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  1. Hey fellas! Got another game for y'all. I didn't see this online much, but it works so... it's a game right? It's a dating sim in Korean, but that's as far as I know about it. Enjoy! No password for the ISO. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V3RQjOXuGoWuce5nsaxfQNaHL-ofXoSb/view?usp=sharing I don't have good image, sorry! (I'm not even sure if this case is Korean-)
  2. InwardHydra

    PS3 English Request

    Hey fellas! I'm sorry for forgetting about this. I already have a few games backed up, so I just need to find places to upload them. Expect to see Memories Off (PS2) in Korean, and Lost Planet 2 in English for PS3.
  3. InwardHydra

    PS3 English Request

    Hello, I'm new here. I've been using NGR for a few months, and I've seen people complaining about the lack of English PS3 ISOs (Assassin's Creed, CoD, etc.) I couldn't find many English ISOs for them, so I wanted to know if people wanted English versions of games, and which ones to prioritize (as my HDD is small) I have: CoD WaW - BO3 (excluding Ghosts and AW) TLOU AC 1 AC II AC Rouge BF4 BFBC2 BF:H Destiny Borderlands: GOTY Injustice MK9 InFamous 2 I probably have more, but those are the ones I can see in the mess of games I have.
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