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  1. Kosmo

    Arcade Racing Legends [GDI]

    this game looks like it would be fun.has anyone found a version that works with GDEMU.thank you
  2. Kosmo

    mediafire Mushihime-sama [NTSC-J]

    this is one of my favorite cave games \ .awe some!
  3. Kosmo

    yandex Zeitgeist (Japan)

    I have never heard of this game
  4. Kosmo

    DoDonPachi (NTSC-J)

    thank you,is this through bleem?
  5. Kosmo

    Ghost Blade (CDI)

    thank you.I have been looking for this.Great game!
  6. This is really neat.Metal Slug rulez!
  7. Kosmo

    Cave shmups ported to the Xbox 360

    Cave games are the best a man can get.
  8. Kosmo

    multi Add JPG on the Dreamcast screen

    thats really cool.I did not know that!
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