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  1. Anime fan


    Welcome to my YU-GI-OH Club
  2. Anime fan


    interesting RavenStorm
  3. Anime fan


    Hey I heard that a new Beyblade Burst season is being made! it's called Beyblade Burst GT!
  4. Anime fan


    That's interesting RavenStorm
  5. Anime fan


    I can understand that RyouBakura. Not too many people like Beyblade anymore when they grow up, but I always tell them this. You can never be too old for Beyblade!!
  6. Anime fan


    Okay RavenStorm, I hope you will enjoy Beyblade as much as I do
  7. Anime fan


    The show is very interesting and unique in it's own way. It has three different series and each season has a different main character, but sometimes the main characters from the other series come into the show. My favorite character from it is Valt Aoi. The plot is basically just the main character wanting to be the strongest blader and become the World Champion!
  8. Anime fan


    Hi! Welcome to the Bey Club! I want to make this club as big as I can get it! so plz, if you looked at this club or heard of it, plz join!
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