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  1. I created artwork for every single USA OXM demo disc for use in XBMC4GAMERS. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_5yqH9 ... sp=sharing Because there are no outright scans for half of the artwork, and what is out there i had to majorly adjust, this is just a combination of regular art, and my own creation. About this package: This is HDD ready, either burn to disk, use the flashdrive method to your controller via HDD, or just FTP to your xbox. Even though disk 01 is just a DvD and contains no actual playable demos, I still included the artwork for it. No one knows why disc 60 was only created to work in an xbox 360
  2. I wanted to share a solution I figured out to the damn toc error that seems to be happening more and more frequently when trying to extract the original xbox iso's on Archive.org using dvdmulleter and or extract-xiso. Using a tool called Xbox Image Browser, I have been able to extract every iso on archive.org (even ones I already had a toc error with. In case you're having a problem finding XBOX Image Browser to download, I uploaded it to Google drive, here is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12qcmWkYNq-Hdk_g8ujb5i3kMR0PG37pg/view?usp=sharing IMPORTANT: You will need to place the MSCOMCTL.OCX into your system32 folder, then run XBOX Image Browser as administrator otherwise it might not work properly, or at all. How to use Xbox Image Browser: STEP 1: Click file then select and click "Open Image File" STEP 2: Navigate to the image file and double click on it STEP 3: Create a folder you want to extract the contents of the iso image to (The folder name does not mater) STEP 4: Right click on the name of the disk image, then click "Extract". STEP 5: Navigate to the folder you created in step 3 and click on it so it's just highlighted STEP 6: Click ok and let the program run
  3. tlgamer

    mega.nz DVD2XBOX

    I want to chime in again and say I f**ked up because I forgot that DVD2XBOX has a feature in it that will rename files, that have too long of a name which won't transfer to the XBOX via ftp or direct copy from the disk. One of the Tony Hawk games (can't remember which one) has a file name that is too long so DVD2XBOX would be needed in that regard. Again my bad!
  4. tlgamer

    og xbox bootloop

    This is long shot but you might try booting the system with a game in it and when the game launches, do a soft reset: Soft rest is done by Holding both triggers then pressing the + back + back button at the same time.
  5. tlgamer

    mega.nz XBE Renamer 0.8 + UNLEASHX App

    How does this tool rename anything without any option to do so? Once they have the xbe file has been loaded into the program, clicking on the file itself, right clicking, even going to options, reveals no option to "Rename" anywhere in the tool. I don't get it?
  6. Rocky's tutorial for creating artwork for XBMC4Gamers, is all f**ked up. Between him skipping steps and not mentioning things that need to be mentioned, all the way up to him saying something is not used when it is in fact needed, it's basically a disaster. Even after confronting him in a live stream by literally showing him the exact time stamps in his own video, where all the flaws I found were, he was still in denial. Anyway the point is that It took me 14 actual hours to figure out, clean up, and redo everything that was f**ked in his video. So now I'm in the process of recreating that specific tutorial. Once it's done, I could use some testing it before I make the video public on youtube.
  7. tlgamer

    Stubbs the Zombie PAL iso

    You're all welcome
  8. tlgamer

    og xbox bootloop

    I know this is old and you might have already fixed this issue but here goes: This is tricky since you need to be in the menu to do anything, but cannot get into the menu if it's on a reboot loop. My guess is that since it's already modded you can try FTPing from your comp but who knows if that will even work due to the reboot loop. I'm assuming you can shut the chip off, and the media player is just an additional dashboard that was on the system. Shutting the chip off should allow to boot into the regular MC dashboard. Once there, go to the memory and just delete xbmc. Then turn the chip back on and reboot
  9. I am looking for the actual box and disk art of XBOX Exhibition Disc #7 if you cannot get the entire scan then just take a decent pic of the back and front of the box, the Spine (Which is the side and a pic of the disc itself, try to get the pictures as straight as possible and decent size..please don't post 150x250 images. Please note that I have already spent 3-4 days at least 4 hours a day scouring the net and images and back alley forums and Ebay for the artwork and the best I can do is a semi ok front box cover of 7. So if this was your idea, I already beat you to the punch. Thanks in advance.
  10. ATTENTION: JUST BE AWARE THAT THESE PREVIEWS WILL NO LONGER WORK IF YOU UPDATE YOUR XBMC4GAMERS. I BELIEVE ROCKY5 DID SOMETHING TO THE SKIN TO PREVENT THESE FROM WORKING DUE TO MY CONFRONTATION WITH HIM. WHILE I CANNOT ACTUALLY PROVE THIS, I WILL SAY THAT THE PREVIEWS WORKED PERFECTLY FINE UP UNTIL HE DID AN UPDATE, AND THE UPDATE WAS DONE SHORTLY AFTER MY CONFRONTATION WITH HIM, SO IT WOULD NOT SURPRISE ME IF HE DID THAT JUST TO SCREW WITH ME. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THIS IS MY PROJECT: I have been reading that a lot of people are having issues with getting the previews to work in the Synopsis section of XBMC4GAMERS. Reports range from a preview doesn't play at all, all the way up to it only plays once. I've seen posts mentioning that not all video files will play, as well as XMV plays better than anything due to it's format. So that leads me to this topic. Since I'm doing this for myself, I figured I would share my work with everyone else as well. I have been making my own previews for the XBOX for years, I learned how to do this back in 2007. I recently started making them again and so below is the link to my google drive with some previews already set up to go. I've already formatted them so the only thing you need to do, is Download the folder place the preview.wmv into the media folder located inside the _Resources folder, then reboot your xbox. Each Preview is between 45 seconds to 1 minute in length. ___________________________________ SOME BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The previews I create are made up of various from various gameplay footage, and video walk-throughs as I can find which come from a variety of places such as youtube, my own game play, even videos ripped right out of the games. I make it a point to use 4k and HD videos I find which I then format to work on the XBOX while still retaining decent quality footage. I know there isn't a lot inside this folder right now, but I'm working on getting all of them but again each preview takes about 45 minutes to an hour to make due to having to locate and download satisfactory footage, then cutting and splicing it, then finally, converting and formatting it. I also have to make the preview look good I try to make it appeal to everyone. But for me it's worth it in the end.I didn't want to wait until I had them all done, so I will just keep adding them as I do them so keep an eye out. I'm not doing these in any specific order, so If you don't see a game you have/want please be patient it will be eventually. But if you absolutely must have a preview make a request here and I'll see what can be done. I just don't want to promise something I can't deliver at the present time. My goal is to eventually have a preview every game in this drive. But for now here are some. ___________________________________ FILE PLACEMENT /F/Games/(GAME NAME)/_resources/media So it should look like this: /F/Games/(GAME NAME)/_resources/media/Preview.wmv You will want to make sure that the volume is all the way up in XBMC4Gamers by pushing up on the left thumbstick. Always reboot your xbox whenever you place a new preview into a game. ___________________________________ TROUBLESHOOTING: Once in a great while the preview will lock up the xbox, or the preview won't play, that's usually because some alteration was made to something I.E. you moved a file, renamed something, copied...ETC....But sometimes the system just locks up. Anyway if it's locked up, then just reboot the XBOX. if it won't play, open the file explorer then go back to the dash..this will cause the skin to reset ___________________________________ Please give feedback (Good or bad) ENJOY!
  11. EDITED BY ME: I fixed my problem.
  12. tlgamer

