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  1. It's fine by me at least we got something whish is better than nothing
  2. Ajhsacmn

    How to Send Files to PS Vita Using Android

    I don't think it's by the same developer but it still the easiest FTP server i used compared to others
  3. 1- Download Filezilla from Google play 2- Open the application 3- Select new 4- Is for the name & username & password write anything randomly 5- keep the protocol is FTP 6- open vitashell and press select but make sure it's FTP not USB 7- Is for address & port write the numbers that show in vitashell for example: address: port: 2448 8- Save 9- Check the FTP server you just made 10- Select connect 11- Enter ux0 12- Select upload and upload video or picture or music or zip file
  4. Is there a way to play the girls naked from the beginning of the game or not ?
  5. I'm not talking about nipples texture what i meant is to have an prominent nipples not just a texture
  6. Ajhsacmn

    DOA5P & RER2 Nude Mods Request

    Thanks for the link
  7. Translate the steps to Spanish using Google translate because he/she did explain everything
  8. Ajhsacmn

    DOAX3V Cheat

    Author: doax3glitcher Money cheat for pcsh00250 nonpdrm version Instaltion: ux0/vitacheat/db PCSH00250.psv
  9. Hey I'm looking for Dead or Alive 5 Plus girls nude mods and Resident Evil Revelations 2 girls nude mods so if any of the modders are interested please let me know
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