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  1. TESTED IN OPL v1.0.0 (new version) i recreate it again based on our disc version we have,sadly the undub version of zeta gundam wont work so i have no choice but the japanese instead(well the game was japanese in the disc version we have so yeah) tested on pcsx2 as well NO MODE NEEDED IN OPL (i use the usb it all works somehow) VOLUME:GUNDAM4N1 NTSC J APPLICATION:PLAYSTATION DVD5 Size:4.37gb Original Created By KINOOOO Recreated by MOBUIS09 (ME) Anyway thats the disc😀 Gundam Collection (2.82gb)
  2. Can Anyone Upload it or Undub this Game? here is the download link https://www.multiup.org/download/c0f23ab96586f611ead0313975df8fa7/Kidou_Senshi_Gundam_-_Federation_vs._Zeon_DX__Undub_.rar but somehow the file was deleted on 1fichier and i dont trust usenet.nl if anyone still have the file please uploaded to mega or gdrive apologize to my bad english
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