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  1. Magic


    i had the same problem to gta san andreas , after i burned it to a disc it starts up , this game wont start on disk or hdd , it trys to boot and returns to the dashboard
  2. Magic


    Yeah i know its allready posted , but it wont work as DVD ( Burned ) or on HDD , maybe someone wants to upload a PAL ( differnt edition ) of this game??? XBE ??!?
  3. this game wont start for my xbox it wants to start but it returns to my dashboard without error edit : only works burned
  4. Magic

    ngr direct Æon Flux [MIX]

    Thanks for upload ill test it , but i havnt a 1.4 tsop just 1.6 chipped you know 😝
  5. Still need to play conker to 100% 😪
  6. @MobCat did you played this fully? , i played the n64 edition allready and would like to know if its differnt to the n64 editon ?
  7. Magic

    Æon Flux Xbox

    looking for " Æon Flux " ? Greetings to MobCat
  8. do you think i'm able to use other Bios files like xecuter ? and not " evo "? with my aladin xt + chip? if i got a 256k and 1.6 ver.?
  9. yeah i need a 256k version of the flash and only for 1.6 , if i wont find one i still use slayers one , but i got some other to flash but never tested
  10. i'll try your hexen 2017 disc soon 😃 maybe if there some bios' flash on it i'll try it too
  11. first time i tryed auto installer 4.53 with the newest unleashx dash on it , and i got ftp server issues , after some games , that why i dont like to do that again , but i tryed it with unleash before it was the same problem on PSO ( never changed )
  12. at the first spinning and it stuck , region switcher? hmm let me explain my setup : Xbox 1.6 with Aladin 1.6 XT + Chip ( Bios i had flashed because off HDD = EVOXM8 v16 67 ) Kernel Version 1.00.5838.01 Xbox Hardware Info 00000640 E1 D5 EVOX V +3935 DASH on C : with Slayer DISC 2.7 installed ( for 120+ HDD's ) Games on F or G HDD = NOT LOCKED 160 GB for Region Switch i go into Settings and Switch it from Default to Pal or NTSC what ever i needed ' but all games run with Default , ( PSO not ) and yes i 'll tryed differnt dashboards , like unleashx or avalaunch same problem