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  1. Ace_of_DiscaL

    Intrepid Izzy

    Oooh ... never heard of this!!! Looks very cute. I wonder what it plays like! BUMP BUMP BUMP
  2. Ace_of_DiscaL


    The original you mean? Or the 3rd Person 3D sequel "Fade To Black: Flashback 2"?
  3. Ace_of_DiscaL

    Alice's Mom's Rescue CDI/GDI For Sega Dreamcast

    Ooops sorry ... That's "Alice Sisters"! Are they even tied in?!
  4. Ace_of_DiscaL

    Alice's Mom's Rescue CDI/GDI For Sega Dreamcast

    I wonder what this link holds: DOWNLOADS | Alice Dreams Is that the complete game? What's "Version 3"?
  5. Ace_of_DiscaL

    [Request] Alice Sisters

    Seems like a Mega Drive/Genesis port like other OrionSoft titles. I'll try to hunt this down!
  6. Ace_of_DiscaL

    Does anyone have Ganryu Josh Pro for Dreamcast?

    NeoRageX 5.2 will work perfectly with this ROM.
  7. Ace_of_DiscaL

    [REQ] Magic Pockets - Dreamcast

    Hmmm ... There's a Mega Drive/Genesis I'm attaching here! But, I wonder if it's really worth the difference? Any users who have it, please let us know! 😍 https://file.io/qLFI07j88IpC
  8. Ace_of_DiscaL

    Zia and the Goddesses of Magic

    Thank a lot! I wonder why it didn't find it earlier ... Anyway, I can verify that the download links are working. They are two files (Zia.7z.001 & Zia.7z.002), so just put them together in the same folder and join them by extracting the 1st via 7-Zip. You should end up with the image file called "Zia & The Goddesses Of Magic (World) (Unl).cdi" 💖
  9. Ace_of_DiscaL

    Zia and the Goddesses of Magic

    This is a fresh new RPG I heard about just today. Here are some details I found on it: - GENRE: RPG - RELEASE: 2016 - PUBLISHER: Orion Soft - DEVELOPER: Orion Soft - FILE FORMAT: CDI - REGION/SERIAL: Free Region - LANGUAGE GAME: Eng Fr Ger (There is a Steam version too btw)
  10. Ace_of_DiscaL

    Xeno Crisis

    Okay!!! So, a great verdict overall! Except for a tiny bit of confusion. It works with the TerraOnion MODE as a *.IMG + *.CCD combo (just like Ghost Blade for instance), spare the fact that you have to re-scan the containing folder and then restart the system once for the ODE to be able to recognize the image. It boots perfectly onto the language selection screen, and plays the game nicely if you decide to start a game quickly or change the BMG. This is because a loud distorted noise can be heard a few minutes into the intro track while waiting on the main menu. Note: All the other tracks play perfectly fine though off of the BGM test option (AREA_2_FACILITY ROCKS HARD AF BTW), and the game cover art can be seen on the MODE game list. In conclusion, I think that you should go ahead and flaut this great upload with a fresh thread of its own 🤘 #THANKYOU
  11. Ace_of_DiscaL

    Xeno Crisis

    Just sent you a Google Drive access request.
  12. Ace_of_DiscaL

    Xeno Crisis

    #Legend I'll report back in a few.
  13. Ace_of_DiscaL

    gdrive Magic Castle (Kaiga) [Unreleased]

    Well, according to this it should: Net Yaroze and PSIO - Cybdyn Systems (cybdyn-systems.com.au)
  14. Ace_of_DiscaL

    Xeno Crisis

    Hey! Wow THANK YOU. IMG files should work with MODE.
  15. Ace_of_DiscaL

    Xeno Crisis

    I've just been told by a friend that the Dreamcast version is WAY more enhanced than the Genesis one. Is this true? Anyway, I hope that someone can share their CDI or GDI 💟
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