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  1. Unfortunately it only works for NoNpDrm. Try to install the official version of the NoNpDrm and the Repatch plugin from autoplugin2 and try downloading the Nblog version again.
  2. Hi @akira02 It isn't clear if you tested my codes or the Op's codes, but if you are talking about mine, don't worry. I've just updated the codes in the original post at github, you just have to use the codes that matches your vitacheat version(z05 or z06) Here's the link: https://github.com/r0ah/vitacheat/issues/97 Every feedback counts, so don't be shy, please test them and tell me if they worked.
  3. Hello Guys. yesterday I just released a few more codes, they're just fresh and are waiting for approval at the official vitacheat database. https://github.com/r0ah/vitacheat/issues/97 It's still WIP, I intend to create a Infinite bits, Item modifier, etc. If you find any problem, please send me a PM.
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