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  1. beankp60

    Paprium for Megadrive???

    i think the cartridge has extra hardware to run this game and the game rom size is very large also so im not sure you can run this without the actual cartridge.
  2. beankp60

    Alices Moms Rescue CDI rare! for dreamcast

    the file is only 21MB copressed is that right? thanks for the share.
  3. have you played thsi rom much? im playing it using an ever drive in my pal console and after a short while of playing the game it comes up with an error screen saying illegal insruction and what looks like a memory dump.
  4. Awesome thanks for that! So quick too!
  5. Has anyone got a link to this for the megadrive?
  6. beankp60

    Snatcher mega cd request

    Just burnt this, so easy no messing about! tested it and it plays great. Im going to have a better look at it when ive got more time. It seems impressive so far, very cinematic. Thanks again!
  7. beankp60

    Snatcher mega cd request

    nice one cheers mate. i had almost gave up hope on this.
  8. i liked this game on ps2 back in the day. i think it was the Q claw with is like a grapple rope it was great fun in multiplayer.
  9. beankp60

    mega.nz Futurama [PAL]

    I have a pal version of this for PS2 it was a good game when it came out and i played through alot of it. It plays just like an episode of the tv series.
  10. beankp60

    Snatcher mega cd request

    Has anyone got an ISO of Snatcher for the megacd? My console is a PAL version so that would be prefered if possible. Cheers.
  11. beankp60

    stack 【Manhunt 2 UNCUT】【PAL-TNW】

    Yep works great and its definetely the uncut version. Thanks.
  12. beankp60

    mediafire Demolition Girl [Pal]

    im still learning. with all this time off its gave me chance to look into these things.
  13. beankp60

    stack 【Manhunt 2 UNCUT】【PAL-TNW】

    nice one. im going to give this one a go tomorrow. i just started playing a version of manhunt 2 but i think it is the censored version of the game.
  14. beankp60

    mediafire Demolition Girl [Pal]

    i managed to get this working with opl last night. i think my problem was i was trying to run it as a dvd game but instead i created a cd iso and placed it in the cd folder. it runs great no issues. its a weird game and the controls take a bit of getting used to. it feels a bit un finished to me but i guess thats just how it is. A big thanks to Gamerone for helping me out with this and for uploading it in the first place 👍
  15. beankp60

    new member

    Cheers Guys
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