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  1. mremu999

    Run Like Hell

    Would appreciate an upload of this game. Thanks!
  2. REAALLY hoping someone has this.... anyone? Thanks!
  3. mremu999

    mega.nz Enter The Matrix [PAL]

    I, we, appreciated all that you do. So no worries at all. I received my NTSC copy today from Canada. I can confirm it works. from the DVD and from the HDD in both SD and HD mode. So all those that were having the issue were probably trying it in HD mode which the PAL version appears not to support. Cheers all!
  4. mremu999

    mega.nz Enter The Matrix [PAL]

    I just tested my pal version on my PAL xbox modded to run in NTSC HD mode. From the disc OR hard drive I get the error in HD mode. From the disc OR hard drive I DONT get the error in SD mode. I am waiting to receive my NTSC version of the game to do further testing.
  5. mremu999

    mega.nz Enter The Matrix [PAL]

    I believe this issue is due to the makeup of the game, not that the file is corrupt. I have seen some say it may be due to long filenames that don't work on fatx system. But no concrete answers. Can you upload NTSC version? Anyone have that? Mine hasn't arrived from Canada to UK during this time it may take months!
  6. mremu999

    mega.nz Enter The Matrix [PAL]

    I need the NTSC version! (Why do you want the PAL?)
  7. mremu999

    Xbox Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

  8. Hi Does anyone have Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 ? Thanks
  9. mremu999

    xbox Steel Battalion

    Hi Could anyone please upload this? It can be played with the OGX360 add on and I would like to try it! Thanks!
  10. mremu999

    mega.nz Furious Karting [PAL]

    Cheers! HArd to find game, even on eBay!
  11. mremu999

    mega.nz Furious Karting [PAL]

    this seems to be down and looks like an amazing game...could please you reupload?..
  12. Hi Would anyone be able to upload the NTSC version of Enter The Matrix? It appears the PAL version doesn't work in NTSC-HD mode, only on SD mode. When I try the PAL version off my TSOP'd Xbox HDD (set to the NTSC Region) in SD mode it works, when I try it in HD mode with component cables, I get the Dirty disc error. There also seems to be little info on this out there, maybe because so few had setups in PAL regions with a modded Xbox running HD mode AND a copy of Enter The Matrix. - Only the NTSC Region Xbox had the option of HD modes. PAL did not. If someone could upload the game, I would love to do this research and post my findings for everyone. Many thanks!
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