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  1. hum the link for download the uncensor patch don't work anymore,can someone can put a new link.
  2. here i have blazblue continum shift at steam and i found a way to change the english language of the game to french language than i speaking by manipulating the location files than by following a bit this tutorial in spanish at steam. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=476621296 I would like to ask is that it would not be possible to do the same thing for psvita version the eu version and if tes how to do ? the second question i would ask is how to modify color of clothe and hair in senran kagura estival versus at psvita i have nonpdrm us version. t
  3. thank you,are the issue of this mod crashing at free mode is fixed ?
  4. thank i will give it a try,it works for nonpdrm version of the game or not?
  5. hi i'am happy to be a member , i like the psvita end the 3ds the most. nice to meet you all.
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