    mega.nz HeXEn 2017 Update

    Thanks for the upload. I needed this specific version of the disk due to a specific issue I ran into regarding the DVD DRIVE on the OG XBOX after upgrading to a 2TB HDD. I will explain all that in another post after I get this sorted out. Thanks again
  13. Wants a sign up in order to download. UMMM nope!
  14. Thanks for the information. Let me ask about hiding links I didn't look at the topic yet but wouldn't one of these codes work (without Spaces) [ hide ] [/ hide ] or [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ]
  15. You're reply is really confusing so would you please clarify these 4 points 1. Saying to put something that is not an iso, in the ISO section does not make any sense because what I upload is HDD ready, not a disk image. 2. It is a request being filled, it's not just a game that was uploaded without being asked for so that also doesn't make any sense. By that logic there shouldn't even be a request section if everything is going to wind up in the same topic. 3. The requester has already mentioned what region there request is, and since it's a request being filled, putting the region in the title again is redundant. 4. I was under the impression the site automatically hides all links to anyone that is not logged in. So if there is a way to do it, it isn't mentioned anywhere. Thanks.
  16. I put them both in the following topic: https://www.nextgenroms.com/topic/13572-someone-wanted-max-payne-and-jedi-outcast/
  17. Here you go Max Payne and Star Wars - Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast (Both are the NA Versions) Max Payne [Hidden Content] Star Wars - Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast [Hidden Content] For the record, I created a topic to showcase my collection and help fill requests: [Hidden Content]
  18. Here you go Project Gotham Racing 2 (PAL Version) [Hidden Content] For the record, I created a topic to showcase my collection and help fill requests: https://www.nextgenroms.com/topic/13494-my-entire-collection-this-is-only-a-listing
  19. tlgamer

    Superman Returns

    Yes it does and I'll see if I can get you one. The most common problem with Burned games, is the disk drive itself, what type of disk is used to burn the game to the DVD (Is it + or -), the program used to burn the game, how it's been formatted before burning, (Did you just burn the files or use something like QWIX) Other problems why a game won't launch are rare but still happen such as people modifying the games default.xbe, purposely removing files and things to make the size smaller, and even swapping one game's default.xbe with another. I finally managed to fix monster garage so it boots off both a DVD and the HDD. but I still cannot get Tony Hawk's pro skater 3 to load..it launches then hangs there. Usually a modified system disregards region coding. However there is only one game I ran into that literally refuses to play at all unless you actually have a European XBOX.
  20. tlgamer

    Project Gotham Racing 2 PAL

    I put the game in the following topic: https://www.nextgenroms.com/topic/13571-someoen-wanted-project-gotham-racing-2-pal-version/
  21. tlgamer

    Black (2006)

    Thanks! and enjoy!
  22. It's in this topic: https://www.nextgenroms.com/topic/13552-someone-asked-for-crimson-skies-high-road-to-revenge/
  23. Here you go Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge (NA version) [Hidden Content] For the record, I created a topic to showcase my collection and help fill requests: https://www.nextgenroms.com/topic/13494-my-entire-collection-this-is-only-a-listing
  24. As far as original Xbox games, as long as what you're requesting is on that list, I'll upload it.
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