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  1. Nekusito

    Glasses and long hair VRoid

    Does anyone here use Vroid? I want to put the model's hair longer and put glasses on it, but I don't know how to do it
  2. For the community of Spain, those of you who have `` A hat in time '' your translation, how is it? the truth in which I have there are things of the translation that have words and conjugations that are little used in Spanish Does the same happen to you?
  3. Nekusito

    Controls for pc

    Hello again, the truth is that I am new to the world of the PC until recently I was with an old computer with a geforce 610M that at least matched. And well, currently the only command I have to connect to the PC is the Nintendo Switch that is not compatible with almost any game that interests me, any program that can help me use it?
  4. Nekusito

    Final fantasy xv problems

    Hello, I have been downloading FFXV for PC for a couple of days and even exceeding the recommended requirements I have important fps drops
  5. Nekusito

    New member

    Hello, the truth I just met this page by an acquaintance and I could see quickly that it is a gold mine nice job
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