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  1. archangel2222

    Ace Combat 3 JP English Translation version

    Look forward to seeing the version you put up thank you I appreciate it
  2. archangel2222

    Ace Combat 3 JP English Translation version

    Ok I think I found it from the below link. Dont have the psp with me as Im away from home to test but will give this a try on the weekend if I have time hopefully. If anyone else can confirm it is working 100% awesome we found it https://cdromance.net/psx-iso/ace-combat-3-electrosphere-english-patched/
  3. archangel2222

    Ace Combat 3 JP English Translation version

    That is correct doesnt appear the translation wasnt completed which it is now from the project nemo site. https://projectnemo.net/download.shtml And also correct I mean for the ps1 but I want to play it on the psp as Im moving house for a short time before I can find a more permanent home where I can bring all my retro consoles and handhelds together to game. For the next 6-12months Im limited to 1 console and my handhelds for the train commutes hence I would love to play ac3 as it looks very interesting. I have the psp versions of ace combat and beaten them already now Im moving on the ps1 games as I never played them before
  4. archangel2222

    Ace Combat 3 Prepatched 2.0 request

    Its now completed, would love it if anyone has a working version please
  5. Hi, Does anyone have a working game version of the JP version for Ace Combat 3 with the english translation from Project Nemo? I dont want the PAL or US version as that is heavily cut in content and the only way to experience this is with the fan made translation
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