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  1. xDREAM


    wow good question, dont checked cause needed hours to make my spoofing work.. let me some minutes yep still work with psn spoofing! so we need just the mods
  2. possible that u start this project again?
  3. push, why is this project inaktive?
  4. xDREAM


    push please.. vita users can hack PSN trophys why no one care..
  5. yep it worked, then this guy stopped the project and no one other started working on it. This seem to be the only way to hack trophy on playstationnetwork and i am the only one who care?
  6. Mainly use my pstv. 1. does all psp homebrews work for adrenaline? need someting for better psx games overview 2. i use a pstv mainly, does we have any tools to block updates? i am paranoid if i give it to my brothers or friends they can update it! So is it possible to let it "stuck" and make it not updateable?? 3. yes i am PARANOID! ^^ so last question is, how can i update my old henkaku offline server (email method) ? EDIT: updated switchkaku, then i uninstall-install thaien for email but i dont work. If i try hack with mail he gives me thaihen error on mocel
  7. hey, yeah read many tutorial about this but cant make this game run.. all other non self modified games work perfectly on adrenaline x.x so guys please help me, i cant create a eboot for myself dont know why thisgame make me sick haha game: Bloody Roar: Hyper Beast Duel [PS1] yeah found bloody roar2 eboot online but this version have only 40% charakters so the ONLY real version is THIS ONE!
  8. this thred is old? close please.
  9. i know nothing about lua so i wait for some releases... i did nothing wrong dude
  10. oh god damn.. please release it donation inc
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