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  1. bad_boy_bailey

    gdrive Maken X UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    Working perfectly now, thank you so much! Now on the hunt for a hex edit for the US version so I can play in widescreen... Seriously though, this is amazing. I've wanted to play this for so long but the horrible voice acting just killed it for me. Brilliant early Xmas present!
  2. bad_boy_bailey

    gdrive Maken X UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    Thanks for that, renamed the files but completely forgot to edit the gdi- been a while since I've done this! I'll report back 👍
  3. bad_boy_bailey

    gdrive Maken X UNDUB [NTSC-U]

    Extracted out to gdi with chdman, gdemu is still not seeing it. Any thoughts? Thanks for your efforts regardless 👍
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