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  1. randybobandy

    SCUMMVM pack

    Awesome! Thank you so much!
  2. Hey guys, Anyone know where I could find free cartridge labels to print off? Mostly Genesis and NES labels is what I'm looking for. Thanks!
  3. You're right with the PS1 games, however, most of the Saturn that I've downloaded and burned at 16x have had 0 audio issues or glitches. I was thinking maybe it's the actual rom that was buggy? Newer versions of pskai have fixed some of the previous audio glitches that were apparent in some of the FMV cutscenes.
  4. randybobandy


    Thank you!!
  5. randybobandy


    Probably too early, but Xenocrisis is out for the DC. Plays really well on my Switch. Anyone know if they ripped it yet?
  6. randybobandy

    SCUMMVM pack

    Anyone know where to get some SCUMMVM games for the DC? Are there compilations out there?
  7. Most NEO4ALL Dreamcast titles that I've seen appear to be slow during gameplay (ie: Metal Slug), but this looks like it's the right speed.
  8. randybobandy

    Dreamcast Indie Armed7 or Armed Seven

    @SubRetro Have you found a link to Armed7 yet?
  9. The thing is, I can't burn slower than 16x as imgburn or any other burning software I have installed won't allow it. I think it has something to do with the firmware on the cd burner. I couldn't find any way to burn at a lower speed either while searching online.
  10. I'm getting some music audio skipping within the game. I'm using CloneCD to burn the game. Are there options I should check before burning the game again?
  11. I just heard there's a new hack for Symphony of the Night on the Saturn. Anyone know where to find this hacked version? https://www.retrorgb.com/new-saturn-castlevania-sotn-improvement-hack-utilizes-the-4mb-ram-cart-for-fast-loading-smoother-animations-and-more.html Thanks!!
  12. I wish an updated version of NEO4ALL will come out that fixes the slowdown.
  13. randybobandy

    Nightmare Creatures 2 and Centipede DC

    I honestly can't remember where I got the working Centipede iso. I'll send you a private message with more info
  14. It looks like the game runs very slow.
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