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  1. jlnhlfan

    NHL 2002 (Japan)

  2. jlnhlfan

    NHL 2002 (Japan)

    I know that the JP version of NHL 2002 hasn't been dumped yet, but if anyone owns it, could they please dump it and upload it?
  3. jlnhlfan

    NHL 2005

    I can't seem to find a working copy of NHL 2005 anywhere, and the one I did find was one that crashed when trying to escape the game. If anyone could please add this game from 15 years ago to the Game Downloads forum, that would be great.
  4. jlnhlfan

    NHL Championship 2000

    I want to try out the PC version of NHL Championship 2000, but I can;t find it anywhere on the internet, except for physical copies on Ebay. If someone has it in the iso format, please send it to me.
  5. jlnhlfan

    mega.nz ESPN NHL 2K5 [MIX]

    Not only did my computer say there was nothing in the ISO, but the emulator uses the XBE format.
  6. jlnhlfan

    ESPN NHL 2K5

    Okay. I don't know f it'll effect it. Okay.
  7. jlnhlfan

    ESPN NHL 2K5

    I don't have an OG Xbox, and there's an editor for this game that's exclusively for the Xbox version. I'd like to use the editor, but I'll need the ISO for this game first. If anyone has it, that'd be great.
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