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  1. notoriousowl

    mega.nz Futurama [PAL]

    never heard of this game i seen quite a few games lists butthis has never cropped up so i definately give it a shot thanks
  2. notoriousowl

    mega.nz Alien Hominid [PAL]

    yes the link is down but thankyou anyway
  3. notoriousowl

    mega.nz Alien Hominid [PAL]

    is this link down?? ill give a try and let u know
  4. notoriousowl

    yandex Gunvalkyrie (Region Free) (Eng)

    notsure what this game is all about but guns?valkyries worth a look thankyou
  5. notoriousowl

    mega.nz Xyanide [MIX]

    this looks interesting i love shoot em ups thankyou
  6. hey thankyou i never played this i hope its as good as the original
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