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  1. @Krootox1986 My pleasure! "Since it says version 0.85, I am wondering is this complete translation or are there some things missing?" Functionally complete, minus a few minor touches i.e. FMVs still need to be subtitled, and there are plans to remove the censorship from the script that surfaced in the officially localised versions (PS and PC). May be a few glitches that haven't been discovered yet as well.
  2. THANK YOU! Saves me the hassle of applying the patch myself!
  3. GRANDIA - with English Patch version 0.85 Applied File size: 793.68MB Tested using Mednafen SS Emulator
  4. Looking forward to trying this out in English! Thank you so much.
  5. PDK

    English Translations?

    Linkle Liver Story is now on this forum as well. Currently, translations are still in progress for Sakura Wars, Grandia, and Princess Crown - the latter being nearly finished. Once they're available, I can share them here if nobody else does first. If you're interested in keeping track of Sakura Taisen's progress: https://twitter.com/NoahSteam_
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