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  1. TL;DR: If you're just here for a PS1 BIOS for a emulator, most emulators request the SCPH-1001 BIOS and you can get there here SCPH-1001 - NTSC-U/C - 2.2 (1995-12-04) [Hidden Content] Side note. Retroarch is stupid, if using my bios pack for retroarch use SCPH-5500.BIN, SCPH-5501.BIN and SCPH-5502.BIN. Then you will have to rename then to SCPH5500.BIN, SCPH5501.BIN and SCPH5502.BIN then put them in the /retroarch/cores/system folder. Info: Well with that out of the way let's get into it. This thread contains almost every legit PlayStation BIOS that can be found in all PlayStation consoles that have or need a PS1 BIOS. I said almost every one as I am missing a few but they are rumored to be the same as other versions of consoles, but sadly I do not own these consoles to dump there BIOS to find out for myself. I'm also going to brake this into a few different categories. NTSC-U/C= The USA, Canada, Mexico and parts of south America. NTSC-J = Japan. SECAM = Russia and parts of Africa. (I don't have any of these / don't even know if they are a thing and Russia may of just used PAL PS1s there) PAL = Europe and the rest of the world. Fun random fact: PAL PS1 BIOS has a pink cursor on the main menu, the NTSC-U\C BIOS has a blue cursor and the NTSC-J BIOS has a cute green pencil. You can examples of that in my title picture. Retail = Is a normal PS1 you can walk into your local best buy and buy. The normal PS1 that most people think off when you say PlayStation Development / debug = Are special PS1 Consoles made for developing and debugging PS1 games and tools Net Yaroze = Is a Consumer Development kit sold to the public to allow "computer programming hobbyists" to make there own PlayStation games. Games made on the Net Yaroze only work on the Net Yaroze unless they where published to a official demo disk or patched with hacking tools https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Net_Yaroze You Can find more info abort some of the different PlayStation models here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_models BIOS Downloads: Retail: Console Model - Region - BIOS Version Original "phat" gray PlayStation SCPH-1000 - NTSC-J - Unknown (1994-09-22) [Hidden Content] SCPH-1001 - NTSC-U/C - 2.2 (1995-12-04) [Hidden Content] SCPH-1002 - PAL - 2.0 (1995-05-10) [Hidden Content] SCPH-3000 - NTSC-J - 1.1 (1995-01-22) [Hidden Content] SCPH-3500 - NTSC-J - 2.1 (1995-07-17) [Hidden Content] SCPH-5000 - NTSC-J - 2.2 (1995-12-04) [Hidden Content] SCPH-5001 - NTSC-U/C - 3.0 (1996-11-18) !MISSING! Please Help SCPH-5002 - PAL - ??? !MISSING! Please Help SCPH-5500 - NTSC-J - 3.0 (1996-09-09) [Hidden Content] SCPH-5501 - NTSC-U/C - 3.0 (1996-11-18) [Hidden Content] SCPH-5502 - PAL - 3.0 (1997-01-06) [Hidden Content] SCPH-5503 - NTSC-J - 3.0 (1996-11-18) Is meant to be the same as SCPH-1001 !MISSING! Please Help SCPH-5552 - PAL - 3.0 (1996-11-18) [Hidden Content] SCPH-7000 - NTSC-J - 2.2 (1995-12-04) [Hidden Content] SCPH-7001 - NTSC-U/C - 4.1 (1997-12-16) [Hidden Content] SCPH-7002 - PAL - 4.1 (1997-12-16) [Hidden Content] SCPH-7003 - NTSC-J - 3.0 (1996-11-18) [Hidden Content] SCPH-7500 - NTSC-J - 4.1 (1997-12-16) !MISSING! Please Help SCPH-7501 - NTSC-U/C - 4.1 (1997-12-16) !MISSING! Please Help SCPH-7502 - PAL - 4.1 (1997-12-16) [Hidden Content] SCPH-7503 - NTSC-J - 4.1 (1997-12-16) !MISSING! Please Help SCPH-9000 - NTSC-J - 4.0 (1997-08-18) !MISSING! Please Help SCPH-9001 - NTSC-U/C - 4.1 (1997-12-16) !MISSING! Please Help SCPH-9002 - PAL - 4.1 (1997-12-16) [Hidden Content] SCPH-9003 - NTSC-J - 4.1 (1997-12-16) !MISSING! Please Help Original "phat" White VCD PlayStation SCPH-5903 - NTSC-J - 2.2 (1995-12-04) !MISSING! Please Help Because of the extra VCD hardware this one may be hard to dump As this console is exclusive to asia so it may never be dumped Slim PSOne PlayStation SCPH-100 - NTSC-J - 4.3 (2000-03-11) [Hidden Content] SCPH-101 - NTSC-U/C - 4.5 (2000-05-25) [Hidden Content] SCPH-102 - PAL - 4.4 (2000-03-24) [Hidden Content] SCPH-102 - PAL - 4.5 (2000-05-25) [Hidden Content] SCPH-103 - NTSC-J - 4.6 (Unknown) !MISSING! Please Help Development / Debug Console Model - Case Color - BIOS Version - Region DTL-H1000 - Blue - Unknown (22/09/94) - NTSC-J !MISSING! Please Help DTL-H1000H - Gray - 1.1 (22/01/95) - NTSC-J !MISSING! Please Help DTL-H1001 - Blue - 2.0 (07/05/95) - NTSC-U/C [Hidden Content] DTL-H1001H - Gray - 2.0 (07/05/95) - NTSC-U/C !MISSING! Please Help DTL-H1002 - Blue - 2.0 (10/05/95) - PAL !MISSING! Please Help DTL-H1100 - Blue - 2.2 (06/03/96) - NTSC-J !MISSING! Please Help DTL-H1101 - Blue - 2.1 (17/07/95) - NTSC-U/C [Hidden Content] DTL-H1102 - Blue - 2.1 (17/07/95) - PAL !MISSING! Please Help DTL-H1200 - Green - 2.2 (04/12/95) - NTSC-J !MISSING! Please Help DTL-H1201 - Green - 2.2 (04/12/95) - NTSC-U/C !MISSING! Please Help DTL-H1202 - Green - 2.2 (04/12/95) - PAL [Hidden Content] DTL-H2000 - Sony Development Board Picture Full guide [Hidden Content] Net Yaroze Console Model - BIOS Version - Region DTL-H3000 - 2.2 (04/12/95) - NTSC-J [Hidden Content] DTL-H3001 - 2.2 (04/12/95) - NTSC-U/C !MISSING! Please Help DTL-H3002 - 2.2 (04/12/95) - PAL [Hidden Content] Miscellaneous Sony PlayStation 1 BIOS found in the PlayStation 2 [Hidden Content] Sony PlayStation 1 BIOS included in PSP firmware 6.60 [Hidden Content] Please Note: I Give these BIOS files to you free of charge and service. Meaning you can do what ever the heck you want with them just don't ask me for help on whatever the heck you're trying to do with them.
  2. Xbox BIOS Checker v5.0 - By CrackJack Tested and working: Mod-chipped xbox 1.6, Xbox Debug Kit 1.0 Running XDK launcher 1.00.5849.1 Info: This tool makes a MD5 checksum of the BIOS file on your xbox and compares it to a list on known BIOS types and mod chip types. This is really handy when you get a random xbox and you want to check if it's TSOP flashed, modchiped or soft modded and if so what modded BIOS it has and if you need to upgrade it. I also added the 5849 Debug BIOS to the list as it wasen't on there and thats what my debug kit is running right meow. To use just copy the Xbox BIOS Checker v5.0\BiosChecker folder to your E:\Apps or F:\Apps on your xbox and then run the BiosChecker from your apps menu. Also in this upload is BiosScan\BiosScan.exe which you can use to scan and checksum xbox BIOS.bin files of your own to add to the known BIOS types. Download: [Hidden Content] Password for RAR File:
  3. Below is an empty 7zip file that can be patched to recode it so that it's a 7zip file with an extensive PSX BIOS pack inside it. 1. Download the empty 7zip file. [Hidden Content] 2. Download the BIOS generation patch: [Hidden Content] 3. Patch BIOS.7z with the UPS file above at the following website to generate the BIOS pack: https://www.marcrobledo.com/RomPatcher.js/ NOTE: file patches are legal and nothing copyrighted was posted in this thread. You can view the BIOS.7z file posted above in a hex editor, it's all zeroes(nothing).
  4. I saw on the internet once a PC Engine TG16 Bios existed that skips the "Push Run Button" page and automatically loads CD-based games. Anyone have it?
  5. This is the PS2 Bios which contains all bios's for every region. Thank you @Djdragon44 for sending this my way. Link: DECODE LINK WITH: https://www.base64decode.org
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