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  1. It's been many years since i've played this beastie. Thanks for theupload
  2. I figured since i have not played the first one yet i might as well get the second to be ready. Thanks for the upload.
  3. Thank you for the upload i've never played this and was told it was a gem.
  4. My brother and I played on ps2 all the time very interesting game. THanks for the upload🤘
  5. I aLWAYS played this for PC and never tried it on xbox, i'm sure they have less content within this version than PC. Thanks for the upload
  6. It's been far too long since i've played this. Thank you for uploading this
  7. I've just recently found out about this game, definitely never played a boat battle game Thank you for the upload!
  8. I used to play this on gamecube with some buddies back in the day. You can never go wrong with burning monkeys Thanks for the upload
  9. It has defiantly been a quick minuet since i last played this game. I was never fond of the first one (no third person melee). Thanks for the upload!!
  10. This was my first game for xbox back in 2004, controls were strange but very fun! Thanks for the upload!!!
  11. I've just recently found my old copy of this game and to my dismay it was cracked 🙁. Thank you so much for uploading this!!
  12. It's been way too many years since i've played this, THANK YOU!!!!
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