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    Sonic CD ++ ROM Hack

    No longer available
  2. TinMan1325

    How to convert NeoGeo ROMs to .neo format?

    Does anyone know how to convert NeoGeo ROMs to the .neo format so they can be played on the TerraOnion? It's explained how to do it here but I can't make heads or tails of it Thanks
  3. Hi there, I've been trying to apply the patch for X Japan Virtual Shock 001 with no luck. Wondering if someone here would be able to help me out with it Patch can be downloaded here Thanks
  4. Hi there, I don't know much about the Neo Geo AES and was wondering if someone here did Who catalogues it? I know No-Intro does the Neo Geo Pocket and Redump does the Neo Geo CD, but can't figure out who does the regular Neo Geo home console What format are the ROMs in? Is there a DAT for it in the same way No-Intro and Redump have DATs for each system they catalogue? Thank you
  5. TinMan1325


    I'm downloading it right now. It says the file size is 1.3 GB though... https://1fichier.com/?lbqexdqr8pz5apzh582k Edit: typo
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