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  1. It wouldn't do anything clicking on download but I figured it out in the end, thanks for the link.
  2. Won't do anything when I click download, is yandex different than mega?
  3. I click on download but nothing happens.
  4. Vlad99

    mega.nz Xyanide [MIX]

    I also have an xbox to hdmi converter that supports 1080p, it does the same as component cables. I just can't seem to find any game patches to try out the extra ram or chihiro emulator and games.
  5. Found basic english translation so I can play it now.
  6. I think I played this before on the PS2, but I can play it again, thanks.
  7. Need this since my dvd drive only reads some games and I can't rip my own copy, thank you.
  8. Vlad99

    mega.nz Xyanide [MIX]

    I heard good things about this, just modded my xbox and it has 128mb or ram, is there a patch for this game so it can be 720p?
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