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  1. UPDATE: The game starts but then it gets stuck on the loading Screen. 😥😥
  2. yes I know! But it's just to see if it works. Should I use the "Layer break"?
  3. Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately I can't use my Xbox via ftp. You say it could work with Qwix? Because "XisoManager" does the same thing as Qwix. Anyway I'll try these programs on a DVD - RW. Thanks again, I will keep you updated. Do I have to use the "Layer break" with Imgburn?
  4. Thank you so much for uploading this game. Unfortunately I had a problem, I created the ISO with Xboxmanger and then I burned with CDBurnerXP, but the game crashes in the loading screen. Can you tell me why? 🤔
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