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  1. Xia Liu Bei


    Hi, guys. Greetings from a new member. Thank you all for having me. I stumbled across this forum searching for Dreamcast/Saturn games translated into English. Anyway, that's it. Talk to you all as the days and weeks go on. Later, ~XLB
  2. Xia Liu Bei

    mega.nz 【Alien Trilogy】【NTSC-US-TNW】

    What speed would you recommend burning this on with ImgBurn? I burned at 8x and came away with over 1,000 miscompares.
  3. Xia Liu Bei

    mega.nz Shenmue II (CDI) - Full English Patch (NTSC)

    Thank you for helping me do that. I will get it right next time.
  4. Shenmue II Shenmue 2 Info: Burned and tested. English subtitles along with downgraded audio from the Shenmue II XBox release. Enjoy! Download link: [Hidden Content]
  5. Xia Liu Bei

    Shenmue II (CDI)

    Yeah, I can find every file type except the one needed to play on actual Dreamcast hardware. I enjoy playing the PS4 version, I just wish I could have that experience on an actual Dreamcast. Oh well. Someday I'll find it, I'm sure.
  6. Xia Liu Bei

    Shenmue II (CDI)

    Hi, guys. New member here. I love being able to play some of the Japanese exclusives for the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast that have been uploaded here, and was curious if anyone could upload the CDI files for Shemue II? I bought the Shenmue I & II collection on PS4, but always felt like my Dreamcast collection had a hole in it due to Shenmue II never officially being released in North America. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, XLB
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