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  1. randybobandy

    mediafire Super Tempo (NTSC-JP)

    I'm assuming this is a port or an emulation of a 32X game? I don't think this has been officially released by Sega?
  2. The english bin/cue file for Bulk Slash in ENGLISH just dropped. Are we allowed to post a link to a website on here? I can't remember the rules. It's at CDRomance.
  3. randybobandy


    That would be great, if it's not too much trouble. Thank you!
  4. randybobandy


    Is this based off the Amiga or console version? Or is it the new remastered game that came out about a year ago?
  5. Hey, Looking for a working copy of WARCRAFT 2 on the Sega Saturn. All the images I download freeze with a black screen after the regular "SEGA" pops on the screen. Tried booting it in JHL and CWX mode in PSKAI. Thanks!!
  6. randybobandy

    GEX (Saturn)

    Looking for a NA copy of Gex for the Saturn. Downloaded a few images but keep getting mismatch errors when burning. Thanks!!
  7. randybobandy

    Xeno Crisis

  8. randybobandy

    Xeno Crisis

    It's ready now.
  9. randybobandy

    Xeno Crisis

    Ooops! Thought I had shared this when I linked it. Apologies...
  10. randybobandy

    Xeno Crisis

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e4fMcDZeH5gT7qd6rHyhEzhbXv1E8R-q/view?usp=sharing It's a CLONECD image. hopefully that works, if not, let me know.
  11. randybobandy

    Xeno Crisis

    They kinda looked the same to me, I think...? Anyways, I'll rip it tonight and share it. It's most likely going to be a CLONECD image.
  12. randybobandy

    [REQUEST] Fade to Black

    So I have this game burnt onto a CD-R, but I can't rip it through dreamshell. Since I burnt this game on a CD-R, does it need to be ripped by the Dreamcast since the disc is not a GD but a CD? Or could I even just rip the image from the cd with imgburn or something?
  13. Looking for this title.... Thanks!!
  14. https://mega.nz/file/NGIlzKIY#SvctMbr_g_ofeCwdZeV-G5BqLrIVa3328pq2XTCK6b8
  15. randybobandy

    Castlevania: Resurrection (Cancelled Dreamcast project)

    Just released today! Haven't tested it yet. But here is CASTLEVANIA: Resurrection for the Dreamcast. https://mega.nz/file/NGIlzKIY#SvctMbr_g_ofeCwdZeV-G5BqLrIVa3328pq2XTCK6b8
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