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  1. hombreimaginario


    It is available on Retro Sumus web store in CDI format, man. https://retrosumus.com/product/xenocider-digital-edition/ There's a legal, cheap, perfectly fine option to be cool and choose to support the devs.
  2. hombreimaginario

    Ghost Blade

    Well apparently GDrom also supports IMG/CCD format so if you want to share it, please be my guest
  3. hombreimaginario

    Ghost Blade

    Oh well, I found it.
  4. hombreimaginario

    Ghost Blade (CDI)

    - -
  5. hombreimaginario

    Ghost Blade

    Well, no, I'd like to find a downloadable CDI, as I don't have a Dreamcast with a GDrom reader anymore, just with a GDemu, so I cannot plug it to my computer (which is a Macbook anyway, so I'd need to virtualize Windows in it, or whatever) in order to create de CDI/GDI...
  6. hombreimaginario

    Fade To Black

    It's actually ported using the source code and with new/improved assets. Here you have:
  7. hombreimaginario

    Ghost Blade

    First post in the subforum. I own an original copy of Ghost Blade for Dreamcast, but I have a GDemu now and I can't seem to find a funtioning ISO (CDI) for this game. Anyone? Please?
  8. hombreimaginario

    Pier Solar Dreamcast _GDI(SD AND IDE Dreamshell)

    Tried it last night with GDemu... only the Dreamcast boot sequence and then nothing
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