the internets. Dreamcast: [Hidden Content] NES: [Hidden Content]
  9. DreamBOR7 24 Characters Multiple Paths Tested This was optimized by our old pal Ripfire. I did nothing but find and upload it. In fact, it was another case where he had scrubbed his downloads but another member was nice enough share the link. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. Added PVR Added MR Repacked in DreamBOR 7 Loads faster because DreamBOR 7 and has GDEmu friendly cover art PVR but other than that I made no changes. The game is exactly as it was from DCEvo [Hidden Content]
  11. En Espanol Tested in Redream PVR cover art DreamBOR 7 faster load times [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. PVR Included MR Included Titled IP Autoboot Tested Mesen HDPack Click to expand the HD screenshots for a better look. The HD pack works for the most part. The only glitches I found were in the HUD. I'll see if I can't add some images to the pack to include the HUD and make an update. HDPacks are for Mesen, not Dreamcast and certainly not a real NES. If you need help with them I uploaded a tutorial along with 10 or so other games a long while back. Search for the thread or DM me. Roguelike Gameplay: Every playthrough is different and it is all included directly in the ROM file. No external randomization programs needed, just load and play! Dynamic Enemy Loading: Normally the overworld and each dungeon has a specific set of enemies available. In Ancient Dungeon, new enemies are loaded dynamically during every room transition. This means there are no restrictions in the combinations of enemies you may encounter in the dungeon. Additional Item Abilities: Some special items, like the raft, have no use in the dungeons and are not included in this hack. However the items that are included may have some additional utility in this romhack. For example, the stepladder still lets you walk on water spaces, and in this romhack it also adds extra rooms to the pool of available rooms. There may even be some secret features out there for you to discover! Other Secrets: Only the most intrepid explorers will uncover further mysteries the Ancient Dungeon has to offer! In-game Timer: A built-in timer keeps track of your runtime and is shown at the end of every run, win or lose. Dreamcast: [hide][Hidden Content]] NES: [hide][Hidden Content]] HDPack: [hide][Hidden Content]] I forgot to mention, the nes rom will be labeled HD but if you do not install the HD pack it will be a regular rom. If you don't want the HD pack and the naming bothers you, rename it.
  13. Tested PVR included Mapper hacked Dreamcast: [hide][Hidden Content]] NES original mapper: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  14. 1 OST 1 BOR 1 Gamegear 4 Ad videos 8 Genesis Created by ShindouGO & Rocksscotty Art by ShindouGO? I think. [Hidden Content] If you have issues you can contact me and I may be able to help you but given I did not make this, I am only sharing it, and both Rocks and Shin are members here it's probably best to contact them directly @ShindouGo @rocksscotty
  15. Autoboot Rom Hack PVR Included MR Included Uncensored + FastRom : All of the crosses in both backgrounds, coffins, gravestones, etc have been restored. The green goop has been ditched in favor of the blood in level 8-1-1 and 8-1-2. The Stained Glass from the Continue screen has been restored to its Japanese counterpart sprites. The Font has been modified to match that of the Japanese release as well. The Stage Select screen has been completely reworked and translated. Reduced slowdowns Runs very well on Dreamcast. Dreamcast: [Hidden Content]
  16. PVR Included Tested in Redream DreamBOR 7 fast loading Ripfire optimized SEEP created [Hidden Content] The latest version of this game I could get access to with an active working link was a 2019 version. I dropped the plain files into DreamBOR 7 and got much faster load times but it runs at the same framerate as the old version. I will further optimize it when I get time, or, if I get access to Rip's 2022 version I will update the link and art to reflect that. Which ever comes first. It is very playable and I'm not sure if Rip made this to run at 60 fps because when I downgraded it to 8bit it gave me no improvement. Usually when you downgrade a 16bit BOR to 8bit it runs better, it just looks terrible and requires a new paint palette. This one looked terrible and continued to run at low fps. It is very playable so I put her back to 16bit and shared it. Don't take low fps to mean unplayable. It just plays slow like all the pre-2020s BORs always had. Loads fast though so it is improved over its 2019 version just not as improved as it could maybe be. Here is Rip's current link to his current build: If any of you get to a zip please send it to me so I can update this thread.
  17. Tested in Redream Something resembling a fighting game by Captain Dreamcast. DolInf has come a long way. Not perfect, or even close to it, but very playable and interesting [hide][Hidden Content]]
  18. PVR DreamBOR 7 Tested [Hidden Content]
  19. Tested in Redream Open Sonic is an open-source game based on the "Sonic the Hedgehog" universe. It introduces a different style of gameplay called cooperative play, in which it's possible to control 3 characters simultaneously. Unlike most similar games, Open Sonic provides a greater level of interaction between the player and the levels. It's more than just a jump'n'run; the user must come up with some strategy in order to get through the levels. Version 0.1.2 [Hidden Content]
  20. SNES4ALL - FULLSETROMS All USA - EUR - JAP - EXTRAS on CDI - ISO Esta vez les vengo a traer un compilado de todos los juegos para SNES, todos los usa europeos japoneses y demas, en 4 compilados tanto para gdemu en cdi y como para isoloader: This time i came with a compilation of all snes games, all usa, eur, jap, and more, in 4 compilations for gdemu (cdi) and dreamshell isoloader (iso)
  21. Tested in Redream [Hidden Content]
  22. ShindouGO 8 games plus a few surprises OST Video Tutorials Slick GUI Nice BG Music Amiga CPC AST GB PCE PS1 SMS SNES Don't try to run a PS1 game in an emulator, it's for real Dreamcasts only, it won't work. ShindouGO really knocked this out of the park. Excellent collection. Not everything is autobooting but he has tutorials that explain what to do. Zip comes with both dummy and no-dummy versions. If you're burning use the dummy file version. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  23. Dummy File Rom Hack Autoboot Tested OST PVR TIP MR Click images to enlarge them. I'm putting the description behind spoiler tags because it's so damn long. There's a bunch in this download but if you don't care to know everything Linkuei, YoSoyNacho, and myself have done I'm not trying to make you scroll so much. Dreamcast CDI: [hide][Hidden Content]] Extras: [hide][Hidden Content]] Genesis Patched ROM: [hide][Hidden Content]] The Genesis ROM does not have the Dreamcast intro. This is a no-intro rom.
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